Sci-Fi Fairy Tales Get Weird in Super Punch Contest
Site Shines Light on Star Trek Sound Designers
Depp Salutes Heath Ledger, Imaginarium Cast 12-28-thru-12-31-09

Imaginarium Tests Terry Gilliam's Ingenuity PLUS Sundance Rolls Out "HOWL" In Bay Area
San Francisco Chronicle 12.27.09

Mr. Fox Puppets Offer Fantastic Christmas Wishes
TV Decade in Review: Reality, 1; Fantasy, 0
Mind-Game Movies Mark '00s Cinema of Paranoia
Review: Wobbly 'Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' Still Enchants
Growing Up Heroes Photo Blog Captures Kids in Capes
Review: Sherlock Holmes Gives Brainy Detective Plenty of Brawn 12-21-thru-12-25-09

The Cove Makes Oscar Short List as Director Continues Save the Dolphin Campaign PLUS Bay Area Bank Bullish on Art House Films to Tune of $65 Million
San Francisco Chronicle 12.20.09

Review: Powerful Avatar Stuns the Eye, Seduces the Heart
New Alice in Wonderland Trailer Revels in Red Queen's Villainy
Solomon Kane Movie Updates Pulp Fiction Classic
Creature From the Black Lagoon Rises Again
Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray Trilogy Adds 7 Hours of Goodies 12-14-thru-12-18-09

Ex Studio Mogul Peter Guber Brings Insider's Perspective to Talk Show Gig PLUS Avatar Production Designer Rick Carter Digs Virtual World Building
San Francisco Chronicle 12.13.09

Natalie Portman Plans to Play Zombie Slayer
Portable Grindhouse Revels In Vintage VHS Box Art
'1000 Comic Books You Must Read' Digs Into Pulp's Past
Instrument Inventor Hears Music Everywhere
15 Gigs Lets Web Audiences Rate Fox Sitcom Pilots
Lost Schools Fans With 'Lost University' Blu-ray Feature
Sci-Fi Moon Pic Wins British Film Trophies
Emigre Compilation Revisits 'Punk' Era of Graphic Design
Avatar Spoof Paints James Cameron as CGI Junkie 12-07-thru-12-11-09

Uncertainty Co-Directors Split Time in Two PLUS Jessica Bendinger Invites Seven Rays Readers to Script a Scene
San Francisco Chronicle 12.06.09

Emigre Compilation Revisits 'Punk' Era of Graphic Design
Avatar Spoof Paints James Cameron as CGI Junkie
Movies: Natalie Portman Causes Friction in Brothers
Kidney-Shaped Heads Crown Organ Donor Dolls
Paranormal Activity Creator Cuts Deal for Alien Movie Area 51 11-30-thru-12-04-09

Las Vegas's New City Center: Architecture Review
L.A. Weekly 12.04.09

Robert Downey Jr. Gives Action Hero Spin to Sherlock Holmes
Wired Magazine December 2009

Inventor/Musician Trimpin Tunes Into Everyday Sound
Wired Magazine December 2009

2009 in Review
Discover Magazine December 2009

Collapse's Self-Trained Analyst Shares Doomsday Scenario Predictions PLUS French Filmmaker Turned to Web to Create Urban Wolf Drama Series
San Francisco Chronicle 11.29.09

Movies: Grim The Road Serves Unlikely Holiday Fare
The Road Takes Desolate Journey From Page to Screen 11-23-thru-11-25-09

Tab Hunter Documentary Looks at Gay Actor's Straight Man Act PLUS Sound Designers Get Their Close-up. . . Online
San Francisco Chronicle 11.22.09

'Live Music' Short Showcases Crowdsourced Animation
Movies: New Moon Casts Spell Over 'Twi-Hards'
Concept Art Offers Peek at Tim Burton's Twisted Genius
Bruno DVD Packs Cringe-Worthy Extras
DIY Fanboys Revive Canceled Sci-Fi Show in New Sitcom
Blowback: Pass Sentence on New Prisoner, Win DVD Set 11-16-thru-11-20-09

Sony Classics Boss Talks Indie Survival PLUS In High Socety, Grace Kelly Biographer Defends Actress' Reputation
San Francisco Chronicle 11.15.09

