Hugh Hart Online
INDUSTRY BUZZ: Pretty Miss Potter From Babe Director Chris Noonan
AND Oscar One-Liners PLUS Little Children's Comeback Kid: Former Child Star Jackie Earle Haley (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.31.06)

The Good Shepherd Author Eric Roth
After Forest Gump, He Psyched Out the CIA and Won Over Robert De Niro (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.31.06 || Also Denver Post: 12.31.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: United 93 Tops the Industry Buzz 2006 Top Ten List
AND Doris Day Songs Live Again on Screen PLUS Box Office Rallies in 2006 (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.24.06)

Rocky Speaks
Sly Stallone Talks up Rocky Balboa (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.17.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Sweet Land Goes "Carbon Neutral"
AND Trans Sexual Odd Couple Star in Dogma-Style Soap Opera PLUS After Aviator, Night at the Museum Production Designer Takes Flight (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.17.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Off the Black Director: Nick Nolte as Baseball Umpire
AND Kidman Tops Actress Pecking Order PLUS Global Film Initiative Moves to Bay Area (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.10.06)

Blood Diamond: Hounsou
Djimon Housou Revisits Native Continent For Disturbing Look at Child Soldiers and Gem-Fueled Civil War (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.03.06 / / also Philadelphia Inquirer Hounsou + DiCaprio : 12.06.06)

Blood Diamond: DiCaprio
Leo Speaks Out Against "Conflict Diamonds" (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.03.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Geoffrey Rush Talks Up His Candy Co-Star Abbie Cornish
AND Pope: Thumbs up to Nativity Story PLUS The Architect Director Takes on High Rise Public Housing, With Help From Heroes "Cheerleader" Hayden Pantierre (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.03.06)

Movie Round-up
December Movies On Parade (On Direct TV Magazine: December 06)

Tenacious D
Pick of Destiny's Jack Black and Kyle Gass Hold Forth (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.26.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: 3 Needles Gets Global Perspective on AIDS
AND Pope: Thumbs up to Nativity Story PLUS Media Mogul John Malone Funds a New Studio in Town: Overture Films (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.26.06)

My Barbarian
Musical Performance Art Trio Hails "Pagan Rights" at California Biennial, Safari Sam's (Los Angeles Times: 11.26.06 / / for non - subscribers)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: The Host Caps Korean Film Boom at AFI
AND Life After Matrix Trilogy for Wachowski Brothers PLUS Fast Food Nation Author Eric Schlosser: Picky, Picky (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.19.06)

Holiday Preview
Politically Charged Drama From DeNiro and DiCaprio plus Fluff, Comedy Fluff and a Talking Spider (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.19.06)

Oscar-Winner Denzel Washington Reflects on Deja Vu and His Life in Film (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.19.06 || also Denver Post: 11.24.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Shut Up & Sing Director Barbara Kopple Gets On Message With Dixie Chicks
AND Tenacious D Meets the Devil - - in San Francisco PLUS Why Dream Girls Bows Early in Bay Area (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.12.06)

In Pursuit of Happy Feet
From Pigs to Penguins, Director George Miller Moves Past Babe to Craft a Tap-Dancing Fable with Savion Glover, Robin Williams and Elijah Wood (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.12.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Borat Producer Jay Roach on Sacha Baron Cohen's "High Wire Act"
AND Princess Grace Trophy for Hung Nguyen PLUS Wedding Crasher Casting Director Lisa Beach Talks Shop (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.05.06)

Busy Hugh Jackman
He's a Mouse in Flushed Away, One of Six 2006 Movies (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.05.06)

Tony Bennett Special
Eternal Hipster Teams with Rob "Chicago" Marshall (On Direct TV Magazine n/a online: November.06)

Movie Preview
From Soup to Notes in November (On Direct TV Magazine n/a online: November.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Rwanda Revisited in Back Home Documentary at AFI FEST
AND Berkeley Filmmaker Makes Oscar Short Doc Short List PLUS Letters From Iwo Jima Follow-up For Clint Eastwood (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.29.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: No Experience Necessary for Eragaon Star
AND Tarantinto in Austin for Death Proof PLUS Conversations With God Director Touts "Spiritual Cinema" (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.22.06)

Alison Lohman
27 Going on 16, Flicka Star Learns to Ride 'Em, Cowboy (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.22.06 / / also Philadelphia Inquirer: 10.18.06)

First Memento, Now The Prestige
Jonah Nolan Keeps Feeding Script Ideas to Older Brother Chris (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.05.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Robert Downey Jr. and Sting Help Queens Street Kid Dito Montiel Make A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
AND Tim McGraw Makes Flicka Music PLUS Man of the Year Man Barry Levinson: Riled Over Voting Machines (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.15.06)

