Hugh Hart Online
INDUSTRY BUZZ: Palm Springs Festival: Prime Whistle-Stop For Oscar Campaigners
PLUS Kite Runner Backers Do a Good Deed - - or Two! AND New Line and Peter Jackson Forgive and Forget (the Lawsuit) to Make The Hobbit (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.30.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Sweeney Todd Book Goes Behind the Scenes
PLUS Blue Christmas For Hollywood Writers AND The Unknown Woman Filmmaker Giuseppe Tornatore Channels Hitchcock In Sex Trade Thriller (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.23.07)

A Grey Day in Romania
Oscar Front-Runner 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days Captures Life In Bucharest(Los Angeles Times: 12.19.07 || for non subscribers | | printer-friendly

INDUSTRY BUZZ: New Songs Sound Like Old Classics in Walk Hard
PLUS Dark Knight Shows First Six Minutes PLUS Dove Seal of Approval Boosts Family-Friendly Movies (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.16.07)

Sneaky Sexy, Spooky. . .
Look Gets Security Cam Look From Filmmaker Adam Rifkin (Wired News: 12.13.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Movie Stars Join Striking Scribes on "Speechless Without Writers" Web Shorts
AND DreamWorks Gets Behind 3-D (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.09.07)

Chris Weitz Gets His Fantasy
The Golden Compass Could Launch the Next "Lord of the Rings" (Philadelphia Inquirer: 12.05.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: The Golden Compass Gets Talking Bears From Mikael Fink
AND Writer Strike Notes PLUS Kevin Smith Casts Seth Rogin in Zack and Mira Make a Porno AND Will Ratatouille Make a Run at Best Picture Oscar? (San Francisco Chronicle: 12.02.07)

Graphic Imperative Show
Activist Posters Take A Stand (Los Angeles Times: 12.02.07 | | nonsubscribers)

Surveillance Art
Artists Go Interactive Wired News: 12.0.107

Writers Mobilize YouTube
Strike Gets Snarky as Writers Guild of America Take it to The Web (Wired News: 11.30.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: The Mist Frank Darabont Switches From Prestige Oscar Fodder Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption, to Unapologetic B Monster Movie
AND Oil Protest PLUS Sundance Takes On Landmark With Art House Mini-Chain (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.25.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Romance & Cigarettes From John Turturro Gets James Gandolfini Singin' and Dancin'
AND Indies Shine at AFI FEST PLUS How Beowulf Effects Wizard Captured the Twinkle in Anglina Jolie's Eyes (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.18.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Kurt Cobain: About a Son Filmmaker A.J. Schnack Combines Landscape and Singer's Off-Camera Interviews
AND Indies Shine at AFI FEST PLUS Barbie Doll Short Movie Tops Pixar on I-Tunes (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.11.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Mr. Untouchable Profiles the Other "American Gangster"
AND Tough Fall For Oscar-winning A-Listers PLUS Casting Directors Get Their Due (San Francisco Chronicle: 11.04.07)

Todd Haynes Does Dylan
Filmmaker Relies on Ex-classmate Christine Vachon to Protect his Anti Bio Pic Vision (Brown Alumni Magazine: November/December 2007)

Putting a Twist on Jumper
Simon Kinberg and Doug Liman De-Construct Super-Hero Genre (Alumni Magazine: November/December 2007)

COVER STORY: The Diva of Cool
Bravo Boss Lauren Zalaznick Puts Hip Spin on Reality TV (Brown Alumni Magazine: November/December 2007)

Steve-O's Shock Therapy
Former "Jackass" Daredevil Takes His Act on the Road Access DirectTV Magazine: November 2007 n/a online}

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Barbet Schroeder DocumentaryTerror's Advocate
AND Writers Face Strike Deadline PLUS AFI Film Festival Goes Global (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.28.07)

From a Master's Archive. . .
New Show Sheds New Light on Mexican Photographer Emanuel Alvarez Bravo (Los Angeles Times: 10.21.07) | with images | | nonsubscribers

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Sheen Shines in Music Within Disabled Activist Story
AND Natalie Portman Talks Micro-Loans PLUS Control Examines Joy Division Suicide (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.21.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Weirdsville Director Goes With the Flow
AND Dubai Shaping up as Persian Gulf Hollywood (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.14.07)

Birth of the Cool
Modernist Architecture, Paintings and Jazz From the Fifties Re-Visited at Orange County Museum of Art Exhibition (Los Angeles Times: 10.07.07) | with images | | Non-subscribers,/a>