Where the Botched Children's Book Adaptations Are
Movies: 2012 Turns Apocalypse Into Spectacle
Whedon's Dollhouse Is Fox's Latest Sci-Fi Fatality
2012's Doomsday Predecessors: An Apocalyptic Primer
Shit My Dad Says: Twitter Got Me a Sitcom Deal
J.J. Abrams Might Direct NBC Spy Drama Undercovers 11-09-thru-11-13-09

Genre King Larry Cohen Keeps Surprises Coming PLUS Technicolor Rolls Out 3-D For Old-Fashioned Celluloid Film
San Francisco Chronicle 11.08.09

J.J. Abrams Might Direct NBC Spy Drama Undercovers
Movies: Jim Carrey Revives Christmas Carol as 3-D Spectacle
'Half-Life' Visuals Supercharge Sci-Fi Short 'Escape From City-17'
Review: V's Hypnotic Alien Leader Demands Submission
Sherlock Holmes Replaces Microsoft to Back MacFarlane Show 11-02-thru-11-06-09

Art & Copy Highlights Inventive Advertising PLUS Skin Profiles South AFrican Parents Who Look White and Their Daughter Who Looks Black
San Francisco Chronicle 11.01.09

Charlize Theron Takes on Mad Max 4
Review: Gentlemen Broncos Rides Sci-Fi Cheese Into Ground
Movies: Sci-Fi Spoof Gentlemen Broncos Follows King of Pop Pic
Microsoft Bails Out of Seth MacFarlane's Variety Show
New Web Series Serve Up Vampire Tales, Slasher Horror
Paranormal Activity Tops Box Office, Spurring Talk of Sequel 10-26-thru-10-30-09

Movie Critic Shifts Focus to Program AFI Fest PLUS Canyon Filmmaker Tries to Direct Wolves in Grand Canyon Adventure Tale.
San Francisco Chronicle 10.25.09

Movies: Astro Boy Takes Flight Amid Hellish Horror Shows
Technicolor Teams With Hollywood to Expand 3-D Theaters
Transformers 2 DVD Bundle Packs a Michael Bay Punch
Halloween Party Prize: Leonard Nimoy Photo Session
Kerouac's Big Sur Documents Writer's Life After On the Road 10-19-thru-10-23-09

Kerouac Documentary Follows On the Road Author to Big Sur PLUS "Neuro Cinema" Tests Audience Brain Wave Activity
San Francisco Chronicle 10.18.09

Review: Where the Wild Things Are is Bold but Grumpy
Movies: Where the Wild Things Are Revamps Sendak Classic
Monty Python Reunion to Stream Live
Comedy's Holy Grail? Win Tickets to Monty Python Reunion
Director Bryan Singer May Return to X-Men Films 10-12-thru-10-16-09

American Artifact Looks at Rock Posters as an Art Form
PLUS Tim Burton at MoMA
San Francisco Chronicle 10.11.09

Filmmaker Lars von Trier Aims Camera at Planet Melancholia
Movies: Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau Yuk It Up in Couples Retreat
Seabiscuit Scribe May Helm Spidey Spinoff Venom
Nimoy Reprises Mystery Mogul Role on Fringe
Adrien Brody to Star in Predators Reboot
John Mayer's Augmented Reality Video Puts Fans in Picture 10-05 thru 10-09-09

Chelsea on the Rocks Doc Chronicles Manhattan's Artist Hangout
AND: Vincente Minnelli Bio Appraises Director's Fascinatioin With Gender
San Francisco Chronicle 10.04.09

Review: Smart We Live in Public Probes Web Genius' Hubris
Movies: Cinematic Smorgasbord of Gervais, Zombies, Docs
For Sale: Stan Winston's Terminators, Other Sci-Fi Memorabilia
Hugh Jackman May Join Robot Boxing Flick
South Park Movie Streams Free for 10th Anniversary
2012 Clip Gets Massive TV Rollout
Blowback: Dollhouse Sexbots Reboot for New Season
Real Science Sets Up Surrogates' Futuristic Robot Action 09-28-thru-10-02-09

We Live in Public Doc Maker Looks at Web Voyeurism
PLUS Timing is Everything for Beautiful Life Producer, who spent 13 Years Making Homeless Teen Drama
San Francisco Chronicle 09.27.09

Fast-Paced 'FlashForward' Promises Epic Mind Games
Movies: Bruce Willis Wigs Out in Sci-Fi Surrogates
Blowback: Heroes Crams More New Characters Into Season Premiere 09-21-thru-09-25-09

