Hugh Hart Online
Rock On
Rockers Henry Rollins and Vince Neil Ring in the New Year With their Own TV Shows (New York Times: 12.26.04 || official New York Times extract|| extracts for ALL NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLES BY Hugh Hart)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Defense Contractor Develops Anti-Piracy Surveillance Gear
Plus: Big Year Overseas For Warner Bros. AND Henry Rollins: Movie Critic (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.26.04)

Joel Tauber Flies High For Art
Concept Artist Takes Big Risks in Pursuit of Transcendent Moments (Los Angeles Times: 12.25.04 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Foreign Films Face Oscar Obstacle Course
Plus: Just in Time For Christmas Promotional Stocking Stuffers AND Anti-Paparazzi Hardware in the Pipeline (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.19.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Operation Hollywood Expose Pentagon as Script Doctor
Plus: Animation Dominates Fall Box Office Hits and Fizzles (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.12.04)

Pas Vega's Charms Not Lost in Translation
Splangish Star From Spain Makes English-Language Debut (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.12.04 || Denver Post: 12.12.04 link expires after 12.26.04 || Philadelphia Inquirer: 12.21.04)

Art Museums Get Their Close-Up
Architecture For Art Coffee Table Book Features Photographs of Modernist Museums (Los Angeles Times: 12.12.04 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Documentary Exposes Rise and Rude Fall of an Overnight Sensation
Plus: David Siqueiros Sells Uncle's Famous Paintings to Fund Indie Film AND Phantom of the Opera's 19-Year old star Emma Rossum Leap Frogs to Top of Oscar Heap (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.05.04)

Cinematographer Stephen Goldblatt Gives Mike Nichols' Latest a Gritty Look (American Cinematographer: December 04 || n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Idea Man For National Treasure
Plus: DVD Pirates Deliver From Mobile Van-Labs AND Jamie Foxx says Maybe to Big Screen Miami Vice (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.28.04)

Natalie Portman, Stripped
Closer Exposes Former Child Actress to Grown-up Sexuality (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.28.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Superman Flies, X-Men Dies, Bryan Singer Speaks
Plus: DVD Pirates Deliver From Mobile Van-Labs AND Jamie Foxx says Maybe to Big Screen Miami Vice (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.21.04)

Holiday Preview
Where Have All the Sequels Gone? (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.21.04)

Holiday Preview - Limited Release
Oscar Contenders in Small Movies (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.21.04)

The Skinny on Christian Bale
The Machinist Marks Gaunt Makeover (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.21.04)

War Games
Military Advisor For Alexander Taught Historians a Few Lessons (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.21.04 || Denver Post: 11.25.04)

Renee Zellweger
Bridget Jones Star Skips Donut, Talks Acting (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.14.04 || Denver Post: 11.07.04 - link expires 11.22.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Film Editors Get Their Close-Up in New Documentary and Book
Plus: Hugh Grant: Semi-Retired? AND Saw Gets a Big Slice of Box Office (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.14.04)

Is There a Curmudgeon in the House?
CSI Inspires Fox Show's Brit Actor Hugh Laurie As Cranky But Brilliant Sleuth Doctor and NBC's Forensic Series Medical Investigation (New York Times: 11.14.04 || official New York Times extract|| extracts for ALL NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLES BY Hugh Hart)

Kansas Carradine, Trick Rider
Cavalia Equine Spectacle Puts David Carradine's Daughter Through Her Paces (Los Angeles Times: 11.11.04 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

Turning Weeds Into Art
Pasadena's Tender Land Festival Features Stacy Levy's "Vacant Lot" Installation (Los Angeles Times: 11.09.04 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: International Financing Means Jet Lag For Atom Egoyan
Plus: Weight Gains For Oscar AND Grudge Makes Gellar a Star (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.07.04)

Documentary Blows Up Tiny World For Giant IMAX Screen (American Cinematographer: November 04 || n/a online)

The Last Cowboy Artist
Still in Demand, Al Shelton, 85 Makes Belts and Plucks Country Tunes in Studio City Shop (Los Angeles Times: 11.07.04 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: New Movie Noel Released on Self-Destructing DVDs
Plus: American Gangster: R.I.P. AND A&E Launches Indie Film Unit (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.31.04)

The Incredible Brad Bird
Pixar Auteur Started His Super Family Epic 12 Years Ago (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.31.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Branding Madness
Plus: AFI Film Festival Taps Oscar Fever AND UCLA Students Get War Films on Showtime (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.24.04)

