Hugh Hart Online
INDUSTRY BUZZ: Laughs Don't Come Cheap in Jim Carrey's $100 Million Dick and Jane
Plus: Random House Films Launches AND Capote Caps Top Ten List (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.25.05)

Citizen Reiner
Rumor Has It . . . Director Sticks to Movies For Now, but Rob Reiner May One Day Run for Governor of California (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.25.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Bob Hoskins Revisits the All-Nude Revue of His Youth in Mrs. Henderson Presents
Plus: Geisha Chic AND Debra Varnik on the "Life Models" that Inspired Vera Farmiga's Harrowing Down to the Bone Performance (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.18.05)

The Farrelly Brothers
Johnny Knoxville Poses as a Fake Disabled Athlete in The Ringer, the Brothers Executive Surprisingly Sweet Look at the Special Olympics (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.18.05 || Also Denver Post: 12.30.05) images

INDUSTRY BUZZ: How Annie Proulx Laid Foundation for Brokeback Mountain
Plus: Harry Potter Gets Big at Imax AND Duncan Tucker's TransAmerica Gets Felicity Huffman as a Woman Playing a Man Playng a Woman (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.11.05 n/a online)

Diane Keaton
Still Eccentric After All These Years, Actress Talks About Turning 60 and The Family Stone (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.11.05 || Also Denver Post: 12.16.05 / expires January 13, 2006 / printer friendly version

INDUSTRY BUZZ: John Cho Gets Indie in See This Movie
Plus: Polish Brothers Share Advice for Filmmakers in Declaration of Independent Filmmaking AND Motion Graphics Guru Kyle Cooper Gets Credit for The New World Credits (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.04.05)

Marvel Comics Snags TV Talent
Lost Producer Takes on Hulk Versus Wolverine Comic Book (New York Times: 11.27.05 subscription required / / for non-subscribers || || extracts for ALL NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLES BY Hugh Hart)

Grown in California Graphic Design All Over the Map
West Coast Sensibility Ranges From Genteel Wine Bottles to Wild and Crazy Motion Graphics (Los Angeles Times: 11.30.05 ) // for non subscribers)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Reese Sings. Oscar Listens: Witherspoon on Walk the Line
Plus: Bond Gets Panda AND Scoring The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.27.05)

Ted Danson: Chess Guru?
Knights of the South Bronx A & E's Fact-Based Movie Looks at Troubled Youth Coached to Chess Stardom (On Direct TV Magazine: December 2005 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Memoirs of a Location Manager -- Shooting Geisha in California
Plus: Berkeley Filmmaker Makes Oscar Shortlist with Mushroom Club AND Post-Katrina Filming Resumes in Louisiana (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.20.05)

Holiday Preview
King Kong Leads the Way (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.20.05)

A Cool Ice Harvest. . .
Comedy Auteur Takes a Dark Turn in Wichita With John Cusack (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.20.05)

Ellie Parker Lives
Before Making $200 Million King Kong Movie Naomi Watts Got in Character for Scott Coffey's $26,000 Digital Video Comedy (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.20.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Jack Nicholson Owns The Passenger
Plus: Bertrand Tavernier's Tour De France AND Roiling Indie World Sees New Boss at Paramount Classics, Pink Slips at Warner Bros and New Slate from Weinstein Company (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.13.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Pride and Prejudice Stars Keira Knightley and Stately Homes
Plus: Kong Kong DVD Comes out Before the Movie AND Dying Gaul Lives -- for Playwright-Turned-Director Craig Lucas (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.06.05)

Talking Jarhead. . .
Jake Gyllenhaal and Sam Mendes Discuss the Other Gulf War (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.06.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Weatherman Writer Snags Cage, Pitt and Will Smith
Plus: AFI Fest Welcomes Johnny Depp AND Munich Declared Oscar Front-Runner, Sight-Unseen (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.30.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Where the Truth Lies Ratings War Surprised Atom Egoyan
Plus: "DroidMaker" Tracks LucasFilm Legacy AND Loggerheads Director Tim Kirkman Took Bonnie Hunt to Dark Places in AIDS/Adoption Drama (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.23.05)