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Darjeeling Limited Writer-Star Jasn Schwartzman Tells the Tale
AND We Own the Night Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg Re-Unite for James Gray PLUS Regent Releasing Gets $50 Million From Merrill Lynch to Market Indie Films (San Francisco Chronicle: 10.07.07)

TV Networks Discover Life Without I Tunes
NBC Direct, Hulu and Swing Town Enter Free Web-Video Primetime Turf (10.01.07 Wired New) | | print friendly

The Darjeeling Limited Review
India Itself Co-stars in Wes Anderson's Splendid Travelogue-cum Family Portrait (October 2007: Wired Magazine)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: World of Sound Con Artists From Craig Zobel
AND Iceland Stars in The Last Winter PLUS Luchando Documentary Maker Risked Jail to Film Cuba's Gay Scene (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.30.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: King of California Producer Michael London Champions Construction Worker - Turned - Auteur Mike Cahill
AND Heather Graham Rocks out in YouTube's Broken Music Video PLUS Ira & AbbyWriter-Star Jennifer Westfeldt Ponders the Virtues of Divorce (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.23.07)

Radha Mitchell Aims for the Naked Truth
Feast of Love Star Teams with Director Robert Benton on a Gorgeously Flawed Anti-Heroine (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.23.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Jane Austen Book Club Director Robin Swicord Talks Literature
AND Spike Lee to Judge Shorts Contest PLUS Jose Rivera's Grim Trade Exposes Sex Trafficking (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.16.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Delirious Director DiCillo Tells Paparazzi Fable
AND Caution, Lust Enjoys Book Tie-Ins PLUS Judd Apatow, the Brand, Via Jetset Studios (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.09.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Chalk High School Satire From Real-Life Teachers
AND Balls of Fury Makes Ping Pong Heroic PLUS Nanny Diaries Authors Pictured Kate Hudson But Dig Scarlett in Movie Version (San Francisco Chronicle: 09.02.07)

What the Hell Happened to "Halo"
Sidebar: Despite High Game-based Movie Fizzled out in Hollywood (Wired Magazine: September.2007)

John Krasinski
Lanky Star of The Office Crosses Over to Big Screen (Brown Alumni Magazine: September/October.2007)

Passions Set Visit
Soap Opera's Wacky Sex Bombs and Witches Populate Studio City Soundstage (AccessDirecTV Magazine: September, 2007 n/a online)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: September Dawn Chronicles Mormons' Wild West Attack
AND Balls of Fury Makes Ping Pong Heroic PLUS Nanny Diaries Authors Pictured Kate Hudson But Dig Scarlett in Movie Version (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.26.07)

Kevin Bacon
Death Sentence Continues Dark Streak (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.26.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Right at Your Door Chris Gorak's Dirty Bomb Drama
AND Closing Escrow From HGTV Reality Series Producer PLUS Fat Girls Debut AND Film Independent Has $25,000 For Producer of Science-Themed Movie (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.19.07)

Rod Lurie, Comeback Kid
Resurrecting the Champ Director Follows Up Commander in Chief Melt Down (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.19.07)

A Brief History of "Body Snatching"
Invasion Is Latest of Three Body Snatcher Movies (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.12.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Oscar Hopefuls Screen at DocuWeek in L.A.
AND Writers Strike? WGA Playing Hardball for More DVD Dough (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.12.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Rocket Science Rips Lid off High School Debate Team Sub-culture
AND Money From Arctic Tales Box Office Goes to Wildlife Charities + Bill Maher and Larry Charles Tackle World Religon, PLUS Under Dog Stars Real-Life Rescue Beagle (San Francisco Chronicle: 08.05.07)

Andy Samberg
Hot Rod Star Graduates from Internet to Big Screen (Philadelphia Inquire: 08.01.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Producer Survives Lindsay Lohan Experience in I Know Who Killed Me
AND Naked Truth in One From Another PLUS Falling From Grace Producer Passes Out Fortune Cookies (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.29.07)

Matt Damon IS Bourne
Star and Director Paul Greengrass Talk About Bourne Ultimatum Finale (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.29.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: I Know Who Killed Me Producer Describes the Lindsay Lohan Experience
AND The Naked Truth on Display in French One To Another PLUS Falling From Grace Director/Star Hands Out Fortune Cookies To Hype Her Film (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.29.07)