Becoming Ray
Jamie Foxx Makes Deep Impression With His Ray Charles Portrayal (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.24.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Cinematographer Stephen Goldblatt on Shooting Julia Roberts in Closer
Plus: Shark Tale Makes a Splash AND Nasty Rick Spawned by Lemony Snicket Author (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.17.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Ex-Fox Boss Bill Mechanic on Life After Studio Mogul-dum
Plus: Directors Blurb Shaun AND Bright Future for Gloomy Sunday (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.10.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Celsius 41.1 Takes Aim at Fahrenheit
Plus: Spider-Man Art on E-Bay AND Tying the Knot Looks At Gay Marriage (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.03.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Hero, House of Flying Daggers Spark Asian Film Renaissance
Plus: MPAA Hates "Soft" Ruling Against L.A. Pirate Cop (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.26.04)

For the Record
Association of Moving Image Archivists Fight to Preserve Classic Film Amid Ever-Shifting Formats (American Cinematographer Magazine: October 04 || n/a online)

Wright, Revived
USC Students Re-build Frank Lloyd Wright Experimental "Textile Block" House (Los Angeles Times: 09.26.04 || with pictures || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Screenwriter Jeff Nathanson Directs The Last Shot
Plus: AMC Theatres Screen Evergreen via Satellite AND Republicans in Hollywood Documents Rare Species (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.19.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Open Water Husband and Wife Team Plan Next Move
Plus: Samuel Goldwyn Jr. Taps Niche Markets AND Terminator Sex-borg Kristanna Loken Surfaces in Romania (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.12.04)

Diego Luna
Criminal and Nicotina Puts Mexican Hearthrob On a Hot Streak (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.12.04)

Anime Visionary
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Reflects Director Mamoru Oshii's Dyspeptic World View (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.12.04)

Men Behaving Oddly
Funny Father Figures Rule Sitcoms Joey ,Complete Savages and Listen Up (New York Times: 09.05.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Summer Summary: Box Office
Plus: Short Film Festival in Palm Springs AND Nicontina Up in Smoke - For Now (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.05.04)

Fall Indie Movie Preview
(San Francisco Chronicle: 09.05.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Why New LIne Chief Toby Emmerich Gambled on The Notebook
Plus: Mick Jagger Re-Visits "Alfie" AND Alien vs. Predator Versus Critics (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.29.04)

Fall Movie Preview
Jude Law, Cartoons and Alpha-Male Bio-Pics(San Francisco Chronicle: 08.29.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Tom Hanks Morphed by New Motion Capture Technology
Plus: Soderbergh A.D. Steps Up to Direct AND a Decent Summer For Grown up Movies (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.22.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Playing the Box Office Numbers Game Can Turn Flops Into Hits
Plus: Former Editor Iain Calder Pulls Back the Curtain on National Enquirer AND Brown Bunny Invades Bay Area (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.15.04)

Julie Andrews
In Princess Diaries 2 She Sings - Sort of (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.15.04)
Plus A Man's World: Julie on Victor/Victoria || Also South Florida Sun-Sentinel: 08.11.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Superman Grounded
Plus: Pixar and Disney, Together Again? AND IFC "Film School" in September(San Francisco Chronicle: 08.08.04)

Michael Mann
Collateral Director Used Digital Video Steer Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx Through the L.A. Night Shift (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.08.04)

Heather Locklear and the Primetime Perennials
They're Baaack - Familiar Faces Populate Fall Schedule (Philadelphia Inquirer: 08.08.04 / registration required)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Stars Flock to Comic-Con
Plus: InFact Showcase Sees Upsurge in Documentaries AND Dennis Woodruff, One Man Show (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.01.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Movie Marketing's New Frontier: Brain Scans
Plus: Digital Cinema Gets Stress Test AND M. Night Plugs Village via Satellite (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.25.04)

Zatoichi -- The Blind Swordsman Rides Again
The Dirty Harry of Japanese Pop Culture Gets a Makover (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.025.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Documentary Maker Gives His Regards to Broadway: The Golden Age
Plus: Fat Summer Box Office AND M. Night Plugs Village via Satellite (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.18.04)

The Grid
Julianna Margulies and Dylan McDermott Fight Terrorism in TNT Miniseries (New York Times: 07.18.04 n/a online) ALSO South Florida Sun-Sentinel: 07.18.04 + print version | Fort Worth Star-Telegram: 07.18.04 (registration required)

Jeff Bridges
Actor Draws on his Art for The Door in the Floor (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.011.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Toning DownKing Arthur
Plus: Ben Stiller Vs. Tom Hanks in Box Office Face-Off AND More Election year Films (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.11.04)

Robert Redford
Icon Finds The Clearing Captivating Chance to Explore What Lies Beneath the American Dream (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.04.04)

Keira Knightley in Shining Armor
Shooting an Arrow Through Traditional King Arthur Legend (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.04.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Tiny Town Stars in Canadian Blockbuster Seducing Dr. Lewis
Plus: Election year Spawns Avalanche of Poltiical Films PLUS What's up With John Landis? (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.04.04)