How Shane Black Got His Groove Back
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Marks Comeback of Hollywood Goldenboy Screenplay Writer (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.23.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Forty Shades of Blue Music Supervisor Susan Jacobs Finds Soul on a Shoestring
Plus: Frozen Dinner Theater AND Good Night, and Good Luck Director George Clooney Takes a Stand (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.16.05)

Charlize Theron
Oscar-winner Heads to North Country to Take on Sexual Harassment (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.16.05 || also Denver Post: 10.17.07 expires 10.31.05)

Innocent Voices
Oscar Torres Fought as Child Soldier in El Salvador Civil War and Lived to Tell the Tale -- 20 Years Later (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.16.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Capote Director Bennett Miller: Pushing Hoffman To Greatness
Plus: Good Katrina Karma for Fox AND Writer Mark Frost Channels Love for Golf in The Greatest Game Ever Played (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.09.05)

Tony Scott on His Dark Muse Domino Harvey, Who Didn't Live to See the Movie (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.09.05 || also Denver Post: 10.09.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Corpse Bride Writer Pamela Pettler Tunes in to Tim Burton
Plus: Asian DVD Pirates Get Busted AND Paul Reiser Chases Over-40 Demo with The Thing About My Folks (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.25.05)

Comic Book Collaborators Neil Gaiman and David McKean Create Fantastical Teen Angst Journey (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.25.05)

Big Movie Directors Think Small
Feature Film Auteurs Lend Panache to Once-Scorned Realm of Network TV (Los Angeles Times 09.23.05 | print version || for nonsubscribers) )

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Marvel-ous Heroes Follow "Fantastic" Lead as Comic Mogul Avi Arad Launches New Film Slate
Plus: Wes Craven Does Vegas AND Mercury Sponsors Pre-Show Content With Landmark Theaters (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.18.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Reese Witherspoon's Just Like Heaven Co-stars Bay Area Locations
Plus: Louisiana Film Production K'Oed by Katrina AND The Baxter Glorifies Odd Man Out (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.11.05)

Eugene Levy is The Man
Action Antics With Samuel Jackson Marks New Turf for Funny Canadian (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.11.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: "Stalkerazzi" Law Would Rein in Gotcha Tabloids
Plus: Theater Owners Flip Over Shrinking DVD Window AND Walter Mitty Redux with Owen Wilson (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.04.05)

Fall Movie Preview
Harry Potter, Scary Movies and Strong Women Rule (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.04.05)

Fall Indie Films
For Your Consideration: Actors Stretch in Art House Films (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.04.05)

Starz' Big '80s Weekend
Back on Cable: Nerds, Sex, Action (On Direct TV Magazine: September 05 n/a online)

Shooting Where the Truth Lies
Director of Photography Paul Sarossy Hones Noir Look For Atom Egoyan (American Cinematographer: September 05 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Meet the Parents: Filmmaker Casts Mom and Dad in Talent Given Us
Plus: AND Summer Bummer at Box Office (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.28.05)

Rachel Weisz and Fernandos Mereilles Dig Into Constant Gardener
Keeping it Real in the Slums of Kenya (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.28.05)

Laser Lit Buddhas
Hiro Yamagata Wants to Resurrect Destroyed Buddhas in Afghanistan -- with Laser Lights (Los Angeles Times 08.22.05 | for nonsubscribers) )

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Telluride: Colorado's Anti-Hype Film Fest
Plus: Batman Begins . . . Again? AND Stunt Men Campaign for Respect from Oscar (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.21.05)

Terry Gilliam Channels The Brothers Grimm
Putting the Darkness Back into Fairy Tales with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.21.05 || Also Denver Post 08.21.5)

Rachel McAdams
Red Eye Star Teams With Wes Craven (Philadelphia Inquirer: 08.14.05 registration required / printer friendly)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Pretty Persuasion
Plus: Action Bombs AND Director Mike Bigelow Makes Deuce Bigalow a Family Affair (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.14.05)