James L. Brooks
Veteran Filmmaker and Herd of Writers Crack The Simpsons Movie Story(San Francisco Chronicle: 08.22.07 | | also Philadelphia Inquirer: 07-25.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: French Filmmaker Re-discovers Moliere
AND Nostalgia Buffs Enjoy "Now Playing: Hand-Painted Poster Art from the 1910s through the 1950s" Book PLUS Transformers Producer's Next Toy Franchise: G.I. Joe, says Producer (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.22.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Steve Zahn Gets Serious in Rescue Dawn
AND L.A. Film Festival Favorite: Geezers Rock in "Young@Heart" PLUS Student Oscar Winner Ben Wu Documents Bay Area's "Creativity Explored" Arts Group (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.15.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Broken English Director Zoe Cassavetes Carries On Family Tradition
AND Labyrinth Gets Re-Issued, American Girl Begins Shooting PLUS MPAA Cracks Down on Piracy Websites (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.08.07)

Shia LaBeouf
Transformers Now, "Indiana Jones" Next (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.01.07)

John Krasinski
In License to Wed "Office" Drone Graduates to Big Screen (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.01.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Enchanted Pays Homage to Disney Golden Age
AND Ratatouille Auteur Brad Bird Mulling San Francisco Earthquake Picture PLUS Ten Canoes Benefits From Australia's Government Financing Producer + California Legislators Try to Stop Runaway Production (San Francisco Chronicle: 07.01.07)

Tricia Helfer
Battlestar Galactica Star Crosses Over to Video Game Command and Conquer 3 (ACCESS DirecTV Magazine: July.2007 n/a online)

Karyn Bryant
From MTV to Boxing, She's Got the Gift of Gab (Brown Alumni Magazine: July/August.2007)

WIRED FEATURE 06-25-07: Fans Help Filmmakers Win YouTube Deal
Four Eyed Monsters Sets Self-Distribution Benchmark, With a Little Help From Virtual Studios Like Without a Box | printer-friendly | Complete Four-Eyed Monsters Interview Podcast

UCLA Catalogs Get Museum Show
Master Graphic Designers Honored for 17 Years of Artful Covers (Los Angeles Times: 06.24.07 | non-subscribers version)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Fox Boss Hutch Parker Explains Why Live Free or Die Hard Took So Long
AND Focus Boss James Schamus Explains Why Evening Comes Out In Dead of Summer PLUS You Kill Me Producer-Star Tea Leoni Talks Black Humor (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.24.07)

WIRED NEWS 06-18 THRU 06-22
22 First Look: Transformers |
18 MySpace Crunches TV Classics | First Look: 1408

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Amber Tamblyn Plays Troubled Teen in Hilary Brougher's Stephanie Daley
AND Silver Surfer Coins, Giant Cheese Slide and Ice Cream Hype Summer Films PLUS Little Miss Sunshine Producers Talk Financing at Los Angeles Film Festival (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.17.07)

John Cusack
Actor Talks Horror, in 1408, and Politics (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.17.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Spidey 3 Director Goes Online with Devil's Trade
AND George Clooney Uses Oceans Thirteen as Darfur Fund-Raiser PLUS Expert Dude Advises Surf's Up Team (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.10.07)

WIRED NEWS 06-11 THRU 06-15
13 Lil' Bush Graduates From Mobile Phone to Cable |
12 Emmy Goes Viral | Underwire Talks Gay Robot on NPR |

"On the Media" Host Bob Garfield Talks to Hugh About his Wired News TV Pilot Story: podcast + transcript (NPR: 06.09.07)

WIRED NEWS 06-04 THRU 06-08
08 HBO Says Goodbye Tony, Hello John (Sopranos out, John From Cincinnati in) |MTV Airing More Viral Spoofs |
07 Feature Film Shot on Surveillance Cameras |Olympics Logo Freaks Out English |
06 Fishwrap: Fresh Face Book |Dark Crystal Cult: Rejoice |
05 "Jericho" Back on Track | Shia Judges On the Lot | "300" Spoof Opens Door for MTV Champ |
04 Devil Gets His Due in Raimi-Produced Webisodes | Amp'd Mobile Declares Bankruptcy |

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Henry Jaglom Finds His Star in Hollywood Dreams
AND Documentary Celebrates "Avenue Q" and Broadway Rivals PLUS Pirates Tie-In Swag Just Keeps Coming (San Francisco Chronicle: 06.03.07)