Tobey Maguire Takes Spidey For a Spin - Again
Spider-Man 2 Pits Maguire Against "Doc Ock" (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.27.04 ||Philadelphia Inquirer: 06.29.94 || Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel: 06.30.04)

Guy Pearce
Two Tigers Role Has Aussie Cat-Lover Purring (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.27.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Cole Porter Lives!
Plus: Terence Malick Producing in Austin PLUS Reality TV Takes on Classic Movies(San Francisco Chronicle: 06.27.04)

Blues Momma
How Hunter Staged Comeback at Age 82 (Los Angeles Times: 06.20.04 || with pictures)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Barry Bonds Homerun Spawns Up For Grabs Documentary
Plus: Box Office Rebounds (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.20.04)

Piggy Back TV
Cable Networks hitch summer series to a blockbuster movie's coattails (Los Angeles Times: 06.13.04 || Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel: 06.13.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Complicated Fahrenheit 9/11 Deal Rushes Michael Moore Doc into Theaters
Plus: Boudica Rules AND World Stunt Awards (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.13.04)

Steve Coogan
Around the World in 80 Days Gives Dark British Comedian a Bright Break (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.13.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Napoleon Dynamite Started Out as $500 Film
Plus: Shrek 2 Spells Relief For Dreamworks AND Gawker and FlyontheWall Blogs Crank Up the Volume on Hollywood Gossip (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.06.04)

Movie Summer Preview
Summer Film Fare Includes Fewer Sequels, More Variety (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.06.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Field of Dreams Filmmaker Phil Alden Robinson
Plus: Breakfast With Sharks Spills Screenewriter Secrets AND Toni Kalem's Slipping Down Life (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.30.04)

Springtime in a Small Town
10 Years After Being Blacklisted, Chinese Filmmaker Tian Zuangzhuang Directs a Politics-Free Melodrama (Los Angeles Times: 05.28.04)

Carla Gugino and Peter Krause
TV Stars Revive Arthur Miller's After The Fall (Show People Magazine: June, 2004)

American Family
Digital Video Used For Season 2 of PBS Series (American Cinematographer Magazine: June, 2004)

A Slipping Down Life
20 Years in the Making, Toni Kalem Finally Adapted Anne Tyler Novel (Los Angeles Times: 05.23.04)

Soul Plane
Newcomer Kevin Hart Soars in Spoof (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.23.04)

Soul Plane -- Snoop Dog
"Captain Mack" Rapper Talks Movies (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.23.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Miramax Puts San Francisco on Par With New York and L.A.
Plus: Rupert Everett Gameplan includes Dominican Republic AND Super-Teasers (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.23.04)

The King: John Cleese
Shrek 2 Gives Comedy Legend a Chance to Show Some Heart as Shrek's Regal Father-in-Law (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.16.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Movie Marketers Hide the Hype With Stealth Advertising
Plus: Love Me if You Dare Offers Duelling Endings (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.16.04)

The Black Panthers, Framed
Photo Exhibit Documents Black Panthers, Summer of '68 (Los Angeles Times: 05.16.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Focus Features Spawns Rogue Pictures For Seed of Chuckie Thriller
Plus: Valentin Director Re-Visits Tough Childhood (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.09.04)

Childhood, Take 2
In autobiographical ValentinAlejandro Agresti's tortured back pages get a rewrite (Los Angeles Times: 05.05.04 || Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel: 07.02.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: MPAA Cranks Up War Against Camcorder Pirates
Plus: Moby Grape Film in Works (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.02.04)

Over The Top in The Royal Family
Daniel Gerroll Channels John Barrymore With Melodramatic Flair (Los Angeles Times: 04.27.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: A Summer Full of Product Placement
Plus: Writers Negotiate For Slice of DVD Pie (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.25.04)

Tina Fey
She WroteMean Girls Relying On Own Bitter High School Experiences (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.25.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Dino DeLaurentis Tackles Alexander the Great
Plus: Bee Movies Swarming Through Pipeline (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.18.04)

Julianne Moore
In Laws of Attraction She Takes a Break From Tragic Heroines (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.18.04)

Immigrant Travails
Lana's Rain Portrays Life on Chicago's Mean Streets For Croatian Emigres (Los Angeles Times: 04.12.04 - With pix)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Teen Female Demo Flock to Fantasy Romances
Plus: Passion A Godsend For Otherwise Tepid First Quarter Box Office (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.11.04)

Billy Bob Thornton
As Davy Crockett, Arkansas Actor Remembers the Alamo (Los Angeles Times: 04.11.04 - With pix)

Cedric the Entertainer
Johnson Family Vacation Gives Funnyman His First Leading Role -- as a Regular Guy (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.04.04 || ALSO South Florida Sun-Sentinel: 04.04.04 [registration required])

