Hugh Hart Online
Ben Affleck: Life After Gigli
Star of Paycheck Reflects on His Year in the Spotlight (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.31.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Ted Hope Led Rollback of Screener Ban
PLUS: Walden Media Won 80 Days Around the World Gamble (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.28.03)

Hilary Duff
Cheaper by the Dozen Keeps teen diva like, super-busy (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.21.03)

Viggo Mortensen
Barefoot Lord of the Rings Star Shuns Limelight (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.14.03)

INUDSTRY BUZZ: Box Office Winner Seabiscuit Now an Oscar Long Shot
Plus: Peter Jackson on King Kong and Hobbit adaptation (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.14.03)

A Tale of Two Theaters
Spanking New Venues Promise Gritty Fare Amid Posh Surroundings (Los Angeles Times: 12.07.03 || version )

Line of Fire
New FBI Series From The Contender Director Rod Lurie Gives Equal Time to Mobsters (Los Angeles Times: 12.01.03 || version )

Mike Nichols
How Famed Director Helped Angels In America Take Flight on HBO (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.30.03)

The Last Samurai
Tom Cruise's Co-Star Ken Watanabe Beat Leukemia to Land Title Role (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.30.03 || also Philadelphia Inquirer: 12.10.03 / printer-friendly version)

Gloomy Sunday
"Suicide Song" Inspired Hungarian Actress Erika Marozsan To Star in Holocaust-Era Love Story (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.30.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Hollywood Turns East For Last Samurai, Lost in Translation, Kill Bill and Japanese Story
Plus: Lord of the Rings Bumps New Zealand Tourist Trade (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.30.03)

Alec Baldwin
Once a Leading Man, Now an Ace Character Actor in Cat in the Hat and The Cooler (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.23.03)

Samantha Morton
In America Offers the Intense British Actress Her Most "Normal" Role To Date (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.23.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Autumn Report Card
Plus: Ain't it Cool Mogul Harry Knowles to Produce Horror Flick (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.16.03)

Brendan Fraser
From Looney Tunes to Quiet American, Strapping Actor Keeps 'Em Guessing (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.16.03

When It Rains it Pours
After Writing 11 Unsold Scripts, David Berenbaum Suddenly Has Elf and Haunted Mansion In Movie Theaters (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.16.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Imax Supersizes Matrix
Plus: Alamo Postponed (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.09.03)

Russell Crowe Climbs the Mast
Master and Commander Star Navigates Choppy Seas of Celebrityhood (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.09.03 || Also Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel: 11.09.03)

GOP Outcry Makes CBS Rethink Reagans Docudrama
The network may shelve the docudrama or move it to cable. Critics say it is factually incorrect (Los Angeles Times: contributing correspondent: 11.04.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Electronic Arts Goes Hollywood
Plus: Publicist Bares All, Earns Wrath of Her Ex-Boss (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.02.03)

Matrix Revolutions
Film Trilogies Have Spotty Track Record (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.02.03)

Mel Gibson's Crucifixion
Studios Passed on Controversial Passion Before Newmarket Stepped in -- Jewish Leaders Worry About Ash Wednesday Release (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.29.03)

Jason Bateman Finds the Funny
Arrested Development Gives Sitcom Veteran Fresh Take (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.26.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Hollywood Insider Peter Bart Writes Dangerous Company
Plus: Minding Their Manners: AMPAS Issues Oscar Etiquette Guidelines (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.26.03)

Diane Arbus Legacy
Subject of Iconic Boy With Grenade Photo Alive, Well and Selling Insurance in Glendale (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.19.03)

Secret Agent Man
In Cambridge Spies Toby Stephens Takes on Traitorous Double Agent Kim Philby (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.19.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Jack Black -- the Next Ozzy?
Plus: New Ratings System Pushes Red, Yellow and Green System (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.19.03)

Designing For The Ages
Chosen as a radioactive dump, Yucca Mountain could be dangerous for 10,000 years. So dozens of artists have imagined a warning sign to match. (Los Angeles Times: 10.15.03 || on-site version)

Primetime Survivors
Jon Cryer Masters the Zen of Cancellation (Los Angeles Times: 10.12.03 || on-site version)

A Sniper's Story
Maryland Actor Charles Dutton Pins on the Sheriff's Badge in USA TV's Beltway Saga (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.12.03)

House of Divas
Hollywood History Museum Focuses on Grand Dames of the Golden Age (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.12.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: How Digital Video Saved Pieces of April
Plus: AFI Festival Now Has Oscar Clout (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.12.03)