WIRED NEWS 05-29 THRU 06-01
01 Movie Chain Installs "Guest Response" Pagers | Bye Bye Battlestar |
31 Microsoft "Surface" Could Make Mouse Passe | Star Wars Tribute Breaks TV Ratings Record |
30 CW Goes Eco-Friendly Cardboard Screener Packaging | Pirates Parody Buzzes While Movie Busts box Office Records |
29 First Look: Terminator Returns in Sarah Connor Chronicles | SenseCam Snaps Warm Bodies | Despite "Heroes" NBC Shakeup Imminent |

College Journals Get Graphic
Print Still Captivates Quirky Student Designers (Los Angeles Times: 05.27.07 || non-subscriber version

WIRED NEWS 05-21 THRU 05-25
25 Online Sitcom About Sitcom Creators: Part 2 | Pirates 3 On Course For Memorial Day Box Office Record|
24 Facebook Gets Facelift From Uber Music Player | Virtual Football, Real Weather | Surveillance Robot Lands in San Pedro |
23 Slo-Mo Mirror Reflects Real Time Warp | Star Wars Fan Makes His Own Movie 5-25-77 |
22 "Jericho" Fans Spawn Viral Protest |
21 Star Wars Fans: Send Us Your Pix | Tech Finesse Drives Shrek 3 to Record Box Office | 1000 Ipods Call Tune For Dancers | Classic Un-aired Sitcoms Could Surface on DVD |

WIRED FEATURE 05-21-07 Crashed Pilots
"Failed" TV Sitcoms Get Second Chance Online

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Severance Spoofs Horror
AND Coen Brothers Re-Team with Clooney PLUS Bug Effects Man Says New Orelans Film Production is Booming (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.20.07)

Geoffrey Rush
Aussie Brings Stagecraft to a Pirate's Life (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.20.07)

WIRED NEWS 05-14 THRU 05-18
18 YouTube's "Loca" Gets Her Own Network Show | MPAA Spanks Camcorder Pirates | Cuban Re-visits Triple Platform Parker Posey Picture |
17 Hobbit, Penguin, Iggy: Elijah Moves On |Judge Rules: Embarrassing Sex Diary? Not Wonkette's Fault |
16 Cannes Shorts Get Some Love | Honda Backs Fall Out Boy | Frank Miller Directs Graphic "Spirit" |
15 Amanda Tapping Webisodes Tap Stargate Fan Base | Pirates 3: First Look |
14 NBC Adapts Brit Geek Comedy | "Transformers" Director Makes Games for Digital Domain

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Hal Hartley Digs Parker Posey
AND Raymond Carver Short Story Gets Long Movie Treatment in "Jindabyne" PLUS Biggest Summer Ever at Box Office? (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.13.07)

Shrek the Third Princess Brigade
Cheri Oteri and Company Crack Wise as Snow White and Friends (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.13.07)

Bob Newhart
Button Down Mind Still Ticking Four Decades Later(San Francisco Chronicle: 05.13.07)

WIRED NEWS 05-07 THRU 05-11
11 Unknown Auteurs Get Their Shot On The Lot | IFC Webisodes: Psycho Killer Still Lives With Mom |
10 MPAA to Filmmakers: Thank You for Not Smoking | Terminator 4: Let the Casting Begin |
09 Natalie Portman: Dear Video Diary? | National Lampoon Gets Drunk (University) | Spider-Man Text-o-Rama |
08 Elvis Webcasts From Letterman Stage |
07 | Sam Raimi to Make "The Hobbit," Spidey Four? Maybe, Maybe Not | Saw Producers Skip Theaters, Go Direct to Web with Next Movie | Today's Thesis Films: Tomorrow's Hits? | Shrek 3: First Look |
06 Critic-Proof Spider-Man 3 Breaks Box Office Records

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Paris in the Air: Three Films Salute City of Lights
AND Positive Spin for Rap in The Hip Hop Project: PLUS Adam McKay Casts Daughter With Will Ferrell in Web Hit (San Francisco Chronicle: 05.06.07)

WIRED FEATURE 05-02-07 Sam Raimi Geeks Out on Sandman
The backstory behind creating a man of sand

WIRED NEWS 04-30 THRU 05-04
04 Robot Lawnmowers: No Sweat, No Hands, No Emissions | Frogs Gone Wild in "Paprika" |
03 Spider-Man 3 Box Office: How Much, How Soon? | Pretty Woman + South Park Equals Giant Monsters Attack Japan! |
01 Vintage 360 - Degree Camera Rig Shoots Drive Series Maguire and Letterman, Together Again |
30 Rat Spots on American Idol

