Hugh Hart Online 12-27-thru-12-31-10

La Pivellina, Set in Rome, Represents Austria's Oscar Bid PLUS Actor Barry Pepper Talks Corruption in Casino Jack
San Francisco Chronicle 12.26.10 12-20-thru-12-24-10

Japanese Animated Feature Summer Wars Vies For Oscar PLUS Tempest Composer Talks Shakespeare and Glass Harmonicas
San Francisco Chronicle 12.19.10 12-13-thru-12-17-10

Rare Exports From Finland Looks at Dark Side of Santa Claus PLUS Tron Effects Raise the Bar on Benjamin Button
San Francisco Chronicle 12.12.10 12-06-thru-12-10-10

Documentary: Pale Male Tells Story of Central Park's Red-Tailed Hawk PLUS Star Struck Book: "Over-Sharing" Replaces Glamour as Dominant Celebrity Fuel
San Francisco Chronicle 12.05.10 11-29-thru-12-03-10

Walker Art Center's 50/50 Exhibition Features Crowd-Sourced Selections ARTnews December, 2010

Marwencol Documentary: Miniature World Heals Beating Victim PLUS Random House Site Hypes Books to Movie Connection
San Francisco Chronicle 11.28.10 11-22-thru-11-26-10

Ahead of Time Doc Traces Ruth Gruber's Rescue of Holocaust Survivors PLUS Outside the Law Dramatizes Algerian Terrorists in Paris
San Francisco Chronicle 11.21.10 11-15-thru-11-19-10

Documentary Sheds New Light on Glenn Gould PLUS Ace Ventura Director Tom Shadyac Switches From Comedy to Spiritual Quest with I Am Film
San Francisco Chronicle 11.14.10 11-08-thru-11-12-10

Avatar and Batman Sequels Fire up Future Box Office PLUS Transformers Writer Ehren Kruger Explains Spectacle Versus Story
San Francisco Chronicle 11.07.10 11-01-thru-11-05-10

Tibet in Song Filmmaker Pereservered After Serving Seven Years in Prison on "Espionage" Charges PLUS Transformers Writer Ehren Kruger Explains Spectacle Versus Story
San Francisco Chronicle 10.31.10 10-25-thru-10-29-10

Saw 3D Completes Seven-Film Franchise PLUS Sucker Punch First, Superman Later for Zack Snyder
San Francisco Chronicle 10.24.10 10-18-thru-10-25-10

Conviction Writer Calls Northern California Home PLUS Douchebag Stars Bearded Film Editor
San Francisco Chronicle 10.17.10 10-11-thru-10-18-10

May I Call You Frank Documents Vegan Diet Makeover PLUS Mexican Filmmakers Benefit From Government Tax Break
San Francisco Chronicle 10.10.10 10-04-thru-10-08-10

Enter the Void Fuses Book of the Dead, Sex and Psychedelics to Raise a Ruckus PLUS Clay Trilogy Celebrates Stop-Motion Artistry
San Francisco Chronicle 10.03.10 09-27-thru-10-01-10

An Unfinished Film Revisits Holocaust Footage PLUS Monsters Fuses Sci-Fi and Arthouse Categories
San Francisco Chronicle 09.26.10 09-20-thru-09-27-10

Undertow Puts Gay Ghost Spin on Magical Realism from Peru PLUS Comedy Writer Films a Scene, Wins Studio Directing Deal
San Francisco Chronicle 09.19.10 09-13-thru-09-17-10

Heartbreaker Gives Romain Duris Romantic Comedy Traction PLUS The Silician Girl Portrays Brave Witness
San Francisco Chronicle 09.12.10 09-07-thru-09-10

White Wedding Finds Humor in Post-Apartheid South AFrica PLUS Blood Simple Gets Remade by Chinese Auteur Zhang Yimou
San Francisco Chronicle 09.05.10 08-30-thru-09-02

Documentary Maker Credits Allen Ginbsberg with "Saving His Head" PLUS The American Teams George Clooney with Duthc Indie Film Auteur
San Francisco Chronicle 08.29.10 08-24-10 thru 08-27-10