< Carla Gugino
Karen Sisco Noir Star Pays Homage to Elmore Leonard (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.05.03)

<< The Berkeley Connection
Bay Area UC Students Carl Franklin and Producer-Wife B'Franklin Joined Forces to Run Out of Time (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.05.03)

Quentin Tarantino
Kill Bill Auteur Says "This movie Is Uma" (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.28.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Pixar Seeks Sweeter Deal
Plus: Studios Synergize DVD and Movie Releases (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.05.03)

Hot Actress Tackles Cold Case
Kathryn Morris Carries the Weight for CBS's Cinematic Cop Show (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.28.03)

Life After Hollywood
Actors Take on New Careers, From Animal Rights to Salad Dressing and Bridge (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.28.03)

Michael Caine
On Screen -- in Secondhand Lions -- and Off, He's One Master Storyteller (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.28.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Popcorn Movie Auteurs
In Peter Pan and The Exorcist Directors Are Making The Leap (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.28.03)

Parminder Nagra Gets Her Kicks From ER
Bend it Like Beckham Star Joins Hospital Drama (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.21.03)

Rob Lowe
Actor Explains Why he Left West Wing for Lyon's Den -- Plus: Why Lowe is Backing Schwarzenegger (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.21.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Screen Writers Go Glam
Hollywood Billboard Campaign Hypes Creators of Classic Movie Dialogue (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.21.03)

Eddie Izzard
Crazy, Sexie, Cool (Los Angeles Times: 09.15.03)

Fall Movie Preview
Hollywood looks to past -- from historical epics to 'Cat in the Hat' -- for season's new pictures (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.14.03)

Primetime porn
In Skin, Young love meets adult entertainment (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.14.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Summer Box Office: Better Than You'd Think
Also: Whatever Happened to In the Bedroom director Todd Field? (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.13.03)

K Street
Road to Washington is paved with lobbyists (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.13.03)

Carnivale Marks Return of the Dwarf
Twin Peaks Little Person Michael J. Anderson Returns to Primetime (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.07.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Sequels Still Rock for Dimension
Also: Why Horror Films Are Hot (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.07.03)

Everybody Loves a Con Man
From Twinkly Eyed "Sting" Artists to Existential Mamet Swindlers, Filmgoers Keep Warming to Confidence Men (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.07.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Kill Bill Times Two
Quentin Tarantino: Happy To Break Up Three-Hour Movie (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.31.03)

Queer TV Goes Mainstream
Gay Characters No Longer Raising a Ruckus (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.24.03 || Also Fort Wayne Journal Gazette )

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Mel Gibson Puts "Passion" Pieces Online
Christian Website Hosts Trailer (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.24.03)

Monsters, Inc.
In Party MonsterSeth Green Plays Sidekick to Party Entrepreneur-Turned Murderer (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.17.03)

A Decade To Remember
Richard LaGravenese Chronicles Groundbreaking '70s Period in TV Documentary (Philadelphia Inquirer: 08.20.03)

Rosanna Arquette
Actresses Tell Their Story in Searching For Debra Winger documentary (Philadelphia Inquirer: 08.17.03)

Hollywood In Quandry Over Recall
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arianna Huffington Vie For Celebs as Party Lines Blur (San Frnacisco Chronicle Inquirer: 08.17.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: The Bombs of Summer
Duds will be duds, despite big stars (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.17.03 || also Portland Intelligencer: 08.23.03)

Shia LaBeouf
From Echo Park To Hollywood For Shaker Heights Star (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.17.03 || also Denver Post: 10.07.03 || also Boston Globe: 08.24.03 [n/a online])

Erica Beeney
Shaker Heights Scribe a Self-described "Nerd" (Denver Post: 10.06.03

< The Boys Are Back For Man Show
New Hosts Keep Macho Spirit Alive (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.17.03)<Without a Trace
E.R. Finally Gets Competition From CBS Cop Show (New York Times: 08.10.03)

< INDUSTRY BUZZ: Sleepy Time at DreamWorks
Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise Promise Big '04 (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.10.03)

Surprise Ending for Andrew Luster TV Movie
Jason Gedric Plays Max Factor Heir Who Drugged and Raped (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.10.03) also Philadelphia Inquirer: 08.10.03 and Denver Post: 08.11.03

Building a Reputation
Photographer Lucien Hervé found his subject in the buildings of Le Corbusier. A new exhibit captures a poetic high point of the men's work. (Los Angeles Times: 08.03.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Box Office: Dylan Versus Dylan
Bob and Director Son Jesse Both Have Films In Theaters (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.03.03)