Crude Looks at Amazon Rain Forest Devastation by Chevron Drilling
PLUS Magnolia Turns a Profit Showing New Movies on TV Before Theatrical Opening
San Francisco Chronicle 09.20.09

Video: Comedy Duo Spills 14 Emmy Spoilers in 39 Seconds
Blowback: Fringe Keeps It Fresh in Season 2 Debut Blowback: Does Fringe Keep It Fresh in Season 2 Debut?
Movies: Megan Fox Gets Into Jennifer's Body
Heroes Stars on Season 4: Deathbed, Yes; Lesbians, Maybe 09-14-09 thru 09-18-09

Fuel Puts Algae-Powered Cars on the Front Burner
PLUS National Geographic Gets into Art House Arena
San Francisco Chronicle 09.13.09

Sparhusen Is Swedish for Spinal Tap
Movies: Kate Beckinsale Goes Ballistic in Whiteout
Late-Night, Sex- and Booze-Fueled Texting Inspires Fox Sitcom
Rag Dolls Rule on Planet of the Sad Sacks
DIY Animation Drew Tim Burton to 9's 'Stitchpunk' Story
Nicolas Cage Quits Green Hornet Movie
Monty Python Reuniting for 1 Wild Night in New York
Review: '9' Fuses Bleak Sci-Fi Story With Brilliant Visuals 09-07-09 thru-09-11-09

Earth Days Documents History of Environmental Movement
PLUS Beeswax Takes Drama To Chatty Place on 16 Millimter Film
San Francisco Chronicle 09.06.09

Movies: Violent Gamer Counters Blue-Collar Comedy Extract
Web Boycott: Just Say No to Viral Videos Starring Cats
Favreau to Direct Downey in Cowboys & Aliens
Report: Fantastic Four Sequel in Pipeline
Artist Imagines Fantastical Extinct Flora, Fauna
Fringe Stars Hit Twitter During 'Tweet-Peat' Finale Rerun 08-31-09 thru 09-04-09

Rag Dolls Clash With Robots in 9 Shane Acker Pictures Burlap Sci-Fi World
Wired Magazine September 2009 / print-friendly version)

Astro Boy in Action Concept Art Renders Japan's super-hero robot in Eye-Popping color
Wired Magazine September 2009

Marvel-ous Wall Art Spider-Man Goes Wall to Wall in Fold-Out Superhero Chart
Wired Magazine September 2009

Steam Punk Movie Screen
The Engine Celebrates Sculpture and Cinema for Burke Roberts and his team
Los Angeles Times 08.23.09 print-friendly

Bliss Takes Scenic Look at Turkish 'Honor Killings'
PLUS A Beautful Person Updates 17th Century French Novel
San Francisco Chronicle 08.30.09

The Blob Gets Re-Molded by Rob Zombie
Director, Studio Aim For District 9 Sequel
Summer Glau, Battlestar Galactica Stars Join Dollhouse
Movies: Rob Zombie Comes Calling With Halloween 2
Will Smith Returns as Superhero in Hancock 2
Where the Wild Things Are Music Hits MySpace
Pirates' Gore Verbinksi Quits BioShock Movie 08-23-09 thru 08-28-09

Andy Griffith Learns to Play the Game For First-Time Filmmaker
PLUS New Apparation Outfit Will Distribute High-Profile Art House Fare
San Francisco Chronicle 08.23.09

Chilling New Wolfman Images Scream Bloody Murder
Beatles' Yellow Submarine May Surface as 3-D Remake
Review: Nightmare Nazi Dominates Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds
Microsculptor's Incredible Hulk Fits in Eye of Needle
Movies: Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds Ends Summer With Nazi-Bashing Bang
Studio Greenlights Spider-Man 5 and 6 Scripts 08-17-09 thru 08-21-09

Pressure Cooker Follows Inspired Teacher
PLUS Flame & Citron 'Avatar Day' Heralds 3-D Sci-Fi Movie
San Francisco Chronicle 08.16.09

Blowback: Does Experimental District 9 Work Alien Magic?
Review: Gritty Lead Performance Drives 'District 9' Alien Verite
Movies: District 9, Ponyo Bring Welcome Dose of Sci-Fi, Anime
Vintage Mexican Sci-Fi Beams a Blast From the Past, con Queso 08-10-09 thru 08-14-09

