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Thinking Man's Quarter
Brooding Autuer Films Find a Home In Late Winter (Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel: 12.30.01)

The Year In Movies
Sequels Dominate Parade of Blockbusters. (San Francisco Chronicle)

A Picture of Intensity
Anthony LaPaglia likes playing angst-ridden souls, so Lantana seems a perfect fit. (Los Angeles Times: 12.15.01 | also Boston Globe)

Freak Show
Rodman Philbrick adapts his lauded story of a middle school odd couple Freak the Mighty, for a play that Crossroads School students are performing. (Los Angeles Times: 12.13.01)

War Movies Go To Market
Hollywood's combat jitters: After Sept. 11, studios took a hard look at how they hawk war movies (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.09.01 | also Philadelphia Inquirer, Denver Post)

The Fickle Glow of the Greenlight
An amateur screenwriter wins a contest to make his own film on a $1-million budget, beating out more than 7,000 other scripts. And HBO follows the action. (Los Angeles Times: 11.27.01)

Arts in America: Combat Goes Virtual
California Institute Brings Hollywood Pizazz to Military Training (New York Times)

Still Learning After All These Years
Tony-winning John Glover is happy to star in 'The Time of Your Life' for $5 a show. How else can he work on his art? (Los Angeles Times: 11/18/01 ||>)

High Alert For Emmys
As Emmy Awards approach, jittery Hollywood is trying to get on with show business as usual. (Philadelphia Inquirer | also Denver Post)

Hollywood On Guard
Terrorist threats impact industry ritual: the press screening. (Los Angeles Times)

Real Issues on a Virtual Set
A play about technology and pregnancy relies on computers for the backdrop. How fitting. (Los Angeles Times: 10.14.01)

Brian Cox: Villain For Hire
In L.I.E. the British film actor plays his creepiest role yet: a pedophile. (Los Angeles Times: 09.30.01)

Reality TV
Perfect Storm author Sebastian Junger chronicles a somber month with Afghan rebels for National Geographic Channel documentary (Denver Post || also Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and Boston Globe

Glamor From the Ground Up
Kodak Theatre architect David Rockwell shapes Oscar's new venue with an eye for drama. (Los Angeles Times: 09.23.01)

Strangers on a Train
In The Unexpected Man taciturn Christopher Lloyd and Holland Taylor star in play by Art playwright Yasmina Reza. (Los Angeles Times: 09.16.01)

From Hit Man to Seltzer Man
David Proval, icy as Richie in The Sopranos gets closer to the truth in his new one-man show. (Los Angeles Times: 09.15.01)

Out on the Ledge
In the crowded world of independent film, truly risky material is being squeezed out. (Los Angeles Times: 09.09.01)

Contact Star Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve
Role makes Meg Howrey both exulted and exhausted. (The Oregonian: 08.31.01)

Investigating TV's Creepiest Crime Sites
Small Town X sets pace for gruesome TV crime sites. (Entertainment Weekly: 08.23.01)

"R" For O
Mikhi Phifer talks about controversial Othello re-make. (Boston Globe)

The Play's The Thing
Scott Caan co-stars in American Outlaws but says theater really gets him going. (Los Angeles Times: 08.22.01)

Karaoke Movie Jackpot Sings a New Tune
Digital video's strengths are financial and artistic. (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.19.01)

Contact Role Is a Devil in a Blue Dress
Meg Howrey finds herself both exulted and exhausted. (Los Angeles Times: 08.13.01 | also Oregonian)

When the Play is a Memory, His Image Lasts
James McMullan's posters for Lincoln Center capture the essence of complex New York shows. (Los Angeles Times: 08.12.01)

Digital Video Mimics Film in Jackpot
Polish Brothers Shoot Indie Film on George Lucas' New High Definition Camera (Los Angeles Times: 07.27.01 | also San Francisco Chronicle)

Birch is Back
In Ghost World Thora Birch Vanished into Role of Cheeky Slacker (Los Angeles Times: 07.17.01)

Pop Culture 101
Edutainment Sites Teach Show Biz Basics (Entertainment Weekly)

Bully For Brad
Brad Renfro Stars in Larry Clark's Bully Movie About Florida Teen Killing (Los Angeles Times: 07.12.01)

Cradle Rocks Again
Will Geer Was Blacklisted For Starring in Cradle Will Rock -- Now his Children Re-Stage the 1937 Folk Opera (Los Angeles Times: 07.12.01)

Harry Hamlin Is In The House
L.A. Law Star Teams With St. Martin's Boss - Turned - Playwright in House About New York Publishing World (Los Angeles Times: 06.10.01)