Makeover TV
Fix 'em Shows Thrive on Cable Television (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.03.03 || also Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel: 08.10.03)

Naomi Watts
She Broods on screen, but the petite Le Divorce star comes across as cheerful Dad in Real LIfe (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.03.03)

Pie to the nth Degree
American Wedding Release Tied to Beneath The Crust DVD's (Los Angeles Times: 07.29.03)

Pictures Imperfect
Husband Photographs Wife First Thing in the Morning -- For Ten Years Running (Los Angeles Times: 07.29.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Almost Famous
How Two Girls Became Celebrities and Turned it into a Movie Deal (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.27.03)

Eugene Levy
American Wedding Star a Kindly Dad in Real LIfe (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.27.03)

Not every star can be in cartoons: Pixar rejected some big-name talent in search for 'Nemo' voices (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.20.03)

Restaurant Wars
Reality TV's brutal lens turns to N.Y. restaurant (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.20.03)

Queer Eye
Gay Guys Make Over Straight Slobs in New Bravo Series (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.13.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Ethan Hawke Meets Wall street
Actor Plans To Raise Film Budget With IPO (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.13.03)

Edward Weston: Road Scholar
New Exhibit Showcases Modernist Photographer's Whitmanesque Journey Through America (Los Angeles Times : 07.06.03)

Murder Most Polite
'Dead Gorgeous' is the latest of PBS' proper British mysteries (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.06.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Reese Witherspoon's Designing Lady
Nanette Lepore Is All Over Legally Blonde 2 (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.06.03)

Jamie Kennedy
This Comic Was Always a Character (Boston Globe : 07.04.03)

< Arnold Schwarzenegger
Actor won't talk politics, but will talk about getting buff for Terminator 3 (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.29.03 || also Denver Post: 07.04.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Box Office Report Card
Big Opening Weekends, Fast Fall-off Mark Summer Season So Far (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.29.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Box Office Report Card
Big Opening Weekends, Fast Fall-off Mark Summer Season So Far (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.29.03)

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Actor won't talk politics, but will talk about getting buff for Terminator 3 (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.29.03)

Ahoy Matey
Two Pefectionists, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeffrey Katzenberg Team for Sinbad Cartoon (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.22.03)

Project Greenlight -- The Sequel
Two Filmmakers From Maine In the Spotlight for HBO Docu-series (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.29.03)

< INDUSTRY BUZZ: Staying in the Picture
Action! Author and real-life producer Robert Cort Recounts Hollywood's wicked ways (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.22.03)

< Bernie Mac
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Marks Comedian As Fish Out of Water "Bosley" (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.22.03)

Toga Toga Toga
Everything ancient is new again: Leo and George are two of the big names in the latest sword-and-sandal epics (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.22.03)

A Final Season for Sex
Exec Producer Michael Patrick King Knows What Makes His Sex and the City Characters Tick (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.15.03)

Eric Bana
Hulk Star Broke Through as a Psycho in Chopper Role (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.15.03 || ALSO Boston Globe: 06.20.03)

Kate Hudson
Alex & Emma Star Goes Brunette Opposite Luke Wilson (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.15.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Too Many Movies, Not Enough Time
Film Movement Offers Simultaneous DVD and Theatrical Release for Indie Gems (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.15.03)

Harrison Ford Lightens Up. . . a little
Tacicturn Hollywood Homicide Star Gets Goofy With Josh Hartnett (Boston Globe: 06.08.03 with pictures|| ALSO San Francisco Chronicle 06.08.03)

Smart and Dead
Ellen Muth Stars in Dead Like Me Series (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.08.03)

Decade Under the Influence Captures Era's Heady Fervor, Plus Rachel Rosen Checks in From Los Angeles Film Festival (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.08.03)

Friedel Dicker-Brandeis' Holocaust Art
Artist Taught Children in Czech Death Camp (Los Angeles Times: 06.08.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: George Lucas: Animated At Last
Hollywood Animators Wonder What Start-up Brings to the Table (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.01.03)

Baring All For Art
Kim Dickens Overcame Nude Scene Jitters for Showtime's Out of Order Miniseries (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.25.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: X Marks the Spot
IFC To Air Racy Films In Fall (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.25.03)

Shrek 4-D
How Hit Movie Morphed Into a Bone-Rattlng Theme Park Ride (Los Angeles Times: 05.22.03)

Indie Summer Preview
"Small" Films About Lovers, loners, con artists and real artists await moviegoers (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.18.03)