Up With People Expose Is Aptly Titled Smile Til It Hurts
PLUS Flame & Citron Takes Film Noir Look at Danish Resistance Movement
San Francisco Chronicle 08.09.09

Vintage Mexican Sci-Fi Beams a Blast From the Past, con Queso
Peter Jackson Crafts Creepy Fantasy Land in Lovely Bones
Movies: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Launches Stealth Attack
Bryan Singer to Produce Syfy's End-of-World Miniseries
3-D Metal 'Printers' Launch DIY Action Figure Service
Snyder's Sucker Punch Taps Carla 'Silk Spectre' Gugino
EasyLOL Aggregates Tittering Tweeters 08-03-09 thru 08-07-09

G.I. Joe Writer Brings Down Eiffel Tower
PLUS Zombie Girl Chronicles Feature Debut by 12-year-old Filmmaker
San Francisco Chronicle 08.02.09

Ridley Scott To Direct Alien Prequel
Funny People Cage Fight: Craigslist Founder vs. MySpace 'Friend'
Tron Legacy Director Heads for Sci-Fi Oblivion
Movies: Apatow's Funny People Salutes Raunchy Nerd Humor
Waiting for Wolfman: Release Bumped to 2010
First Look: Megan Fox's Jonah Hex Poster
Hollywood Prop Shop Sells Off Classic Sci-Fi Artifacts 07-27-09 thru 08-01-09

Visual Effects Conference Lobbies For More Respect
PLUS Lake Tahoe May Be the Most Quiet Film of the Summer
San Francisco Chronicle 07.26.09

Robert Downey Jr.: 'Down For the Cause' of Sherlock Holmes Sequels
Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, Jonah Hex: Match Made in Comic Heaven
Jackie Earle Haley Revives Freddy Kreuger in New Nightmare
District 9 Rises From Ashes of Halo
First Look: Astro Boy, Kristen Bell Plug Into Comic-Con
First Look: New Alice in Wonderland Trailer
Movies: Evil Orphan Counter-Programs Harry Potter
First Look: Filmmaker De-Constructs 9 Sci-Fi Character Cards
First Look: Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' Heath Ledger Clip
7 Women Who Will Rock Comic-Con
Comic Book Warrior Magdalena Proceeds Toward Big Screen 07-20-09 thru 07-24-09

"Jewtoons" Program Celebrates Animation From Israel
PLUS New California Law Finally Gives Filmmakers a Tax Break
San Francisco Chronicle 07.19.09

Walter Cronkite Dead at 92
Terry Gilliam's Final Cut for Heath Ledger and Imaginarium
Movies: Harry Potter 6 Rolls Over Dark Knight Record
Emmy Nods Include Lost and Family Guy
Review: Harry Potter Powers Through Puppy Love, Potions in 'Half-Blood Prince'
Cheech and Chong Light Up Tron Spoof
Natalie Portman Joins Thor Cast 07-13-09 thru 07-17-09

Seraphine Recounts French Painter's Journey into Darkness
PLUS Jerichow Re-Fashions The Postman Always Rings Twice PLUS 3-D Dance Gets its Closeup in Step Up
San Francisco Chronicle 07.12.09

3 Finalists Make Cut to Play Green Lantern
Heder’s Out-of-Work IT Guy, Sci-Fi Defying Gravity Coming to TV
Michael Moore Calls New Bailout Doc a Love Story
Harry Potter Podcast, iPhone App Hype Half-Blood Prince
Movies: Bruno Ups Ante on Outrage
Best Summer Movie Trailers of 2009
Talenthouse 'Creative Community' Connects All Kinds of Artists
Michael Jackson Memorial Service Streams Live
Review: Stars' Chemistry Ignites Sci-Fi Antics in Warehouse 13 07-06-09 thru 07-10-09

$9.99 Does Stop-Moton on a Budget
PLUS Downloading Nancy Features Dark Turn from Rufus Sewell
San Francisco Chronicle 07.05.09

Movies: Bale Chases Depp's Dillinger in Public Enemies
DVDs: IT Crowd Now, Battlestar Galactica in July
Virtuality's Low Ratings Dim Prospect for Renewal
Noah Wyle to Fight Aliens in Spielberg-Produced TV Pilot 06-29-09 thru 07-03-09