Top Design Review
Brown Alumni Jonathan Adler and Margaret Russell Lower the Boom on Bravo (Brown University Alumni Magazine: May/June 2007)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Flying Scotsman Star Jonny Lee Miller Plays Manic Depressive Biking Champ
AND Now, Nine: Rob Marshall Makes Another Musical PLUS Paprika Anime Master Gets Dreamy (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.29.07)

Kirsten Dunst
In Spider-Man 3 She Sings While Spidey Swings (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.29.07)

WIRED NEWS 04-23 THRU 04-27
27 Blogging Juror Nixes Will & Grace Trial | Artist Boss Launches Uber |
26 Charlie Rose Archives Online, Free | Novel Approach for Command & Conquer |
25 Whee! Interactive Designers Storm London | Tobey Maguire Snubs Letterman |
24 X-Files Sequel Inching Forward | Seduce a Celeb Goes Online | Star Wars 30th Anniversary Screening

COMING: Electroland Tops Rockefeller Center
L.A. Designers Create Urban Spectacle in Manhattan (Architectural Design Magazine: July/August 2007 n/a online)

Henry Rollins + Janeane Garofalo: They've Got to Talk
"Not a Play" Triple Bill with Marc Maron Mines Anti-War Passions | images (Los Angeles Times: 04.23.07)

WIRED NEWS 04-16 THRU 04-20
20 Spider-Man 3: First Look |
19 Pearl McKay: Baby Landlord |
18 Jennifer Love Hewitt Speed Painting Takes Off | Beyond Ringtones? Flycell Takes a Shot |
17 AfterWorld Aims for internet, mobile + games | Edgy Cable Producers Launch WOW TV |
16 Kasdan Reworks "Titans" | Big Brother Goes Virtual

INDUSTRY BUZZ: The Valet Cracks Comedy Code
AND Salma Hayak Goes Latino With MGM PLUS Movie Making Hot Spot New Mexico is on a Roll (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.22.07)

WIRED FEATURE 04.20.07 Will Ferrell + Foul-Mouthed 2-Year-Old = Viral Hit
Lord of "The Landlord" Adam McKay Casts Daughter in YouTube Hit (Wired News: 04.20.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Fracture Director Gregory Hoblit Matches Ryan Gosling Against Anthony Hopkins
AND Somona Valley Film Festival Has its Very Own Sommelier PLUS Journey From the Fall Tracks Boat People From Vietnam to Orange County (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.15.07)

WIRED NEWS 04-02- THRU 04-13
13 "FaceTime" Robot Streams Video Capture at Sunset and Vine |
11 Researchers Jump Start Download Times | It's Official Shia LeBeouf in "Indiana Jones 4"|
10 Iklipz Gets Funny |
06 Spielberg Hearts EA

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Black Book Writer Explors Gray Area in Nazi-Occupied Holland
AND American Movie Slacker Mark Borchardt Re-Surfaces in Cabin Fever 2 PLUS TV Set Network Satire is Right On, says Exec Producer Judd Apatow (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.08.07)

WIRED FEATURE 04.20.07 EMI Goes For DRM-Free Music
First Record Label to Bet Music Lovers Will Pay More for Higher Quality, Easy-to-copy Downloads (Wired News: 04.03.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Next: After The Wedding Director Susanne Bier Gets Intense with Benicio Del Toro and Halle Berry
AND Clifford Irving Lives! Life After The Hoax PLUS Screenwriter Scott Frank Makes Directing Debut The Lookout (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.01.07)

When Hilary Met Katrina
In Supernatural Thriller The Reaping Hilary Swank Came Back After the Hurricane to Finish the Movie with the "What Hath God Wrought" Tagline (San Francisco Chronicle: 04.01.01 also Denver Post: 03.30.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Iraq War Gets Fictional in The Situation
AND Beyond 300? Here Comes The Watchmen PLUS Vancouver Goes Digital With Visual Effects' Rainmaker (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.25.07)

Angela Bassett
In Meet the Robinsons the New Mother of Twins Gets Maternal as Orphanage "Mom" (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.25.07)

WIRED FEATURE 03.21.07 Will Viacom Kill the Video Star?
Google's YouTube is Primed For Lawsuit (Wired News: 03.21.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Malkovich Plays a Great Imposter in Color Me Kubrick
AND Paris Sizzles in Avenue Montaigne PLUS 3-D Digital Cinema Keeps Rolling Out (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.18.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Big Deal For Reason Pictures' Sons of Rambow Bodes Well for Philanthropist-Filmmaker
AND British Big Hair Music From Eighties Featured Starter For Ten PLUS Wikipedia Documentary- in - Progress Truth In Numbers Asks Fans for Contributions (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.11.07)