Sofia Coppola
Kirsten Dunst and Rocking Soundtrack Give Marie Antoinette a Sexy Gen-X Twist (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.15.06)

Ryan Murphy
In Running With Scissors, Nip / Tuck Creator Directs Annette Bening as Psycho-Mom (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.15.06)

Clint Eastwood
Flags of Our Fathers Revisits Iwo Jima - the Myth, the Men and the Marketing of War (Boston Globe: 10.15.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Punk Redux in American Hardcore
AND Good Evening From Hungarian Lajos Koltai and Vanessa Redgrave PLUS Animation Mentor Class of 2006 (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.08.06)

Jacinda Barrett
How the Australian Ex Model Graduated from MTV's "Real World" to Roles in School for Scoundrels and Last Kiss (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.01.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: The Second Coming of Overlord
AND Mark Wahlberg Meets Marty on The Departed PLUS Jesus Camp Documentary Looks at Evangelical "Kids on Fire" (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.01.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Fly Boys Producer Aims High
AND Dylan rides Again - - Aurora Borealis PLUS Ben Affleck Moves Past Gigli With Hollywoodland and Upcoming Gone, Baby, Gone (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.24.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Ann Coulter Nixes Debate in Al Franken God Spoke Documentary
AND Summer Box Office Wrap-up PLUS Black Dahlia Writer Josh Friedman Blogs (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.17.06)

Cirque du Soleil Delirium
Montreal Troupe Puts Music Front and Center (Los Angeles Times: 09.14.06 // images / / for non subscribers)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Zach Braff Picks the Hits for Last Kiss
AND George Lucas' Books Celebrate Bay Area Filmmakers PLUS Iraq War Documentary Maker Laura Poitras Lands on Homeland Security List (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.10.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Filmmakers Trickle Back to Louisiana, Post-Katrina
AND Soldiers Blog for Name of Movie PLUS Kirby Dick's This Movie Not Yet Rated Skewers MPAA (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.03.06)

Fall Movie Preview
Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese and Sean Penn Deliver Flags of Our Fathers, The Departed and All The King's Men september + october + november (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.03.06)

Fall Movie Preview / Limited Release
Nicole Kidman's Arbus Leads Pack of Big Issues and Juicy Star Turns Vying for Oscar Attention (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.03.06)

Mario Ybarra
Artist Filters Grafitti, Rave Scene, Signage and Chewbacca and Zapata to Create West Coast Art (Los Angeles Times: 09.03.06 // for non subscribers)

Josh Friedman
Black Dahlia Screenwriter Decides it's Time to Blog (Brown Alumni Magazine: September/October.06 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Summer in Review
Winners and Losers (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.27.06)

Greg Kinnear
For Invincible He's the Coach (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.27.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: RZA on Scoring the The Protector
AND Palm Springs Festival Shows Off Shorts PLUS Inside Man Writer Russell Gewirtz (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.20.06)

Jessica Biel
In Period Piece The Illusionist, Actress Gets Serious (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.20.06)

Mark Wahlberg
Invincible Puts Actor Through his Paces as Philadelphia Eagle (Philadelphia Inquirer: 08.20.06)

Elizabeth Banks as. . . The Girlfriend
For Invincible, Massachussets Actress Plays a Sassy Brooklyn Gal (Boston Globe: 08.20.06) PRINTER FRIENDLY

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Snakes on a Plane Wrangler Says Pythons Aren't as Scary as They Look
AND Susan Seidelman Turned to Mom for Boynton Beach Club Idea PLUS Conversations With Women Director Hans Hans Canosa Explains Split-Screen Vision for Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.13.06)

Maggie Gyllenhaal
With 5 Movies in 3 months, Actress Digs Deep in Sherrybaby As Angry Ex-Junkie Mom (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.13.06 || Also Philadelphia Inquirer 08.15.06) - with image

Interactive Design Team Explores the Art of Surveillance at Met Lofts "Digital Carpet" images (Los Angeles Times: 08.06.06 // for non subscribers)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Caveman Neil Marshall Spelunks For Thrills in The Descent
AND Dogwalker Showcases Outfest Winner PLUS Black Man Gets a Greenlight Thanks to Bob Johnson's New "Our Stories" Mini-Studio (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.06.06)

Steve Carrell
Little Miss Sunshine Star Milks Deep Depression for Big Laughs (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.06.06)

