Hugh Hart Online
Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell moves on as the urching Smike in "Nicholas Nickleby" (Los Angeles Times: 12.28.02 || Also Philadelphia Inquirer: 01.05.03 || also Denver Post: 01.06.03)

Jack is Back
In About Schmidt Jack Nicholson Generates Oscar Buzz as . . . an Insurance Actuary? (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.15.02)

Evidence shows fascination with forensics
Lab gumshoes star in TV's top series (Denver Post: 12.12.02 || also Philadelphia Inquirer: 01.02.03

Web Round-Up
Archive of Internet features and website reviews archived on Entertainment Weekly

Visualizing Adaptation
Cinematographer Lance Acord Teams with Spike Jonez in Daring Twin Tale (American Cinematographer: December.02)

Bombs Away. . .
Live From Baghdad Recounts CNN's Intrepid Gulf War Reportage (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.01.02 || also Philadelphia Inquirer: 12.01.02 || Denver Post: 12.02.02 || Orlando Sentinel: 12.06.02)

Buddy Picture
George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh team up again for remake of somber 'Solaris' (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.24.02 || also Orlando Sentinel: 11.24.02)

Boomtown's Fractured Crime Tales
In Adventurous NBC Series, Truth Depends On Who's Telling the Story (New York Times: 11.17.02)

Berry: Strong and Sexy
As Jinx In new Bond movie Die Another Day Halle Berry Thrives (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.17.02 || also Philadelphia Inquirer: 11.17.02 || Denver Post: 11.17.02 || The South Carolina State: 11.17.02)

Assassin Stokes Conspiracy Fires
Conspiracy Movies Change with the Times (Denver Post: 11.17.02 || also Boston Globe: 11.24.02}

This Kid's Cool On Stage
For Eddie Karr, 15, the key to staying focused in 'The Visible Horse' is a sort of game (Los Angeles Times: 11.12.02)

Dancing long-distance
A high-speed Internet 2 fiber-optic network, now serving college campuses, holds great promise for collaboration in the arts. (Los Angeles Times: 11.10.02)

Sean Hayes Clones Around As Jerry Lewis
CBS Docudrama Tracks Angst Behind Comedy Team Martin and Lewis(San Francisco Chronicle: 11.10.02)

Holiday Villains
Evildoers in Big Sequels (Los Angeles Times: 11.03.02) || also Philadelphia Inquirer: 12.20.02)

Dime Store Star Wars
Actors Cram 7-Hour Trilogy into Low-Budget Stage Romp (Los Angeles Times: 10.27.02)

Bond Girls Are Forever
TV Special Traces 007 Grrrrl Power From Pussy Galore to Jinx (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.27.02)

Windows On Modernism
Frank Lloyd Wright's nature-inspired architectural style found its way to his stained-glass making with its own set of abstracted forms (Los Angeles Times: 10.20.02)

Eminem Crosses Over
Rapper Generates Oscar Buzz for Debut Film 8 Mile (Denver Post: 10.20.02 | also Philadelphia Inquirer: 11.06.02, Macon Journal, Kansas City Star, Beacon Journal, The State, The Mercury News)

And Awaaay We Go: Garrett Does Gleason
Dark Bio-Pic Stars Everybody Loves Raymond Player Brad Garrett (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.10.02 Also Denver Post: 10.10.02 and Boston Globe: 10.13.02)

One-Man Ensemble
In Nickel and Dimed Jason Cottle Plays 12 Working Class Characters (Los Angeles Times: 10.09.02)

Screwball Sitcom From Bonnie Hunt
Life with Bonnie Comedienne Trades on Spontaneity (Philadelphia Inquirer: 10.06.02) also San Francisco Chronicle: 09.01.02)

Visions of a Holocaust
Grey Zone Cinematographer Russell Lee Fine Gives Death Camps a Gritty Look (American Cinematographer: October.02)

The Deep End
Auto Focus Director Paul Schrader Takes on Bob Crane (Los Angeles Times: 09.29.02)

Paleontologists Go on a Quest in The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt on A&E and The Lost World remake. (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.29.02)

Getting Gritty
Miami Vice producer Michael Mann Looks At L.A.'s Wild Side With Tom Sizemore on Robbery Homicide (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.22.02)

Shock Treatment
Disturbing German Film Das Experiment Explores Human Potential For Cruelty (Los Angeles Times: 09.18.02)