The Great Raid
John Dahl Passes Muster With Authentic World II Death March Story (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.07.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Inside Joke: The Aristocrats
Plus: Dukes of Hazzard Guru Tracks Show Online AND Finally: Studios Agree on Digital Cinema Format (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.07.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Jim Jarmusch and Bill Murray Plant Broken Flowers
Plus: Giant Killer Robots Fire Up Fantastic Four AND Real D Cinema: Wave of Digital Future? (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.31.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: This Summer's Indie Winner Spawns Penguin Fever
Plus: Ron Meyer's Sex Biography AND Movie Directors Get into Primetime Groove (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.24.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Zombie Speaks: The Devil's Rejects
Plus: Lab Results: Jen and Brad AND Machuca Details Dictatorship From Child's Point of View (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.17.05)

Wedding Crashers
Writers Tell the Tale (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.10.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: French Fingers: The Beat My Heart Skipped
Plus: Marketing the Stars (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.10.05)

Blogging Across L.A.
Lisa Salem Walks the Whole of Los Angeles, Blogging as She Goes (Los Angeles Times: 07.06.05 || for nonsubscribers)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Outfest Update
Plus: Video Games Keep on Spawnin' Movies AND Pursuit of Equality Screens in L.A. (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.03.05)

Barbershop Director Takes Fantastic Leap
With Fantastic 4, Tim Story Tackles Super Heroes and Special Effects (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.03.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Mission Control For Tom Cruise: Prioritize Scientology, Katie Holmes and War of the Worlds
Plus: Autumn Comeback for Cinderella Man? AND Splinter Cell Game Embeds Movie Ads (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.26.05)

George Romero
Zombies Keep on Comin' in Land of the Dead (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.26.05)

The Supersonic Has Landed
L.A. MFA Grads Show Their Stuff (Los Angeles Times: 06.25.05 || for nonsubscribers)

Alpha Autos
Batmobile, Herbie and Dukes of Hazzards' General Lee Rev Up For Summer (Denver Post: 06.24.05 print version || Also San Francisco Chronicle: 06.26.05 || also Philadelphia Inquirer: 07.12.05)

Lindsay Lohan
Tabloids Aside, Actress Drives Herbie Fully Loaded to Disney Family Audiences (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.19.05 || Also Boston Globe)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Special Effects Wizards Meet in L.A.
Plus: Sundance Starts Art House Circuit AND Bewitched -- 11 Years in the Making (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.19.05)

Christian Bale Tackles Batman
British Actor in Batman Begins Delivers a Reality-Based Super Hero (Philadelphia Inquirer: 06.14.05 printer version)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: The Art of Dubbing: Howl's Magic Castle
Plus: Candid Cameras Spy on DVD Pirates AND Los Angeles Film Festival Recruits Home Team Crowd (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.12.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: French High Tension Slasher Film Not Lost in Translation
Plus: UCLA Students Pitch to Studio Heads AND Todd Field Teams With Kate Winslet and Jennifer Connelly (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.05.05)

Mike Epps as "Norton"
The Honeymooners Movie Re-Visits Classic Sitcom Characters (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.05.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Lords of Dogtown Director Catherine Hardwicke's Brush With Coma
Plus: Bob Berney's New HBO/New Line Specialty Studio Picturehouse Launches AND Box Office Blahs -- Despite Star Wars (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.29.05)

Amber Tamblyn
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Celebrates Friendship Over Cat Fights (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.29.05) ALSO: Dad Russ Tamblyn Sidebar

Ron Howard
Director Creates Epic Depression-era Look for Cinderella Man (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.29.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: The New Deal on Simultaneous DVD-Film Releases From Steven Soderbergh
Plus: Bay Area Breeds Student Oscar Contenders AND Teasers Get Their Due at Golden Trailer Awards (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.22.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Damned Exorcist Prequel: Take 2 From Paul Schrader
Plus: Batman Synergy on the WB AND Unleashed Director Sees Violence as the Tease (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.15.05)

Los Angeles Times Archive
Extracts for 60 Hugh Hart stories for the Los Angeles Times on architecture, movies, TV, visual arts and theater (Los Angeles Times)