Reel Truth Author Explores the Tough Road to Indie Success
PLUS And Then Came Lola Flouts Lesbian Leading Ladies
San Francisco Chronicle 06.28.09

Making Fire for Harry Potter: ILM Explains Underwater Flames
Wired Magazine July 2009)

Virtuality Web Campaign Calls for Full-Blown Series
Blowback: Does Transformers 2 Blow? Moviegoers Weigh in
Review: Strong Acting, Holodeck From Hell Boost One-Off Virtuality
Charlie's Angels' Farrah Fawcett Dies at 62
First Look: Tim Burton Takes Alice to Weird, Wild Wonderland Movies: Transformers Gets Its Revenge Superhero Films Get a Shot as Oscar Doubles Best Picture Playing Field
'Robot Sightings' Hype Transformers Worldwide
Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Takes 'Bot Action to Limit 06-22-09 thru 06-26-09

Beastie Boy Gets into Indie Film Business
PLUS Julie and Julia One of Six New Book-to-Movie Projects From Random House
San Francisco Chronicle 06.21.09

First Look: FlashForward Spins Global Blackout Into Time-Warp Mythos Report: Cruise and Abrams to Make Mission: Impossible IV
Movies: Moon Goes Wider as Year One Aims for Ancient Laughs Born-Again Bride of Frankenstein in Works
From Fairy Tales to Porn, Anime Heats Up for Summer
TV's Tweeting Tattoo Artist Offers Free Twitter Ink Session
Student Oscar Winners Play in Sci-Fi Sandbox
From Fairy Tales to Porn, Anime Heats Up for Summer
Battlestar Boss Teases The Plan Spinoff 06-15-09 thru 06-19-09

Michael Mann Sets Midwest Scene: Dillinger Bio-Pic Public Enemies Gets Heartland Locations
On Wisconsin Magazine July/August 2009 n/a online

Whiz Kids Doc Follows Teenage Brainaics
PLUS Herb and Dorothy Portrays Working Class Art Collectors
San Francisco Chronicle 06.14.09

Horror Maestro Marcus Nispel Nabs Conan the Barbarian Film
Holy Gort! Hollywood Robots Invade Pittsburgh
Ron Moore's Virtuality Takes Virtual Reality to Outer Space
Movies: Limited Moon Opening Offers Big Sci-Fi Vision
Tim Burton Gets a Show at New York’s Museum of Modern Art
First Look: Steampunk Gadgets Go Wild in Warehouse 13
Katee ‘Starbuck’ Sackhoff Joins 24's Terror Fighters
Heroes' Masi Oka to Make Role-Playing Movie
Roller Coaster Cams Capture Riders in Action
Blade Runner Inspires Ridley Scott's New Web Series
Sex Galaxy Recycles Vintage Porn, Sci-Fi for Blue-Green Film 06-08-09 thru 06-12-09

Song for the Sparrows Looks at Life in Iran
PLUS Waco Movie Snubbed in Texas
San Francisco Chronicle 06.07.09

Star Trek Fights Harry Potter for Best Trailer Trophy
Totally New Total Recall in the Works
Movies: Sleestaks Attack, Dinos Get Goofy in Land of the Lost
Burlap-Skinned Creatures Flee Giant Robots in 9
David Lynch's Interview Project Probes American Dreams
Movies: Pixar's Up Swaps Robots for Humans
Raw Meat, Favors Fuel $70 Zombie Movie Colin 06-01-09 thru 06-05-09

Puppet Flick Black Devil Doll Spoofs Blaxpoitation Genre
PLUS Piranha 3-D Re-make Features Adult Film Actress Star Riley AND Mine Doc Explores Post-Katrina Abandoned Pet Drama
San Francisco Chronicle 05.31.09

Terminator Blowback Giveaway: Judgment Day for Salvation 05-26-09 thru 05-31-09

INDUSTRY BUZZ:Big Man Japan Showcases Freaky superhero
PLUS Drag Me to Hell Keeps Blood Spatter Effects Simple
San Francisco Chronicle 05.24.09

Terminator Blowback Giveaway: Judgment Day for Salvation
Movies: Terminator 4 Gets Jump on Night at the Museum 2
IMAX CEO: Screen Size Isn't Everything
Review: Loud Terminator Salvation Makes for Grim Spectacle 05-18-09 thru 05-22-09