Armistead Maupin
How The Night Listener Author Got Hoaxed (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.06.06)

Chick Flicks Versus He-Man Pics
Mr & Mrs. Smith Has it Both Ways (On Direct TV Magazine: August.06 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Kundalini Yoga Preps Alice Braga for Sex Scenes in Lower City
AND Deliver Us From Evil Documentary Offers Portrait of a Pedophile Priest PLUS Just Another Gay Movie Spoofs "American Pie" (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.30.06)

Naomi Harris' Hot Summer
British Actress Revives Trudy in Miami Vice and Casts Spell in Pirates of the Caribbean as Voodoo Queen (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.30.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Cheerleader Fan Jamie Babbit Examines Suburban Dysfunction in The Quiet
AND Keira Knightley Makes Atonement PLUS Desert Soundscape for House of Sand Choreographed by Oscar-Winning Berkeley Soundman Mark Berger (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.23.06)

Luke Wilson
My Super Ex-Girlfriend and upcoming Idiocracy Features Droll Texan Everyman (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.23.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Lian Lunson Meets Leonard Cohen in I'm Your Man
AND Which Actors Have Academy Heat? PLUS "The Man Who Heard Voices" Book Goes Behind Scenes with Lady in the Water Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.16.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Larry Clark Asks Latino Skateboard Crew: Wassup Rockers?
AND John Landis Debuts "Cinesphere Spectacular" PLUS Johnny Depp + Pirate Songs = "Rogues Gallery" Album (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.09.06)

Richard Linklater
Director Envisions Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly as Animated Sci Fi Nightmare (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.09.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Letterman Backs Amy Sedaris in Strangers With Candy
AND Rob Zombie Revives Halloween Franchise PLUS Black Panthers Inspire Yule Caise's Sidney Sheldon Award-Winning Screenplay (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.02.06)

Jack's Back
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Writers Created Johnny Depp's Captain Jack as a Classic Trickster (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.02.06)

Pete Zuccarini, Underwater Man
For Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Camera Man Went Deep-Sea Filming (Brown Alumni Magazine: July/August.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: "Truly Indie" Filmmakers Pay to Play at Landmark Theaters
AND Berkeley Filmmakers Win Student Oscars PLUS Wisconsin Mogul Hires Ex-Disney Artists to Revive 2-D Animation for "Miracle Mouse" (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.25.06)

Superman Returns
Iowa-Born Soap Actor Brandon Routh Gets His Big Break as Man of Steel (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.25.06 / / also Philadelphia Inquirer: 06.21.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Click Director Frank Coraci Goes Deep with Longtime Friend Adam Sandler
AND Wordplay and Swimmers Showcase Ex-Bay Area Talents PLUS Crash Producer Cathy Schulman Talks Money at Los Angeles Film Festival (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.18.06)

Jack Black and Jared Hess
Nacho Libre Teams Napoleon Dynamite Director With Comedian in Tights in Ode to Mexican Wrestling (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.18.06 / / also Philadelphia Inquirer: 06.14.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Filmmakers Now Get Rebates to Shoot in Bay Area
AND Paramount Vantage To Woo Art House Auteurs PLUS French Fight Style "Parkour" Energizes District B13 (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.11.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Director John Moore Got Spooked on The Omen
AND Paramount Vantage To Woo Art House Auteurs PLUS Peaceful Warrior Targets New Age Demo (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.04.06)

With Their Eyes
Teen Monologues Channel 9/11 at Orange County Theater (Los Angeles Times: 06.04.06) // for non subscribers)

Music Movies
Documentaries Range From Heavy Metal and Dylan to the Blues (On Direct TV Magazine: June.06 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Duplass Brothers Explain How They Made The Puffy Chair Feature Film For $15,000
AND Golden Trailers and Key Art Awards Celebrate the Art of Hype PLUS Warner Independent Gets a New Boss (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.28.06)

For Theater Architect John Fisher, the Play's the Thing
Southern California's Go-To Guy For Theater Design Puts Focus on Performance (Los Angeles Times: 05.28.06) // for non subscribers)

C.O.L.A. Show
L.A. Artists Put $10,000 Grants to Good Use in New Exhibition (Los Angeles Times: 05.22.06) // for non subscribers)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Wah-Wah Revisits Actor Richard E. Grant's Difficult Swaziland Childhood
AND Knight Rider Rides Again PLUS Box Office Prognosis: Despite Poseidon Downer, Summer Looking Up (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.21.06)