Basquiat Documentary Traces Rise and Fall of Gifted Artist PLUS Green Hornet Leads Parade of 2011 Men in Tights
San Francisco Chronicle 08.22.10 08-16-10 thru 08-20-10

The Tillman Story Examines Patriotic Propoganda PLUS DocuWeeks Shines Light on Honeybees and Foreign Non-Fiction
San Francisco Chronicle 08.15.10

Video: 'The Twit Network' Lampoons Facebook Movie
See Real-Life X-Men in Stan Lee's Superhuman
50 Ancient Sci-Fi Flicks Make Faux Avengers Trailer
Amplified Clippers Drive Noisy Electric Chaircut
Blind Director Raises Dough to Finish Horror Flick 08-09-10 thru 08-13-10

Elizabeth Creed's Gemma Arterton Puts "Hottie" Label Behind PLUS Vince Guaraldi Documentary Sheds Light on Peanuts Composer
San Francisco Chronicle 08.08.10

Trailer: Star Trek's Chris Pine Jumps an Unstoppable Train
Custom Darth Vader Action Figure Leads Nazi Charge
Tron: Legacy Director Takes Disney to Oblivion 08-02-10 thru 08-09-10

In Life During Wartime Todd Solondz Revisits Troubled Jordan Family PLUS After Dark Films' Action Fest Markets Low-Budget Genre Pictures
San Francisco Chronicle 08.01.10

Trailer Mashup: Inception + Toy Story 3 Equals Spooky Laughs
Trailer: Zack Snyder's Knock-Out Sucker Punch
Video: How to Create Batman vs. Iron Man Stop-Motion Battle
Meet the Kick-Ass Women of Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch
Rainn Wilson Dons Red Tights as Super's DIY Hero 07-26-10 thru 07-30-10

The Duel Star Brings Chekovian Angst to Big Screen PLUS Farewell Revisits Real-Life Cold War Spy Drama
San Francisco Chronicle 07.25.10

California Design Biennial Examines Graphic Response to Economic + Political Meltdown
Los Angeles Times 07.25.10

Charmer Ryan Reynolds Sees Hero for the Ages in Green Lantern
Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch Rocks the Girl Power
Green Hornet Promises Buddy Flick, 'Big Fights'
Del Toro Promises Serious Scares in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
'Action Chick' Looks at Comic-Con's Geek Girls
Tron: Legacy Action Figure Lights Up, Talks
New Posters: Thor, Captain America Invade Comic-Con
Giveaway: Plastic Man Stars in Mattel’s Comic-Con Prize Pack
Geek Culture's 26 Most Awesome Female Ass-Kickers
Exclusive: Tribbles Infest Alamo Drafthouse's New 'Star Trek' Posters
Fan's $4,000 War Machine Costume Comes to Comic-Con
Video: Spoof Mocks Banteriffic Facebook Movie Trailer 07-19-10 thru 07-26-10

Kisses Follows Two 11-Year Olds Through Dublin PLUS New Mexico Producer Happy To Be Home
San Francisco Chronicle 07.18.10

Video: Pop Song Offers Simple Solution to iPhone Antennagate
Cult Movies Inspire Artists' Twisted Homages
Review: Smart, Sinewy Inception Injects Action Into Dreams
Lost Artifacts Hit Auction Block in August
Bradbury: 'No News' About Mel Gibson's Fahrenheit 451 Adaptation 07-12-10 thru 07-16-10

American Grindhouse Looks at Exploitation Films PLUS [REC 2] Continues Virus Mayhem
San Francisco Chronicle 07.11.10

Stephen King Novel Spawns Syfy's Tepid Haven
Social Network Trailer Cranks Up Rancor Behind Facebook's Beginnings
Kickstarter Can Turn You Into a Sci-Fi Producer
Review: Gory Predators Refreshes Tired Franchise
July 7, 1550: Europeans Discover Chocolate
Mondo Atomic Comic Mashes Plan 9 and Brain That Wouldn't Die 07-05-10 thru 07-09-10

Beetle Documentary Explores Japan's Fascination with Bugs PLUS Everyone Else Dramatizes German Holiday From Hell
San Francisco Chronicle 07.04.10