Academy's Anime Exhibit Explores Japanese Cinema
PLUS Summer Box Office May Set Record
San Francisco Chronicle 05.17.09

DVDs: Star Trek Collections Now, Watchmen Later
7 Webotainers Worth Watching
Movies: Angels & Demons Takes on Star Trek, Week 2
Star Trek Movie Breaks 'Odd-Number Curse,' Readers Say
Fringe Finale Blowback: Nimoy Makes 'Massive' Appearance
Exotic Star Trek Locales Are All Over the California Map
YooouuuTuuube Turns Videos Into Trippy Moving Mosaics 05-11-09 thru 05-15-09

In Management Jennifer Aniston Gets Quirky
PLUS Terminator Director Took Long Road to Salvation
San Francisco Chronicle 05.10.09

'Star Trek' Blowback: Weigh In to Win Hefty Blu-ray Set
Terminator Salvation's Not for Wussies, Sam Worthington Says
Leonard Nimoy Cracks 10 Star Trek Jokes on Letterman
Movies: Star Trek Blasts Back Into Theaters
Review: Invigorated 'Star Trek' Sparkles With Wit, Spectacle
Deadpool Gets His Own X-Men Movie
Reznor, Fallon Rack Up Webby AwardsUltradome Promises Ultranerd Battles Fringe Renewed for Second Season of Weird Science
Film Riot Shows You How to Make a Head Explode 05-04-09 thru 05-08-09

Lemon Tree Finds Human Drama in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
PLUS IMAX Boss Partners Super-Sizes Hollywood Popcorn Flicks
San Francisco Chronicle 05.03.09

Tiny Enterprise Models Channel Quirky Star Trek Visions
Review: Wolverine's Unbridled Rage Never Looked So Good
Sci-Fi, Animation Feed Hollywood's Summer Hunger
Movies: Wolverine Tears Into Girlfriends
'Wolverine' Blowback: Your Favorite Mutant? 04-27-09 thru 05-01-09

Doc Portrays Feuding Sherman Brothers and Their Disney Hits
PLUS The Garden Documents L.A.'s Community Farm Eviction
San Francisco Chronicle 04.26.09

Movies: Mutant Chronicles, Soloist or Caprica?
Pilot Season Follows My Damn Channel's Formula for Success 04-20-09 thru 04-24-09

Obsessed Producer Embraces Fatal Attraction
PLUS Director Bret Ratner's New Publishing House Prints Brando Interview
San Francisco Chronicle 04.19.09

Movies: Russell Crowe Takes on Crank Sequel Fans Will Decide Where Wolverine Premieres Webby Awards Nominees Rope Together Weird, Wonderful 04-13-09 thru 04-17-09

Goodbye Solo Director Chronicles Outsider Experience
PLUS Virtual Cinematography Gains Traction
San Francisco Chronicle 04.12.09

Webby Award Nominees Rope Together the Weird and the Wonderful
Report: Fox Cancels Dollhouse Episode
Webisodes Prime Pump for CBS' Bloody Harper's Island
Movies: Observe and Report May Slay Dragonball
Report: Leonard Nimoy to Join Fringe
For Sale: Kirk, Spock in Wax
Manga-Style Wolverine Shreds Bookstores
Day the Earth Stood Still DVD Bundles 1951 Classic
Anna Torv Talks Up Fringe Personalities 04-06-09 thru 04-10-09

X-Files Alumni Include Alien Trespass Director
AND Hunger Entailed Epic Weight Loss PLUS Dodgeball Director Changes Pace with Somber Mysteries of Pittsburgh Coming of Age Film
San Francisco Chronicle 04.05.09

Inside Terminator Salvation's Bleak World
Alien Trespass Milks '50s Sci-Fi for Laughs
Movies: Adventureland Comedy Crashes Into Fast & Furious
Wolverine Leak Still Not Plugged
Life on Mars' Time-Traveler Calls it Quits
Studio Greenlights Star Trek Sequel Script
Celebs, Nerds Win Big at Streamy Web Awards 03-30-09 thru 04-03-09

ShoWest Exec Says Digital Cinema Roll-Out a Done Deal
PLUS Designer Antonio Calvo Switches Focus From Pride & Prejudice Movie to Philippine Eco-Resort
San Francisco Chronicle 03.29.09