Imagine a Circus From Fellini...
in Nomade Montreal's Cirque Eloise Offers Surreal Acrobatics (Los Angeles Times

Ritter Redux
8 Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter Casts Sitcom Vet John Ritter as Dad (New York Times: 09.15.02

Susan Sarandon, Super-Mom
The actress and mother of three follows a theme close to home in trio of films` (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.15.02 | also Boston Globe: 09.13.01

Jackie Can...
In The Tuxedo Jackie Chan Tries Special Effects - but will Hong Kong Fans be disappointed? (Los Angeles Times: 09.08.02 -- photo gallery)

Lauren Ambrose Goes Swimming
The Six Feet Under star appears in the latest in a wave of thoughtful films about teen angst (New York Daily News: 09.01.02) printer friendly version

Fall Movie Preview
Hollywood gets serious Autumn is the season when the industry rolls out oddball and prestige films (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.01.02)

Building Simone
Digital Actress or Flesh and Blood? Director Andrew Niccol Spills (Denver Post: 08.18.02 | Also Orlando Sentinel: 08.18.02)

He-Man Returns
Cartoon Network revives popular '80s character (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.11.02 | Also Denver Post: 08.18.02 and Orlando Sentinel: 08.18.02)

Selling a Stage Brand
Designers Give Pasadena and Geffen theaters a signature look (Los Angeles Times: 08.11.02 -- photo gallery)

A Repertory Company of One
Possession Director Neil LaBute Cast Aaron Eckhart in Four Films Because 'I like his work. So why not use him?' (Los Angeles Times: 08.11.02)

Vin Diesel Fuels Extreme Spy Flick
In XXX</> Ex-Bouncer Out-Does Bond (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.04.02 | also Denver Post: 08.04.02 n/a online)

GridIron Boot Camp
Reality-Based Hard Knocks Chronicles Dallas Cowboys' Blood, Sweat and Beers (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.04.02)

Slide Show Chic
In 'God Bless Americana,' Charles Phoenix Gives a Sentimental Journey to the Fifties With Other People's Vacation Slides (Los Angeles Times: 08.04.02)

Beware the Manchild
A BBC Version of 'Sex and the City' For Men Stars Anthony Stewart Head (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.28.02)

Breaking News Gets Second Chance
Cancelled TV News Drama Revived by Bravo (New York Times: 07.14.02 / registration required)

Bale Takes On New Role: Dragon-Slayer
In Reign of Fire Christian Bale Battles Poison Beetle Inspired Reality-Based Dragon (Boston Globe: 07.14.02

The Road To Acting Legends
Road to Perdition Director Sam Mendes Takes Charge of Paul Newman and Tom Hanks (Denver Post: 07.07.02 | also Philadelphia Inquirer: 07.07.02)

Buy This Detergent!
In TNT's Door To Door William H. Macy Plays Indefatigable Salesman With Cerebral Palsy (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.07.02 | also Chicago Tribune: 07.12.02 / registration required and Denver Post: 07.14.02)

National Geographic Channel is Bullish on the Brand
Small Cable Network Grows With A Little From Famous Parent (Philadelphia Inquirer: 06.23.02 | also San Francisco Chronicle: 06.30.02

Another Helping of Soul Food
Season Three for Showtime's Black Drama, Family Comes First For Producer Felicia Henderson (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.23.02 | also Denver Post: 06.30.02)

Married In America
Michael Apted Launches a 10-Year Documentary Portrait of American Newlyweds (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.16.02 | also Denver Post: 06.16.02)

Grand Delusions
Online Fans Pay Homage to Minority Report's Paranoid Sci-Fi Author Philip K. Dick (Entertainment Weekly: 06.14.02)

Millionaire Murders
Dominick Dunne's Court TV Series Chronicles Lifestyles of the Rich and Wicked (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.09.02)

Callie Khouri Steers High-Powered Ya-Ya Cast
First Time Director Savors the Gig (Boston Globe: 06.02.02 | also Philadelphia Inquirer:06.02.02)

Calls of the Wild
In Crank Yankers Puppets Act Out Naughty Prank Calls (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.02.02 | Also Denver Post: 06.02.02 and Orlando Sentinel: 05.30.02)

The Voice of Experience
In 'The Full Monty,' Carol Woods recalls hard times and seedy gigs, things she knows all too well (Los Angeles Times: 05.27.02)

Rooms With a Mod View
Hotelier Andre Balazs Re-Makes Fifties Building into Hipster Hangout For Downtown L.A. (Los Angeles Times: 05.26.02)