Will New Spider-Man Take Movies in Dark Direction?
Free Muvizu 3D Software Fuels DIY Animation
Video: 'Origami Robot' Folds Itself Into Paper Airplane
Book Honors Star Wars Movie Poster Maestro Drew Struzan
Space Nazi Trailers Draw Crowd Funding for Iron Sky
DIY Musician Pulls All-Nighter to Record Hit Viral Jingle
English Actors Close in on Spider-Man Role
June 28, 1846: Parisian Inventor Patents Saxophone 06-29-10 thru 07-02-10

Technotise Movie Started Out as Fake Trailer PLUS Weak Summer Box Office This Year, Parade of Hits Predicted for 2011
San Francisco Chronicle 06.27.10

Airplane Architect Builds House From Disassembled Jet
Video: Muppet-Versus-Rocker Staring Contest Gets Ugly
Trailer: Beast Sightings Rare in New Predators Clip
Google Earth Death Star Virtually Blows Up Your Neighborhood
Photo: First Look at Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet
King Kong Rattles 3-D Cage as Theme Park Freak 06-22-10 thru 06-25-10

Coco & Igor Book Inspires Fact-Based Movie PLUS Hollywood Hellraisers Details Marlon Brando Era
San Francisco Chronicle 06.20.10

Harry Potter Theme Park Opening Streams Live Review: Wicked Weaponry Trumps Characters in Jonah Hex Ghost Western
True Blood Spills Extra Vampire Scenes Online
L.A. Film Fest Features Aliens, LSD-Fueled No-Hitter
Crowdsourced Video Project Documents One Day on Earth
June 14, 1948: TV Guide Prototype Hits N.Y. Newsstands 06-15-10 thru 06-18-10

Karate Kid Director Thinks Small in China PLUS Myriad Films CEO Calculates Genesis Code Location in Spain
San Francisco Chronicle 06.13.10

Blowback: True Blood Vampires Make Raunchy Return
Weekend Movies: Wise-Cracking A-Team Blows Stuff Up
How to Make a Mutant: Splice’s Creepy Creature Evolves
Snarky Hipster Skewers Fashion Blunders in Street Boners
DIY Sci-Fi Trailer Draws Avatar Producer to Technotise 06-08-10 thru 06-11-10

<cite>Holy Rollers Chornicles Hasidic Jewish Drug Smugglers PLUS Golden Trailer Awards Honor Top Cutters
San Francisco Chronicle 06.06.10

Weekend Movies: Splice for Chills, Greek for Laughs
Review: Ingeniously Crafted Splice Spawns Mutant Thrills
Alice in Wonderland Discs Boast Trippy Concept Art
Win Windup Girl, Read About Bio-Engineered Sex Slave 06-01-10 thru 06-04-10

Father of My Children Details Harsh Life of Movie Producer PLUS In Four Boxes Husband-Wife Filmmakers Go for Low-Budget Scares
San Francisco Chronicle 05.30.10

Weekend Roundup: Prince of Persia Leads Memorial Day Parade
Review: Prince of Persia Revisits Age of Swashbuckler Tyke Fights Vicious Bunnies in Iron Baby Video
Farewell FlashForward: 6 Reasons It Should Have Stayed on Air
Clip: Cranky William Shatner Stars in Twitter-Based Sitcom
The Road DVD Describes the Making of an Apocalypse
Blowback: Fans Weigh in on Lost Series Finale 05-23-10 thru 05-28-10

Prince of Persia Composer Talks Shop PLUS Looking for Eric Meshes Soccer and Family Dysfunction
San Francisco Chronicle 05.23.10

Blowback: Fans Weigh in on Lost Series Finale
Transformers 3 Casting Call: Who Should Replace Megan Fox?
50 Artists Remix Twilight Zone's Brain-Frying Concepts
Gamera DVD Puts Fresh Sheen on Classic Sci-Fi
Fox Fries Up a New Dork Family Cartoon Bob's Burgers
Summer Glau Sees Fresh Action in The Cape 05-17-10 thru 05-24-10