Summer Movie Preview
Re-Makes, Horror Dominate Season (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.15.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Charles Dance Turns "Euro-Pudding" into Ladies in Lavender
Plus: New Line Acquires New Film Division and Costumes from Pre-Historic Fish S Star Wars Go On Display AND It's All Gone Peter Tong Tracks Deaf DJ (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.08.05)

Angela Robinson
Brown University Alum Graduates to From D.E.B.S. to Disney's Herbie: Fully Loaded (Brown Alumni Magazine: May/June 2005)

Rapper Gets Crash Course in Acting (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.08.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: French Director Mixes Pathos and Farce in Kings and Queen
Plus: New Line Acquires New Film Division and a Pre-Historic Fish Story in Meg Gets a No from DGA, Yes from Congress AND The "Voice of God" Speaks About the Art of Trailer Voice-Overs, Honored at Key Arts Award (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.01.05)

Orlando Bloom
Kingdom of Heaven Star Goes from Boys to Man in Ridley Scott's Crusade Epic (Boston Globe: 05.01.05 || San Francisco Chronicle: 05.01.05)

Shooting Little Athens on Small Budget
Cinematographer Lisa Wiegand Used Digital Intermediate to Hone Color Palette for Indie Teen Drama (American Cinematographer: May, 2005 || n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Duchovney Blogs for House of D
Plus: "Cleaning up" DVDs Gets a No from DGA, Yes from Congress AND Dallas Goes Big Screen (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.24.05)

Temporary Services' Temporary Art
Chicago Arts Collective Gives Vacant Lot a Makeover (Los Angeles Times: 04.23.05 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times || with images)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: "Asia Extreme" Poster Boy, Oldboy, Samples Tarantino
Plus: Baseball Movies Update On the Fly AND Winter Solstice's Anthony LaPaglia: Reluctant Producer (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.17.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Murderball and more from Oscar Momentum ThinkFilm
Plus: Project Greenlight Losers Win Spec Deals AND Ireland Goes Digital (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.10.05)

Getting Hookah-ed Up
Ancient Water Pipe Custom Catches Fire Among L.A. College Crowd (Los Angeles Times: 04.07.05 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

Lunchtime Theater
Historic Office Building Hosts TheatrExpresso's Sitcom-and-a-Meal Experiment (Los Angeles Times: 04.06.05 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

The Women of Sin City
How Jessica Alba Got Into Character as Rope-Twirling Stripper (Boston Globe: 04.03.05 || San Francisco Chronicle: 04.10.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Sharing Credit on Sin City Cost Rodriguez DGA Membership
Plus: Festival Update AND IMAX Big Screen Flicks Mean Big Big Office (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.03.05)

The Ramones End of the Century
Sole Survivor Tommy Talks About the Punk Legacy (Direct TV Magazine: April.05 n/a online)

Henry Rollins
Henry's Corner Aims For an Everyman Film Critique (Direct TV Magazine: April.05 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: dot the i Based on Director's Unforgettable Kiss
Plus: Piracy Rampant in Mexico AND Star Wars Number One Fan Makes 5-25-77 His Own Movie About Lucas, Spielberg et al. (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.27.05)

Angela Robinson
How Filmmaker Parlayed Lesbian Spy Flick D.E.B.S. into a Disney Deal to Direct Herbie: Fully Loaded (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.27.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Black Talent on a Roll at Box Office
Plus: Sony, Miramax, Sir Howard and the Spawn of Harvey Impact Executive Suites (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.20.05)

Guess Who Director Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Bay Area Filmmaker Comes into His Own (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.20.05)

She's Fired!
Getting Fired by Woody Allen Inspired Annabelle Gurwitch's Theater of Humiliation (Los Angeles Times: 03.15.05 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

Eyes Wide Open
Boots on the Ground Commemorate Iraq War Casualties (Los Angeles Times: 03.14.05 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Long Road to the Big Screen
Plus: Wireless Robots Game AND Time for a Special Effects Tax Break? (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.13.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: War Documentary Gunners Palace
Plus: Two Steamboy Versions: Subtitled For Anime Fans, Dubbed by Brit Stars for the Mainstream AND Passion Recut Resurrected for Easter Season (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.06.05)