Straight Actress Goes Gay in Tipping the Velvet
Rachael Stirling Plays Victorian Lesbian in BBC America's racy miniseries (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.18.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: So Long Celluloid
Landmark Theaters Adapt New Computer-based Projection System (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.18.03)

"Like Going on the Crusades" -- The Making of the Matrix
Mega-movie Relied on Bay Area Visual Effects (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.11.03)

For Keanu Reeves, the hard part is over
He's Neo, and Way Into Wachowski Brothers Mythology (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.11.03)

TV Version of White Teeth Still has bite
Miniseries adapts novel of multicultural London (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.11.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Animatrix Ups Ante
More than a promotional gimmick, Anime inspired shorts Help Tell the Matrix universe. (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.11.03)

Summer Movie Preview
Big, Loud and Expensive: But Can they Out-Draw Last summer's record? (Denver Post: 05.11.03 || Also San Francisco Chronicle: 05.18.03)

Big Screen Talent Gravitate to TV
Efficiency and Money Draws Film Directors to the Small Screen (Denver Post: 05.09.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Gangs Financier Makes Friends In High Places
Graham King Parlays Friendships Into Deals for New Films by Martin Scorsese, Daniel Day Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.04.03)

Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore Shuffle the Deck
Gin Game Gives Dick Van Dyke Some Rough Language and Dark Scenes (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.03.03)

One More Time for The Dick Van Dyke Show?
Stars of the beloved sixties sitcom Dick Van Dyke Show May Return for a Reunion Special (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.03.03)

Making Connections
Four far-flung academics have come together to create servo, a research-design collaborative. (Los Angeles Times: 04.27.03)

Hugh Jackman Finds the Heart of Wolverine
X-2 Star Got His Start in Musical Theater -- next up: He'll Play Songwriter Peter Allen on Broadway (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.27.03 || also Denver Post: 05.02.03)

Lucy Lives
In CBS' TV Movie, Rachel York Finds the Pathos in Lucille Ball's Stormy Marriage to Desi Arnaz (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.27.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Family-Friendly Producer Have a Hit With Holes
Walden Media Looks for Films with educational upside (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.27.03)

No Vacancy
Identity Filmmakers Infuse Single-Location Motel Setting With Noir Atmosphere (American Cinematographer: May / 03)

Think Pink
Down With Love Pays Homage to the Techni-color Pizzazz of Doris Day - Rock Hudson Romantic Comedies (American Cinematographer: May / 03)

Gentlement, Start Your Chariots
In Hollywood, what's old - really old - is new again, as studios plan box-office conquests with film sets in ancient times (Boston Globe: 04.20.03 archive)

American Ninja
Seann William Scott Breaks out of American Pie typecasting for martial arts comedy Bulletproof Monk (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.20.03)

A Trojan Myth With Muscles
To play Paris in Helen of Troy Matthew Marsden mastered an ancient world of cudgels, sandals and bare-backed horse riding (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.20.03)

Kirk Douglas: Still a Star
86-year-old acting legend temas with son Michael and grandson in It Runs in the Family (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.20.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Reality-based cinema
The Real Cancun is one of three spring break movies spawned by reality TV producers (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.20.03)

New Films Capture Ancient Times
Success of Gladiator unleashes a legion of 'toga movies' (Denver Post: 04.14.03)

Helen of Troy Tells Big Story on Small Screen
Homer's Iliad gets an edgy update on USA Network (Denver Post: 04.14.03 || also Boston Globe: 04.20.03)

Changing of the Guard
Jason Alexander and Martin Short Take Over as The Producers (San Francisco Chronicle

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Opinionated Celebs Wage War of Words
Moore, Woods, Rock and Robbins get cranky (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.13.03)

Kimmel Swims Upstream
Ribald talk show garners fans, foes (Denver Post: 04.07.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Pilot Season Features Auteurs Like John Woo
Film Directors Flock to Small Screen (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.06.03)

Documentary Maker Gets Personal (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.06.03)

Homeless to Harvard
Thora Birch Portrays Street Kid Who Beat Drug-addicted Parents (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.06.03 || also Denver Post: 04.07.03 and print version || Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel: 04.07.03)

The Accent is on Precision
Dialect Coach Pamela Vanderway's Keen Ear makes her L.A.'s Speech Maven of the Moment with pictures (Los Angeles Times: 03.30.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Movie Musicals Jam Pipeline
Gere, Lopez, and Witherspoon Trot out the old Song-and-Dance (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.30.03)

Meet John Doe
Aussie Actor Dominic Purcell Plays Know-it-all Amnesiac on ratings-challenged Fox series (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.30.03)