City of Your Final Destination Producer Replaces the Late Ismail Merchant to Face Tough Financing PLUS Ray Harryhausen Gets His Special Effects Due at Oscar Exhibiton
San Francisco Chronicle 05.16.10

Photos: Lost Props Set for Summer Sale
Photo: Hog's Head Takes Bite Out of Harry Potter's Wizarding World
Machine Orchestra Features Hacked Guitar, Trampoline-Triggered Music Cues
First Adjustment Bureau Trailer: Matt Damon Meets Weird Men in Hats
DIY Thriller Four Boxes Taps Web Voyeurism for Chills
Prequel to Philip K. Dick's Electric Sheep Hits iPad 05-10-10 thru 05-14-10

Casino Jack Skewers Lobbyists PLUS The Good Heart Star Paul Dano Goes Homeless
San Francisco Chronicle 05.09.10

Out-Dance Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter, Win an iPad
Review: Fun 'Iron Man 2' Pits Witty Hero Against Juicy Villains
Summer Movie Preview: Sex, Spies, DNA 05-03-10 thru 05-07-10

The Cartel Slams Teachers Union PLUS For The Good Heart Paul Dano Goes Homeless
San Francisco Chronicle 05.02.10

Profile: Documentary Maker Robert Stone University of Wisconsin Magazine Summer 2010

>p>Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2 Mission: Feed the Fans
Office Equipment Does Printer Jam at onedotzero
Review: Scary Freddy Haunts Sleepy Victims of 'Nightmare on Elm Street'
Music Video Captures 105 Faces Flapping at 1,000 Frames per Second 04-26-10 thru 04-30-10

Dancing Across Borders Traces Cambodian Ballet Dancer's JourneyPLUS Persian Cats Documents Iran's Underground Rock Scene
San Francisco Chronicle 04.25.10

Secretly Filmed Movie Highlights Tehran's Gutsy Rock Scene
Review: Zoe Saldana Nearly Redeems The Losers
The Guild Comic Dives Into Web Series' Origins Story
Avatar Sequel Will Plumb Planet Pandora's Ocean Depths
Minority Report Blu-ray Explores Spielberg's Futuristic Vision 04-19-10 thru 04-23-10

Oscar-winning Editor Walter Murch Polnders Beethoven's Impact on Movie Making PLUS Playland Documentary Revisits Golden Age of Amusemet PArks
San Francisco Chronicle 04.18.10

Morphing Stations Turn Avatar Fans Into Na'vi
Streamy Winners Redo Widely Scorned Awards Show
Review: Peewee Star Sparks Rollicking Kick-Ass
April 14, 1996: JenniCam Goes Live
BodyWorld Imagines Mind-Blowing Super Drug
Green Porno, Stephen Colbert Nab Webby Nominations
New Wonder Woman Book Documents 7 Decades of Amazonian Ass-Kicking
Streamy Awards Hype Hot Web Stars 04-12-10 thru 04-16-10

Online Shorts Lead to Feature-Length Momentum PLUS Show Biz Artifacts Are Recession Proof, says Auctioneer
San Francisco Chronicle 04.11.10

Slow-Motion Car Crash Speeds Filmmaker’s Career
Screams Rule New Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer
Serialized Nightmare Trails Thriller Is in the Mail
April 7, 1933: King Kong Opens Wide
Mega-Monsters Make Magnificent Movies
Robot Skeleton Is DIY Sidekick for Late-Show Host 04-05-10 thru 04-09-10

2012 Time For Change Documentary Celebrates Drugs and Technology PLUS Mark Urman's Indie Company "Rides the Waves" PLUS
San Francisco Chronicle 04.04.10

Review: Stiff Gods and Monsters Mar Clash of the Titans
As the Wormhole Turns: 'Fringe' Flashes Back to Parallel Universe
So Tweet: Geek Couple Plans Twitter Wedding
Spy Thriller Urban Wolf Crackles With Tension (But Without Words)
Blowback: Aliens Up the Ante as 'V' Returns
Fan Pictures Cylon War in Battlestar Spinoff Trailer

