Hugh Hart Online
''Two-car garage rock, Stones-juiced pop...Hart is the most cunning and productive songwriter the local rock community has produced since the mid-70' of the bright new figures on the club scene..." - - Chicago SunTimes

hugh-guitar-300Hugh rocks out with the band at the Belmont Avenue Street Fair.
"A GUITAR-FUELED POP WONDER...Wedge has a mighty firm grasp on its own pop sensibilties...add the amount of melodic care that's spoonfed into each song, and what emerges is a solid collection of infectious, memorable tracks."- - College Music Journal

''...classically-tailored rock and roll that incorporates swaggering R&B, rumbling quasi-psychedelia and harmonica-dusted acoustic strum-alongs. Hugh Hart skillfully layers wry lyrics, distinctive vocal melodies and sharply plotted chord progressions over tough hooks to create pieces that are thoroughly contemporary." - - Chicago READER

"One of Chicago's best songwriters...Hugh Hart has written a fine collection of 11 tunes...the debut scatters lots of habit-forming hooks and gritty melodies with practically unconscious ease."- - CHICAGO TRIBUNE