Sykes: Yikes!
Wanda at Large sitcom showcases standup comic's incendiary delivery (Denver Post: 03.26.03)

Oscar's Unsung Heroes
Behind the scenes, they helped make Best Picture nominees shine with pictures (Los Angeles Times: 03.23.03)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Miramax Plays Its Hot Hand
Tempermental studio boss Harvey Weinstein has his fingerprints on four out of Best Picture nominees (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.23.03)

Oscar's Favorite: Jack Nicholson
About Schmidt Star May Break Record (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.23.03)

Pamperpalooza 2003
Stars enjoy sudued royal treatment as they prep for Academy Awards (Denver Post: 03.23.03)

Oscar Gift Basket Overfloweth
Academy Award show guests get plenty of freebies (Denver Post: 03.23.03 || also San Francisco Chronicle: 03.24.03)

Hollywood Activists Protest War
Mike Farrell's Los Angeles Group Gives Voice to "Celebrity Pundits" (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.22.03

Oscar Red Carpet Rolled Back
As Iraq War nears, Subdued Academy Awards Show Will Go On (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.19.03 || also Denver Post: 03.20.03

Stephen King Dreams Up Another Thriller
Horror author wrote Dreamcatcher while recovering from car crash (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.16.03 || also Denver Post: 03.21.03)

King Not Ready to Retire
Contrary to rumors, author says TV series, books in the offing (Denver Post: 03.32.03)

A.U.S.A.: From Harvard to Hollywood
Ivy League-trained Prosecuting Attorney switched careers to create NBC sitcom (New York Times: 03.02.02 || full story)

Heeere's Michael!
20-year old hosts E! talk show from his parent's Living room. (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.02.03)

Long Live the Queen
Oscar-nominated Queen Latifah takes charge in Bringing Down the House (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.02.03 || also Denver Post: 03:02.03 || Boston Globe: 03.02.03)

Big Fat Star
Big Fat Greek Life Re-unites Nia Vardalos with her acting family(San Francisco Chronicle: 02.23.03) with sidebar || also Denver Post: 02.24.03)

Tarnished Shield
Kurt Russell plays troubled cop in Dark Blue (Denver Post: 02.21.03) with pictures

Art of Urgency
Japanese-American performance piece focuses on the plight of Arab Americans (Los Angeles Times: 02.18.03) with pictures

No resisting 1st to Die
Detective role lures Tracy Pollan away from her nest (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.16.03)

Unafraid of the Dark
Jeremy Sisto prefers characters full of fear, rage or worse. The Six Feet Under actor admits he can identify -- up to a point (Los Angeles Times: 02.14.03) with pictures

Detective LaPaglia
Without a Trace star Anthony LaPaglia Pushes For edgy television (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.09.03)

The Man Who Would Be Kingpin
Ex NYPD Blue producer David Mills probles the soul of Mexican Drug Lord (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.26.03)

Hitting the Oscar Campaign Trail
Q&A sessions with the stars: Hollywood's latest promotional gimmick (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.26.03 || also Denver Post: 02.07.03)

"Women's Movies" Redux
How Kidman, Zellweger et. al. stack up against Golden Age stars (Denver Post: 01.24.03)

Brockovich, Act II
Activist still fights for underdog as TV's Final Justice host (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.12.03 | also Philadelphia Inquirer: 01.14.03 || Denver Post: 01:16.03)

Tongue-Tied, Not: Wanda Sykes
Chris Rock's irascible right-hand Woman flies solo in stand-up special, sitcom (Los Angeles Times: 01.10.03)

Home-Grown Mogul
Denver's John Wells hit it big with ER, West Wing and now takes the plunge into movies (Denver Post: 01.08.03)

Mister Sterling Goes To Washington
Josh Brolin plays freshman senator in NBC drama (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.05.03 | also Denver Post: 01.09.03)

Making Chicago Sing
Bill Condon figured out how to take the musical from stage to screen (Los Angeles Times: 01.03.03)

A Chilling Portrait
In Max D.P. Lajos Koltai captured Hitler In the winter of his discontent (American Cinematographer: January.03)

2003 At the Movies
Following a record-breaking year at the box office, here's a look at Hollywood's heavy hitters for 2003 (New York Daily News: 01.01.03 || also San Francisco Chronicle: 01.05.03)

Witness to the Meltdown
In TV Movie Crooked E Brian Cruver recounts the final months at Enron (Philadelphia Inquirer: 12.29.02 || also Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel: 01.03.03 and San Francisco Chronicle: 01.04.03 || Denver Post: 01.05.03)