Virtual Sets Move Hollywood Closer to Holodeck Streamy Web Awards Honor Dr. Horrible, Battlestar Galactica Review: Monsters vs. Aliens Hypes Sci-Fi Antics in 3-D
Movies: 3-D Monsters vs. Aliens Tackles 12 Rounds
Quantum of Solace DVD Demystifies Globe-Hopping Bond
Comic Freak MODOK Spawns Multiple Variations
Bailed-Out Bank of America Boosts 3-D Monsters vs. Aliens 03-23-09 thru 03-27-09

Ballerina Doc Makes the Point: "Nobody Dances Like the Russians"
PLUS Knowing Survived 10 Years, Six Writers Before Alex Proyas Cracked the Code
San Francisco Chronicle 03.22.09

Blowback: Does Battlestar Galactica Finale Satisfy?
Twilight DVD Spawns Midnight Madness
Bailed Out Bank of America Boosts 3-D Monsters vs. Aliens
Knowing Director Alex Proyas: Digital RED Camera Rocks
Movies: I Love You, Man vs. Julia Roberts
Beyond Bizarre: Tokyo! Filmmaker Creates His Own Language
Dancing Star Wozniak Wants Your Vote 03-16-09 thru 03-20-09

Tokyo! Paints Surreal Portrait of Japanese City
AND Derek Luke to Shoot Pilot in Bay Area PLUS South by Southwest Festival Debuts Documentary about Post-Katrina Animal Rescue
San Francisco Chronicle 03.15.09

Movies: Attack of the Remakes vs. Watchmen
The superhero outfit belonging to Nite Owl II (Patrick Wilson) comes out of retirement in Zack Snyder's adaptation of Watchmen.
Dark Knight Nabs 11 Saturn Nominations Snubbed by Oscar, Batman ran rampant through the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror membership, judging from nominations announced Tuesday by the group in advance of its 35th annual Saturn Awards.
Nerds Rally for Steve Wozniak, the Dancing Machine
Steve Wozniak wants your vote. As seen in the video above, the Apple co-founder, who does the cha-cha with Russian ballerina Karina Smirnoff on Monday night's season premiere of Dancing With the Stars, hopes Mac fans will call or text
Stop-Motion Pioneer Ray Harryhausen Books His Scariest Creatures
03-09-09 thru 03-13-09

Everlasting Moments Pays Tribute to Early Photography via Swedish Filmmaker Jan Troell
PLUS Recession Spawns Box Office Boom
San Francisco Chronicle 03.08.09

Blowback: 'Watchmen' Watchers Weigh In
Woz Does the Cha-Cha on 'Dancing With the Stars'
Review: Watchmen Actors Trumped by Awesome Visuals
Movies: Hollywood Gives Watchmen a Wide Berth
Watchmen's World Springs From Strangelove, Taxi Driver
Stunt Actress Zoe Bell Smacks Web as Angel of Death 03-02-09 thru 03-08-09

Watchmen Production Designer Looks Touts "Immersive Design"
AND: Josh Brolin on a Roll PLUS French Animator Makes Colors Glow
San Francisco Chronicle 03.01.09

Ellen Kuras Shoots From the Heart
The Betrayal Captures Laotian Family's Epic Travails
Brown Alumni Magazine March/April 2009

Movies: Chun-Li Squares Off Against Jonas Brothers
Michel Gondry May Direct Seth Rogen's Green Hornet
And the Oscar Goes to . . . Wall*E 03-23 through 02-27-09

Garrison Keillor Doc Examines Public Persona
AND: Oscar-nominated "Betrayal" Looks at Laotian Emigre Family PLUS 80 years of Oscar from Robert Osborne
San Francisco Chronicle 02.22.09

02-22 And the Oscar Goes to Slumdog Millionaire, Heath Ledger, Kate Winslet, Sean Penn
02-20 Conan O'Brien 16 Years of Late Night Geek Mockery
Beyond Oscar: Heath Ledger Legacy Grew from Intense Devotion to Craft
Oscar Pundits: Ledger's a Lock, Rourke is Up in the Air
Linda Hamilton in Talks to Talk in Terminator 4
02-19 Movies in Theaters This Week (Feb. 20)
02-17 Nite Owl Coffee's Brewing for Watchmen Fans
SXSW Exports Film Fest Flicks to On-Demand Cable 02-17-09 through 02-22-09