Hans Zimmer
From Da Vinci Code to Pirates of the Caribbean Film Composer Really Knows the Score (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.21.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Over the Hedge Leads Summer Parade of Star-Powered Animated Voices
AND Yoda Gets His Close-up at Beverly Hills Exhibit PLUS Nick Cave Channels Australia's Wild West for Director John Hillcoat's The Proposition (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.14.06)

Visual Effects Out-Do Reality in Wolfgang Petersen's Disaster Epic (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.14.06)

Live From the Front
Jerry Quickley Re-Lives Bagdhad Bombing in Theater Piece (Los Angeles Times: 05.09.06) // for non subscribers)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Edward Norton Stars as Suburban Cowboy in Down in the Valley
AND Cars Debuts at the World's Biggest Drive-In PLUS Haskell Wexler Wonders: Who Needs Sleep? (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.07.06)

How J.J. Abrams Took Charge of Mission Impossible: III
TV's Lost Creator Teams with Tom Cruise (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.07.06)

Summer Movie Preview: Art House Division
Small Films With Big Stars Get Limited Release (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.07.06)

Tim Burton Mentors UCLA Fantasy Auteur
UCLA's Shane Acker On Road to Make "9" (Premiere Magazine / News You're Not Supposed Know: May.05 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Cuban Refugee Andy Garcia Revisits Havana circa 1958 in Lost City
AND Cars Debuts at the World's Biggest Drive-In PLUS Open Casting for Spiderwick Chronicles Twins (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.30.06)

Summer Movie Preview
Popcorn Fare Includes Talking Cars and Sinking Ships (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.30.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Golden Gate Bridge Gets It's X-Men Close-up: Lauren Shuler Donner Explains
AND Hard Candy Taps Internet Predator Zeitgeist (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.23.06)

The Thick of It
BBC's Bumbling Government Bureacrats Come to American TV (Los Angeles Times: 04.23.06) // for non subscribers)

Heavy: The Story of Metal
Hard Rockers Finally Get Some Respect in VH-1 Special (On Direct TV Magazine: May.06 n/a online)

Down in the Valley
Director of Photography Enrique Chediak Shoots Edward Norton as a Suburban Cowboy in the San Fernando Valley (American Cinematographer Magazine: May.06 n/a online)

The Bloggers Project
UCLA Acting Class Brings Blogosphere to the Stage (Los Angeles Times: 04.18.06) // for non subscribers)

Artist Lorna Simpson Breaks the Gaze
MOCA's Mid-Career Survey Has the Brooklyn Photographer/Filmmaker's Text-and-Image Works Challenge the Viewer to Make Connections (Los Angeles Times: 04.17.06) // for non subscribers)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School Re-visits Cotillion Culture
Plus Superman Returns in AND A Few Words From Universal's New Bosses (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.16.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Writer-Director Nicole Holofcener Ponders the M Word in Friends With Money
Plus Stan Lee Auditions "Super Heroes" For New Reality-Based Show AND Lucky Number Slevin Took 9 Years to Make, so Author Jason Smilovic (Creator of New NBC Series Kidnapped) Savors TV's Speed (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.09.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Brick Maker Rian Johnson Explores Teen Noir
Plus 2006 Box Office So Far: So-So AND Geena Davis Partners with USC on "Girls Are Scare in G-Rated Movies" Study (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.02.06)

Long Live the Queen
Helen Mirren Stars in HBO's Elizabeth I (On Direct TV Magazine: April.06 n/a online)

Wassup Rockers?
Larry Clark and D.P. Steve Gainer Use Mini-DV to Film a Day in the Life of Los Angeles' Ghetto Skate Boarders (American Cinematographer Magazine: April.06 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Brokeback in Rowboats: Gay German Film Summer Storm
Plus Ford Tops Product Placement in 2005 AND UCLA Student Film 9 Goes Big Time (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.26.06)

Thank You for Being Libertarian
Thank You for Smoking Writer-Director Jason Reitman Celebrates Spin Doctor, Skewers Big Government (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.26.06)

Broken Screen Breaks Out
Doug Aitken's New Book Discusses Non-Linear Art with 26 Creative Mavericks (Los Angeles Times: 03.25.06) // for non subscribers)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Libertine Director on Johnny Depp's Flawed 17th Century Rake
Plus New Fox Film Division Targets Youth Demo, Co-Run by Saw Marketing Wizard John Hegeman AND I Wake Up Screening Book Gives Advice to INdie Filmmakers (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.19.06)

Vin Diesel
Action Star Takes a Character Turn for Sidney Lumet in Find Me Guilty (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.19.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Enron Director Alex Gibney Looks Forward to Human Experiments
Plus Jeremy Irons Does Dylan on Benefit Album AND Studios Use Fan-Designed Posters and TV Spots to Hype Movies (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.12.06)