Artists Invade Natural History Museum
Six L.A. Artists Collaborate with Curators in Conversations Show (Los Angeles Times: 03.02.05 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

Digital Carpet Ride
Pedestrian Dance Lights Up an "Interactive" Sidewalk in Downtown L.A. (I.D. Magazine: March/April.05 n/a online)

William Greaves
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Broke the Mold for Pioneering Black Documentary Maker (American Cinematographer Magazine: March.05 n/a online)

Expert Advice
The Real-Life Advisors Behind Medium, Blind Justice and Numbers Heroes ( New York Times: 02.27.04 extract || Also Winston-Salem Journal 02.27.05 || Anniston Star: 02.27.05 || San Diego Union-Tribune: 03.02.05 || Denver Post: 03.08.05 expires 03.22.05 || Winston Salem Journal: 03.28.05

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Oscar Box Office Falls Flat
Plus: How Maria Full of Grace Director Found his Oscar Nominated Star AND Hackacademy Awards For Best Smoking in an Action Film Goes to. . . (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.27.05)

Uma Plays Ula
Uma Thurman Takes a Turn for the Light, Sexy Persona in The Producers and Be Cool Yeah! (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.26.05) with image (Philadelphia Inquirer: 02.23.05

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Oscar Jewel-a-Palooza
Plus: Mask Follow-Up Milks Baby Power (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.20.05)

Tommy Chong
Out of Prison and Into The Marijuana-Logues Los Angeles Times: 02.20.05 || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Irish Indies Live
Plus: Docurama Study Shows: Documentaries Booming at Box Offices (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.13.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Paramount Makes a Comeback
Plus: January Boffo Box Office Continues DeNiro's Winning Streak AND Super Bowl Ads Hype Summer Blockbusters (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.06.05)

Getting House In Order
Director of Photography Tom Sigel Crafted a Cool Palette For Bryan Singer's New Fox Series (American Cinematographer Magazine: February. 05 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Why Ray Took 15 Years to Greenlight
Plus: Up For Grabs Goes National AND Constantine Has 14 Producers: Guild Tries to Tame Credit Surplus (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.30.05)

Black Belt
Bruce Lee Meets Hip Hop in Black/Asian Crossover Art Los Angeles Times: 01.26.05 || with images || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

The Chorus Sings in France
14-Year-Old Star Becomes Overnight Sensation When Movie Out-grosses Shrek, Harry Potter Sequels (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.23.05 )

Transgendered Thai Kick Boxer Gets His/Her Close-up
Beautiful Boxer Tells Story of Man Who Used Fight Earnings for Sex-Change Operation (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.23.05 )

Plus: Swag Watch, Part One AND Aviator A shoo-in for Best Picture Oscar: Expert O'Neil (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.23.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Travolta Rolled Dice on A Love Song For Bobby Long Rookie Shainee Gabel
Plus: Baby Genius Twins From Fockers Get Video Deal AND Paul Haggis Quit TV to Write Million Dollar Baby (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.16.05)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Finding the Money for The Assassination of Richard Nixon
Plus: Box Office Flops and Hits (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.09.05)

Topher Grace
TV Boy (That 70s Show) Makes His Feature Film Move with In Good Company (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.09.05 )

Frodo Lives!
The New Musical Fellowship! Lampoons Hobbit Habit (Los Angeles Times: 01.07.05 with image || version for non-subscribers to L.A. Times)

Hilary Swank
After a String of Duds, Million Dollar Baby Puts Actress Back on Oscar Track (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.02.05 || Philadelphia Inquirer: 01.07.05 registration req'd)

Rock On
Rockers Henry Rollins and Vince Neil Ring in the New Year With their Own TV Shows (New York Times: 12.26.04 || extracts for ALL NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLES BY Hugh Hart || Philadelphia Inquirer: 12.30.04 registration req'd || Denver Post: 12.31.04 expires January 14, 2005 || also Houston Chronicle: 12.31.04)

Painting Vera Drake
How Director of Photography Dick Pope Honed the Dingy Post-War Palette on Mike Leigh Film American Cinematographer: January.05 n/a online)