Web Shorts Land Movie Deals PLUS Show Biz Memorabilia Selling Like "Pop Culture on Steroids"
San Francisco Chronicle 04.11.10

DLP Cinema Gets Bullish on 3-D Movies PLUS Avatar's Oscar-Winning Effects Inventor Paul Debevec Explains Virtual Filmmaking
San Francisco Chronicle 03.28.10

Photos: Inside Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
James Cameron Pegs Avatar DVD Release to Earth Day
Vials of Artist's Blood, Skin Show Up in Freaky Art Show Flesh and Blood
Gamer Comedy The Guild Makes Streamy Top 10 03-22-10 thru 03-26-10

Birdemic filmmaker favors Alfred Hitchcock PLUS Dark Horse Comics Spawns New Generation of Comic Heroes PLUS Campy Birdemic Salutes Hitchcock
San Francisco Chronicle 03.21.10

Vials of Artist's Blood, Skin Show Up in Freaky Art Show Flesh and Blood
Gamer Comedy The Guild Makes Streamy Top 10
Artists Get Their Geek On to Celebrate Yuri's Night
March 19, 1979: House Proceedings Air Live on C-SPAN Review: Squishy Repo Men Sticks Shiv in Organ-Extraction Action FlashForward Flashes Forward Without Its Creator
Artists Fight Gravity in Dancing on the Ceiling Web-Smart Sitcom 3.0 Makers Update Ancient Comedy Formula
Avatar Effects Whiz Talks Virtual Acting at SXSW 03-15-10 thru 03-19-10

Q and A with Economics Student Turned Kung Fu Panda Writer Glenn Berger Brown University Alumni Magazine March/April 2010

Swedish Hit Thriller Girl With a Dragon Tattoo Showcases Dark Heroine PLUS SXSW Festival Explores New Films, New Platforms
San Francisco Chronicle 03.14.10

Shibui Panel Explores Outdoor Space at China Town Artwalk March 13 2010

Pass the Camera: Many Directors Shoot One Star-Studded Comedy
Flynn Lives in Tron Legacy Teaser Trailer
New Iron Man 2 Trailer: Rourke Rocks as Whiplash
Oscar Upset: Avatar Loses to The Hurt Locker 03-08-10 thru 03-12-10

Burroughs Documentary Sheds Light on Beat Generation Icon The Man Within PLUS Anne Hathaway Channels Greta Garbo for Alice in Wonderland's White Queens
San Francisco Chronicle 03.07.10

Alice's Visual Challenge: Make You Believe 'World of Insanity'
Logorama Short Mocks Brand-Name Infestation
Through Tim Burton's Looking Glass: Making Alice in Wonderland
Helena Bonham Carter Is Tim Burton's Red Queen Pulp Posters: 13 Variations on Inglourious Basterds Theme
Short Film Shot Entirely on Flatbed Scanner
2012 DVD Pictures Disaster, Hollywood-Style
Match Made in Wonderland: Danny Elfman's Music, Tim Burton's Freaks
Streamy Awards Name Webotainment Finalists 03-01-10 thru 03-05-10

Saint John of Las Vegas Represents "Total Transparency" as Business Model for IndieVest PLUS Disposal Film Festival Celebrates Cell Phone Cinema
San Francisco Chronicle 02.28.10

Review: Captivating Freaks Populate Eye-Popping Alice in Wonderland
Must-Read Comics, as Picked by Readers 02-22-10 thru 02-26-10

Red Riding Serial Killer Trilogy Presents "Yorkshire Noir" PLUS William Hurt Goes Blue Collar in Yellow Handerchief
San Francisco Chronicle 02.21.10

Pilkington's Idiocy Animates Ricky Gervais Show
'Gadget OK!' Showcases Oddball Japanese Devices
Half-Shark, Half-Octopus Beast for Sharktopus 02-15-10 thru 02-19-10

Jon Reiss' Think Outside the Box Book Guides Indie Filmmakers PLUS Oscar Shorts Hit Theaters
San Francisco Chronicle 02.14.10