Robot Man
Artist Christian Moeller Designs Surveillance Installation for San Pedro (New York Times: 03.04.07 || One Page ||PLAIN TEXT for unregistered users)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Deliver Us From Evil Maker Amy Berg Moves On After Oscar-nominated Church Pedophilia Expose
AND Casino Royale Tops Product Placement for 2006 PLUS First Snow Star Guy Pearce on Fortune Tellers and Channeling Andy Warhol (San Francisco Chronicle: 03.04.07)

Brown Talent Teams with Andy Richter on NBC's Accountant/Detective Sitcom
Clea Lewis and Jonathan Groff Get Surreal With "Andy Barker, P.I." (Brown University Magazine: March/April.2007 n/a online)

Jaime Pressly
Pregnant "My Name is Earl" Star Talks TV (On Direct TV Magazine: March.07 n/a online)

Gronk Gets Booked
"Post-Chicano" Painter Leads off a New Series About Latino Artists (Los Angeles Times: 03.04.07 || non-subscriber version | | images gallery

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Oscar Winning Thelma Schoonmaker Edits Scorsese - - Again - - For The Departed
AND Maria Maggenti ( "Puccini for Beginners") Casts Her Pet Dog in a Movie For Cellphones PLUS Amazing Grace Offers a Lesson i Politics From DGA President / Director Michael Apted (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.25.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Philip Glass Scores Scary Scandal Notes
AND Cronenberg Re-teams With Viggo in London PLUS The Number 23 - - More Than Coincidence? (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.18.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Jury Duty for Filmmaker Karen Moncrieff Led to The Dead Girl
AND Natalia Portman is an "Atalanta" Woman PLUS The Queen Author Peter Morgan Gets Writers Guild Award Nomination - Richard Nixon is Next (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.11.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Anthony Minghella Explains Breaking and Entering
AND Santa Barbara Film Festival: Oscar Magnet PLUS Half Nelson's Oscar nod for Ryan Gosling (San Francisco Chronicle: 02.04.07)

Kellie Pickler Spills
American Idol Singer Names Favorite Movie Music (On Direct TV Magazine: February n/a online)

The Art of Being Tuareg
Exhibition Shines LIght on Nomadic Artisans (Los Angeles Times: 01.31.07 || non-subscriber version)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Cinematographer John Toll Ponders Landscape as Character in Seraphim Falls
AND Photographer John Gutmann Gets his Close PLUS Navigating Pan's Labyrinth with Cafe FX (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.28.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Directing Peter O'Toole in Venus
AND James Cameron Goes 3-D with Avatar PLUS Factory Girl Director George Hickenlooper says his Edie Sedgwick Bio-pic Riles Lou Reed and Dylan Family (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.28.07)

Paper Work
Hammer Museum's Contemporary "Works on Paper" Collection Focuses on Drawings and Photographs (Los Angeles Times: 01.15.07 || non-subscriber version)

Beyond the Da Vinci Codex
Endowment From Oil Mogul Armand Hammer's 1994 Sale of Leonardo Da Vinci's Sketch Book Helped Fund Museum Operations - - and Acquisitions (Los Angeles Times: 01.15.07 || non-subscriber version

INDUSTRY BUZZ: Absolute Wilson Gets Inside the Head of Stage Maestro Robert Wilson
AND Alpha Dog Causes Fallout for Jesse James Hollywood Murder Trial PLUS Golden Globes Likely for Helen Mirren and "Borat" (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.14.07)

INDUSTRY BUZZ: David Lynch Hits the Road for Three-Hour Inland Empire
AND Jessica Alba Goes Indie at Sundance PLUS Freedom Writers Teacher Gets Channeled by Hilary Swank (San Francisco Chronicle: 01.07.07)

New York Dolls
Documentary and Concert Telecasts Honor New York's Finest (On Direct TV Magazine: January: 2007 n/a online)

Masi Oka: Step Aside Clark Kent
Math Genius - Turned TV Star Hits Big in Heroes (Brown Alumni Magazine: January: 2007)

Ben Goldhirsh: Making Virtue Hip
Movies and a "Good" Magazine Puts Heir in Driver's Seat (Brown Alumni Magazine: January. 2007)