Oscar-Winning Film From Gavin Hood Casts Presley Chweneyagae as Street Thug (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.05.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Producer Chris Bender on the Roads Not Taken in History of Violence
Plus Tony Kushner Catches Flack for Munich AND Batman Begins Cinematographer Wally Pfister Gets His Wake-Up Call AND Oscar Swag Includes Gems, Steak and Massage (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.05.06)

Tom Rothman: The Player
Fox Movie Mogul Nimbly Balances Art and Commerce (Brown Alumni Magazine March_06 / / printer-friendly)

Mark Cuban Goes High Def
HD Net Movies Channel Gives Classic Films Wide Screen Treatment (On Direct TV Magazine March_06 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Stoned Tracks Downfall of Rolling Stones Founder Brian Jones
Plus IFC Tries Same-Day Theatrical and Video On Demand Releases AND Minnesota Millionaire Bill Pohlad on Backing Brokeback (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.26.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Studio Suit Joe Roth Directs Freedomland
Plus Starbucks Generates Buzz on Spelling Bee Movie AND Film Editor Helped Find the Music in Crash (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.19.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: How Madonna Stylist Costumed Walk the Line
Plus Slamdance Open House Real Estate Musical Goes From DVD Direct to Gamers AND Oscar on a Shoestring (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.12.06)

Paul Bettany's Killer Instincts
Brit Gets Evil in Firewall and Da Vinci Code . (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.12.06)

Virginia Madsen: Harrison Ford's Bond Girl?
Oscar Winner Did Not Mind Holding Ford's Drink Hand-off at Golden Globes (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.12.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Fateless Hungarian Cinematographer-turned Director Uses Images to Tell Holocaust Story
Plus Leah Meyerhoff's Twitch Comes to Town AND The Real Dirt on Farmer John Documentary Took 20 Years to Harvest (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.05.06)

The Exonerated Comes to Stanford
Dramatic Staging Chronicles Death Row Innocents (Stanford Lively Arts: February.06 n/a online)

Annette Bening Plays the Murderous Mrs. Harris
Homicidal Socialite Kills Ben Kinsley's Scarsdale Diet Doctor in HBO Movie (On Direct TV Magazine February.06 n/a online).

Bubble Bursts Industry Conventions
The Billionaire and the Genius, Mark Cuban and Steven Soderbergh, Talk Up the Movie That Comes out on DVD Four Days Later. (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.29.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: World's Fastest Indian Director Roger Donaldsen Cast Anthony Hopkins as New Zealand Biker
Plus Cache -- This Year's Oscar Orphan AND Google This: Waterborn Movie Bypasses Theaters for Online Deal (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.29.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Jonathan Rhys Meyers on Working for Woody Match Point
Plus John Waters on TV AND Computer Programmer Forecasts Box Office (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.22.06)

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
Albert Brooks Defies Studio to Find Laughs in with the "M" Word the Post-9/11 Universe. (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.22.06)

Otis Artists Shine in Retrospective
Art College Alumni Span "Nine Decades of Art in Los Angeles" (Los Angeles Times: 01.20.06) // for non subscribers // with images)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Noah Baumbach's Golden Globe - Nominated Whale Tale Had Minnow-Sized Budget
Plus: SAG Awards Goodie Bags Auctioned Online AND Fired from Paramount Classics, Ruth Vitale Gets Fresh Start at First Look (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.15.06)

New World Star Q'orianka Kilcher
Santa Monica Street Singer Get Her Big Break Playing Pocahontas (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.15.06 || also Philadelphia Inquirer: 01.22.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: E Bay Billionaire Makes Movies That Matter
Plus: MPAA Review Board Critiqued in This Film is Not Yet Rated AND Despite Weak 2005 Box Office, Narnia Finishes Strong For Disney (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.08.06)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Palm Springs: Focus on the Foreign
Plus: Mogul Moves AND AFI Women Director's Workshop (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.01.06)

Mid Season Preview
Scrubs, Shield Plus Jenna Elfman and 20 New Shows (On Direct TV Magazine: January.06 n/a online)

News You're Not Supposed to Know: Keaton's New Book
For New Book Project, Actress Gives up Clown Paintings and Trolls for Scrapbooks on EBay (Premiere Magazine: January.06 n/a online)

Movie Music Man Marco Beltrami
Composer Scores Everything From Hellboy to Tommy Lee Jones' Latest (Brown Alumni Magazine: January/February.06)


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