Review: Survivors Outlast Killer Flu in Wasteland Drama
Wirehead Probes Impact of IQ Implants
Stop-Motion Ace YouTubes Himself to Hollywood
Review: Little to Howl About in Cliched 'Wolfman'
First Look: New Fleet of Star Wars Toys
District 9 Collectible Ray Guns Are Going Fast
Captain America as USO Song-and-Dance Man?
Tim Burton's Alice Leads Super Bowl Trailer Hit Parade 02-08-10 thru 02-12-10

Terribly Happy Digs Bog Horror in Denmark PLUS Double Take Looks at Hitchcock and Cold War
San Francisco Chronicle 02.07.10

Super Bowl 'Snack Stadium' Built From 50 Kinds of Junk Food
Sound, Lights, Robots Invade London's Kinetica Art Fair
First Look: A Drooling Alice in Wonderland Beast
Split-Frame Video Synchs Lost Season 1, Season 6 Opening Scenes
'Big Answer' Looms in Fringe's Mythology-Rich Winter Finale
Fans Plot Future of Level 26 'Digi-Novel' Crime Series
Clash of the Titans Gets 3-D Retrofit
7 Big Questions for Lost Final Season. What's Yours?
Phantom YouTube Critic Reams Avatar
Feb. 1, 1951: TV Shows Atomic Blast, Live 02-01-10 thru 02-05-10

Triple-Bill Concept Makes a Comeback With Gay-Centric Films PLUS Something's Gonna Live Doc Honors 100-year old Production Designer Robert Boyle
San Francisco Chronicle 02.07.10

Videos: Animators 'Recode' Data-Driven Decode Art
First Look at Alice in Wonderland's Creepy Caterpillar
Jan 29, 1901: DuMont Will Make TV Work
Software Judges Standup Acts in Slamdance Doc I Am Comic
New Alice in Wonderland Spot Heads for Super Bowl
Corman's Piranha Leads Attack of Cheesy Sci-Fi DVDs 01-25-10 thru 01-29-10

Alice in Wonderland Costume Designer Colleen Atwood Gets Her Exhibition Closeup PLUS Tyrant Moves Forward AND Wolfe Video Bullish LGBT Film Fest Circuit
San Francisco Chronicle 01.24.10

Solatrium Filmmakers Construct Sleek Sci-Fi From Styrofoam Discards
Sci-fi, Horror and Beat Poetry Converge at Sundance, Slamdance
Alessandra Torresani Gets Inside 'Caprica' Prime Cylon
(500) Days of Summer Director Takes on Spider-Man 4
Bourne Trilogy Flips for DVD/Blu-ray Combo Disc
Saw VI Director to Make Paranormal Activity Sequel
Robert Downey Jr., Avatar's James Cameron Snag Golden Globes 01-18-10 thru 01-22-10

Wahid's Mobile Bookstore Short Slamdance Doc: Portrait of a Mumbai Street Kid PLUS Scriptapalooza Screenplay Contest Taps Aspiring Writer Sweet Spot
San Francisco Chronicle 01.17.10

Avatar Obsessives: Read Uncut Script, Join Na'vi Tribe
Review: Book of Eli Caps Wasteland Saga With a Twist
Review: The Lovely Bones: Looks Great, Less Filling
Lost Contest Offers Piece of the Island
Malkovich's Comic Book Roles: Spy in Red, Vulture in Spider-Man 4? 01-11-10 thru 01-15-10

Nine Composer Maury Yeston Explains "Cinema Italiano" PLUS Sri Lanka's Oscar-Submitted Elephant Pass Dramatizes Tragic Civil War
San Francisco Chronicle 01.10.10

How Terry Gilliam Weathered Loss of Heath Ledger to Finish Fanciful Imaginarium
Thor Jumps on Vacated Spider-Man 4 Release Date
Spoof Ad Teases Google Nexus vs. iPhone Turf War
Mendes Might Direct Next James Bond Flick
Del Toro Finds Director for The Orphanage
Caprica, Spartacus Give TV a January Jolt 01-04-10 thru 01-08-10

Teardrop Diamond Brings Tennessee Williams Screenplay to Theaters PLUS Box Office 2009, a Record Year Absent Adult Stars
San Francisco Chronicle 01.03.10