Cockpit Drama
Charlie Victor Romeo Turns Black Box Recordings into Chilling Theater (Los Angeles Times: 06.23.01)

David Hyde Pierce and Uta Hagen...Truly in Step
She wrote the book on acting, he memorized it. In Six Dance Lessons in Six Days they swing together (Los Angeles Times: 06.03.01)

Mahler's Muse
Bruce Beresford's Bride of the Wind Sarah Wynter Used Bee Gees to Get Psyched As Composer's Wife (Los Angeles Times: 06.03.01)

Digging Digital
Jennifer Jason Leigh Directs Anniversary Party with Alan Cumming (Los Angeles Times: 05.13.01)

The Lady is a Vamp
Dame Edna Struts Her Stuff in New Show ( Los Angeles Times: 05.13.02)

Bonding With 'Blonde'
Marilyn Monroe Sites Salute to the Mother of All Bombshells (Entertainment Weekly)

Script Tease
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Host One of Several Online Screenplay Contests (Entertainment Weekly)

Rating the Movie Websites
Unsavory Hannibal Site and More (Entertainment Weekly: 04.09.01)

Instant Auteur
Ex-Chicago Insurance Salesman Makes a Movie For Miramax (Chicago Tribune)

The Gift of Gab
TV's Fast-Paced Gilmore Girls Take a Cue From Dorothy Parker (Los Angeles Times: 04.09.01)

Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones? Absolutely
Texan Tackles A British Role With Meat on Its Bones (Los Angeles Times: 04.08.01)

A Transgender Thing
Beau Bridges and Company Explore Mid-Life Sex Change in New Play (Los Angeles Times: 04.08.01)

Guy Pearce: Going With the Flow
Memento Star Vanishes into A New Role (Los Angeles Times: 03.15.01)

Welcome to HollyWeb!
Cash-strapped online talent seeks offline deals (Los Angeles Times)

Rah Rah For the Net
Campus sites offer sweet music deals (Entertainment Weekly)

Rating the Movie Websites
Billy Elliott Soars (Entertainment Weekly: 03.09.01)

Rating the Movie Websites, February 9, 2001
Get the Grade on 4 Movie Websites (Entertainment Weekly)

Have Site, Will Travel
A guide to hip travel packages (Entertainment Weekly)

Steppenwolf Not
Chicago expatriates re-make Geffen Playhouse (Los Angeles Times: 02.04.01)

Just a Bloke
Madonna, Brad Pitt, "Snatch" -- a big year for Limey director Guy Ritchie (Los Angeles Times: 01.19.01)

The Way of Del Toro
"Traffic" star makes every word count -- if he can help it (Los Angeles Times: 12.30.01)

The Vampire Strikes Back
New Films Bring Fresh Blood to Old Genre (Los Angeles Times: 11.21.00)

The Opposite of "Indie"
"Opposite of Sex" auteur Don Roos is feeling the pressure with his new studio film "Bounce" -- he's directing Gwyn and Ben (Los Angeles Times: 11.05.00)

Figuratively Thinking
New films celebrate brainy cheerleaders and soulful beauty queens (Los Angeles Times: 09.18.00)

Lexx Marks the Spot
Campy sci-fi soap opera hits primetime (Los Angeles Times: 08.18.00)

Clip Job
We've seen the teasers -- here's the thumbnail review on John Goodman's gay dad on FOX's "Don't Ask" (Tribune Media Services: 06.19.00)

Guy Behind The Girl
"Opposite of Sex" director Don Roos talks about his new sitcom "M.Y.O.B." (Tribune Media Services: 06.07.00)

Foxy Weasel
Charlotte Ross plays back-stabbing TV exec on "Beggars and Choosers" (Tribune Media Services: 05.31.00)

Cynical Girl
Kate Towne grew up in Hollywood and plays a jaded orphan on "M.Y.O.B." -- but the 21-year old actress is so past being ironic (Tribune Media Services: 05.28.00)

New This Summer
Hooked on reality with "Survivor," plus "Young Americans" "M.Y.O.B." and more (Tribune Media Services: 05.23.01)

Cable Debuts
Former "MTV" funny girl Julie Brown camps it up on Comedy Central's "Strip Mall" plus a Dogma documentary and other quirky stuff (Tribune Media Services: 05.19.00)

Year In Review
'Sopranos' wail, Regis rules, Sela Ward seduces -- plus lawsuits, award highlights and obits (Tribune Media Services: 12.19.00)

1999 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival
Daily Bits on the Wild World of Indie Movie Making (Tribune Media Services / 04.22.99)

Ricci Grows Up
Child Star Turns Indie Vixen - How Christina Did It (Tribune Media Services / 04.19.99)