Plus: Brit Grocery Clerk / Novelist Gets $1 Million From Disney Trailer (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.28.04)

Ron Perlman's Biggest Fan -- Director Guillermo del Toro -- Finally Gives Him a Shot (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.28.04 )

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Dawn of the Dead Gets Sneak Peek on TV
Plus: Lopez Vanishes From Jersey Girl Trailer (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.21.04)

Heath Ledger
From Ned Kelly to Gay Cowboy in Brokeback Mountain Aussie Actor Is Expanding His Range (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.21.04 )

Linda Cardellini
Before ER and Scooby-Doo 2, Actress Paid Dues With Freaks and Geeks (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.21.04)

Student Trio Plays Race Card For Laughs
UCLA Student Show N*gger Wetb*ck Ch*ink Pokes Fun at Stereotypes (Los Angeles Times: 03.21.04 - - with pictures)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Marketplace For Genre Films
Plus: Passion Keeps Busting Box Office Records (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.14.04)

Ian McShane
In Deadwood British Actor Channels David Milch's Language To Play Eloquent Brute (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.14.04 )

Jim Carrey
Digging Up Trauma For Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind = (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.14.04)

Shoot First, Write Later
For New Breed of Semi-Scripted Comedies, Stories Are Shaped in the Editing Suite (Los Angeles Times: 03.07.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Mail Room Hubris
Plus: Old School Producer, Director Clash Over Credit (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.07.04)

The Sarcastic Samaritan
in Wonderfalls Todd Holland Steers Canadian Newcomer Caroline Dhervanas as Hallucinating Slacker Who Does Good Deeds Despite Herself (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.07.04 || Also Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel: 03.11.04)

TV's Top Girl Cynics
A Look at the Acerbic Teens From Six Feet Under to My So-Called Life Who Have Enlived TV (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.07.04)

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson
Starsky & Hutch Stars Mine the Seventies For Laughs (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.07.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: On the Oscar Campaign Trail
Plus: Discovering Keisha Castle Hughes (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.29.04)

England Exports Robson Green
BBC America Series Trust and Wire in the Blood Open Doors for British Actor In Hollywood (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.27.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Marketing Passion - Gibson Preaches to the Choir Power
Plus: Oscar Swag Bag: $500 Minimum (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.22.04)

Peter Jackson
For Lord of the Rings Finale, Director Had to Kick It Up a Notch (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.22.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Staying Power for Oscar-nominated City of God
Plus: Surprise Hit You Got Served Not a surprise to its producer (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.15.04)

Ray Romano
In Welcome to MooseportTV Star Went Toe to Toe With Gene Hackman (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.08.04)

Thanks for the Memories
Forget 50 First Dates -- Here's Some Amnesia-Themed Movies Worth Remembering (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.08.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Kinsey Controversey
Plus: Movie Goers Sue Over Fake Movie Reviews (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.08.04)

Picturing Cold Case
Cinematographer Eric Schmidt Creates a Retro Look For Each Episode (American Cinematographer Magazine: February.04)

Ice Cube
For Barbershop 2 Rapper / Actor Didn't Worry About Controversey (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.01.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: "Digital Intermediate" Has Become Cinematographers' New Best Friend
Plus: First Sundance Acquisition by Warner Independent Boss Mark Gill (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.01.04)

Capturing the DVD
"Friedmans" Director Andrew Jarecki Built Bonus Features on Audience Q and As Building" (Los Angeles Times: 01.27.04)

Traffic Rides Again
USA Network Puts Body Smuggling Spin with Updated Miniseries ( printer-friendly New York Times: 01.25.04)

Deep Structure
"Diehard Building" Architects Johnson and Fain Make No Small Plans (Los Angeles Times: 01.25.04)

Elmore Leonard
Big Bounce Just the Latest in Crime Novelist's Hollywood Ouevre (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.25.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Documentaries Keep Coming
Capturing the Zeigeist Are Capturing the Friedmans, Spellbound and other documentaries
(San Francisco Chronicle: 01.25.04)

Josh Duhamel: More than a Hunk?
In Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, Former Soap Star Makes His Move (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.18.04)

Winter-Spring Movie Preview
Teen Comedies, Ben Stiller and Other "'Tweener Season" Highlights (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.18.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Movie Marketing Experts Go Online For Preview Audience
Plus: Upcoming Biopics Include Geoffrey Rush as Peter Sellers (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.18.04)

Norman Jewison: Making a Statement
Veteran Director Worked Years to Bring French Nazi Story to Screen (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.13.04)

Patricia Heaton: This Year's Goodbye Girl
In Between Everybody Loves Raymond Tapings, Comedic Actress Shows Some Depth (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.11.04)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: 2003 Post-Mortem
Plus: Project Greenlight Picked Up by Bravo (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.11.04)