Oscar-Nominated Doc Re-Visits Khmer Rouge Nightmare
AND: Philip Seymour Hoffman Directs
San Francisco Chronicle 02.15.09

02-13 Blowback: Does Dollhouse Blow Your Mind?
Stealing Lincoln's Body Reanimates 'Asymmetric' President
Prime Time Brainiacs: Wozniak Dances, Nobel Laureate Does Big Bang
Whedon's Sci-Fi Dollhouse Opens Its Mind-Wiping Doors
02-12 Bond Girl Eva Green Goes Futuristic in Womb
Movies in Theaters This Week (Feb. 13)
02-11 Wolverine Trailer Trilogy Starts Sunday 02-09-09 through 02-13-09

Harrod Blank Shines Light on Art Cars in Automorphosis
AND: Confessions of a Shopaholic Star is Rare Combination PLUS Presto From Pixar Takes Comedy Shorts Seriously
San Francisco Chronicle 02.08.09

Push Brings Psychic Warfare to Big Screen
5 Actresses Who Could Replace Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft
Yatterman at Comic Con: Dancin' Superhero Battles Giant Lizards
Apologetic Bale Says Terminator Craziness Fueled Tirade
02-04 Movies in Theaters This Week (Feb. 6)
02-02 Star Trek Mashers Warp Original Series, Old School-Style 02-02-09 through 02-06-09

Data + Art Show Celebrates the Too Much Information Age
Pasadena Exhibtion Offers Geek-Friendly Installations
Los Angeles Times 02.03.09

INDUSTRY BUZZ:How Producer Nancy Juvonen Landed All-Star Ensemble For He's Just Not That Into You
AND: Coraline Goes 3-D PLUS Donkey Punch Has Trouble at Sea
San Francisco Chronicle 02.01.09

01-30 Comic Book Wrestler From Hell El Zombo Gets His Close-Up
Exclusive Images Reveal McG's Terminator Salvation Vision
01-29 Movies in Theaters This Week (Jan. 30)
He-Man Comes to Big Screen
01-26 Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig Cast for Tintin 01-26-09 through 01-30-09

Costume Designer Jacqueline West Fits Pitt + Blanchett for Benjamin Button
AND: Bay Area Doc Maker Snags DGA Nomination PLUS Guard Brothers Go Deep for The Uninvited Horror Film
San Francisco Chronicle 01.25.09

01-23 Sundance Posts Free Shorts at iTunes
01-22 Movies in Theaters This Week (Jan. 23)
01-21 Spoiler Wars Heat Up as Lost Return 01-19-09 through 01-23-09

Ex-Teen Idol's Journey Tracked in Scott Walker: 30 Century Man
AND: Sean Penn, Kate Winslet Hit Oscar Campaign TrailPLUS $200,000 for Star Wars Light Saber? Movie Memorabalia Proves Recession-Proof
San Francisco Chronicle 01.18.09

01-16 "Strong Women Steer Battlestar Galactica's Final Voyage 01-15 Movies in Theaters This Week (Jan. 16)
Juiced-Up Script Changed Bale's Mind About Terminator Salvation
01-13 Dollhouse Creator Joss Whedon 'Can't Fight the Funny'
01-12 Heath Ledger, Wall-E Win Golden Globe
01-11 24 Blowback: Action Clicks as Clock Ticks on Season 7 01-12-09 through 01-16-09

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Yonkers Joe Rolls the Dice on Grifter / Downs Syndrome Saga
AND: Hotel for Dogs Latest in Barking Star Hit Parade PLUS Otto Director Explains His Gay Zombie Horror Film
San Francisco Chronicle 01.11.00

01-08 Movies in Theaters This Week (Jan. 9)
01-07 Terminator's McG to Remake 20,000 Leagues
Oscar Love for Dark Knight, Hellboy II
01-06 Anatomy of a Scream: Bugging Out in The Unborn 01-05-09 through 01-09-09

The Unborn Director Knows Finds Fright in Specula and Jewish Exorcism
AND: They Killed Sister Dorothy Shines Light on Death of Activist Nun PLUS Palm Spring International Festival Rounds Up Foreign Gems
San Francisco Chronicle 01.04.09