Frankenheimer Re-Creates Path To War
Director John Frankenheimer Trace's LBJ's Disasterous Vietnam Policy in HBO Docudrama (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.12.02 | Also Denver Post: 05.13.02)

The Legends Of Summer
Paul Newman, Al Pacino and Ellen Burstyn Team With Young Directors For Three Hot Summer Movies (Los Angeles Times: 05.05.02, link currently out of order | also New York Daily News 05.20.02 n/a online)

Super-Hero Deserves "Hero Buildings"
Spider-Man Special Effects Wizards Create a Digital Version of Manhattan (Denver Post: 05.05.02 n/a online | Also New York Daily News: 05. 14.02)

Kissing Spider-Man
Chemistry Clicked For Kirsten Dunst As Spider-Man's Girlfriend (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.28.02)

Mira Sorvino: Stretching Exercise
In Triumph of Love and The Grey Zone,Oscar-winning Actress Jumps From French Farce to Holocaust Drama. (Los Angeles Times: 04.20.02, link currently not working | also Denver Post: 05.05.02)

Single-Location Pictures Panic Room, Cat's Meow and Chelsea Walls Find Dramatic Tension in Close Quarters. (Los Angeles Times: 04.14.02 | also San Francisco Chronicle: 05.05.02 and Boston Globe 05.02.02)

Dinner and Drinks, Showbiz Style
On TV's Dinner For Five Jon Favreau and Friends Talk Shop (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.14.02)

Life After Death
In The Exonerated, Two Actors Tell Tales From Death Row (Los Angeles Times: 04.07.02)

Lauren Ambrose Channels Teen Spirit
In Swimming, the Six Feet Under Star Puts Passive Spin on Adolescent Angst (Boston Globe: 04.07.02)

No More Mr. Nice Guy
Robin Williams Gets Nasty in Three New Films Including Death To Smoochy From Danny DeVito (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.24.02)

Five Men and a Camera
Oscar-nominated Cinematographers Talk About The Craft of Moving Images (Los Angeles Times: 03.24.02) Complete Oscar Package

Built For Body and Soul
Architect Jeff Kalban Uses Color and Form For Uplifting Structures. (Los Angeles Times: 03.24.02)

What's New For Oscar?
Beefed up Security and Animation Award (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.21.02 | also Philadelphia Inquirer, Denver Post)

Richter Rules
For His New Sitcom Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Ex-Sidekick Calls the Shots (New York Times: 03.17.02 / registration required)

Dark "Flowers" For Andie MacDowell
For Grueling Harrison's Flowers, Former Fashion Model Survives Tanks, Mud and Rape Scenes (Boston Globe: 03.17.02)

Bad Acting Worth a Good Laugh
Groundling Performers Spoof Acting Showcase Ritual (Los Angeles Times: 03.17.02)

Oscar Update
New Venue Sets Post-September 11 Tone for Oscar (Philadelphia Inquirer, 03.13.02)

Academy Awards Return To Historic Hollywood
Through the Decades, The Spots Where Oscar Hung His Hat (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.13.02)

Time and Again...
Time Machine Proves It -- Like Westerns, Time-travel Movies Will Be Around Forever. (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.10.02)
back-up version

A Little 'Knight' Music
Hit Songwriter Jeff Barry Teams With Sitcom Producers For Medieval Musical Comedy (Los Angeles Times: 03.10.02)

Attack of the Sequels
Studios Count on Bumper Crop of Movie Sequels For Repeat Business in 2002 (Denver Post | also New York Daily News, Orlando Sentinel, Philadelphia Inquirer))

Architecture From the Ground Up
New A+D Museum Reaches Out To Public (Los Angeles Times: 01.28.02)

George Lucas on Darth Vader
Star WarsPrequel Will Detail How Good Kid Goes Bad (Los Angeles Times: 01.20.02)

Murder, She 'Screams'
'Scream!' Author Kevin Williamson Re-invents Whodunit TV for 20Somethings (New York Times: 01.13.02 / registration required)

This Means War
In Relentless Black Hawk DownRidley Scott Keeps Story "Ticking.' (Boston Globe: 01.06.02 | also Denver Post)

Grand Dame
In My Old Lady West End Legend Sian Phillips Tries Something New (Los Angeles Times: 01.06.02)

Blockbuster Preview
Action, Fantasy and Sequels Likely To Rule At Box Office. (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.06.02)