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A Dangerous Method Writer Casts Fathers of Psychoanalysis as Dramatic Heroes PLUS Documentary Short List Stirs Controversey - - Again
San Francisco Chronicle 12.25.11

First Prometheus Trailer Hits Us With Quick-Cut Sci-Fi Horrors
Review: Tintin Serves Up Indiana Jones-Style Adventure
Review: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Makes Data Collection Mesmerizing 12-19-thru-12-23-11

Hugo Gets 3D Polish From James Cameron's Tech Partner Vince Pace PLUS Sitcom Actor Bash Breaks Through in The Descendants
San Francisco Chronicle 12.17.11

Review: Evil Genius Matches Wits With Sherlock Holmes in A Game of Shadows
Giveaway: 8 Great Gifts for the Geek Who Has Everything
Chimp Astronaut Spaces Out in 21st Amendment Brewery's ‘American Icon’ Artwork
Calling DIY Video Makers: Vimeo Festival + Awards Rides Again 12-12-thru-12-16-11

Being Elmo Profiles Sesame Street Puppet Master PLUS Movie Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explores Crowd-Sourced Storytelling
San Francisco Chronicle 12.11.11

Trailer: Dork Trio Abuses Telekinetic Powers in Chronicle
Trailer: Lockout Lands Guy Pearce in Brutal Space Prison 12-05-thru-12-09-11

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Director Designs "Damp Tweed" Look For Cold Thriller PLUS Rosa Short Film Catapults Barcelona Comic Book Artist into Hollywood Fast Lane
San Francisco Chronicle 12.04.11

Steampunk Contraptions Take Over Tattoo Studio
Beyond Bond: Alt-Spy Dramas Swap Angst for Action 11-28-thru-12-02-11

Austere Scandanavian Filmmakers Quietly Master Suspense
Los Angeles Times 12.01.11

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Micro-Manages Tiny Crowd-Sourced Picture Book
L.A. Weekly 11.30.11

British YouTube Animator Goes Wild With Kitty City
Fast Company 11.28.11

Constellation TV Hosts Virtual Filmmaker Q and A for AIDS Documentary The Carrier PLUS High Speed Red Cameras Used To Craft Super-Crisp 3D Hobbit Movies
San Francisco Chronicle 11.27.11

With Hugo, Martin Scorsese Makes a Masterful 3-D Movie for the Ages 11-21-thru-11-25-11

Swell Season Catches up With Once Musicians After Their Oscar WinPLUS Something Startling Happens De-Constructs Great Movies Into 120 Story Beats
San Francisco Chronicle 11.20.11

Video: Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off Ridiculous Sherlock Holmes Disguise
Gallery: High Weirdness of Lowbrow Art (NSFW)
Trailer: Pixar Teases Brave's Wild Redhead 11-14-thru-11-18-11

Gallerist Billy Shire Celebrates 25 Years of Lowbrow Art at La Luz de Jesus Show
Los Angeles Times 11.18.11

El Bulli Follows Genius Chef PLUS Dragonslayer Addresses Overnight Fame
San Francisco Chronicle 11.13.11

Director Werner Herzog Examines Death Row Tragedy With Into The Abyss
Fast Company 11.11.11

Trailer: In Lost Interview, Steve Jobs Slams Microsoft's Lack of Taste
Gorgeous Cyborg Faces Assassins in Sci-Fi Short ROSA
Sci-Fi Short XXIT Gets Big Blade Runner Look From Small Camera
Gallery: 19 Insane Posters for Movies That May Never Exist 11-07-11 thru-11-11-11

Le Havre Takes Classic Approach to Immigration Story PLUS Big in Bombay Addresses Overnight Fame
San Francisco Chronicle 11.06.11

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview Heads for TheatersJames Cameron Labors Over '2.99-D' Conversion of Titanic
Video: Gore Runneth Over in Evil Dead Tribute
Win The Art of The Adventures of Tintin Book 10-30-11 thru-11-04-11

Revenge of the Electric Car Follows Exploits of Mr. Detroit and Rocket ManPLUS Programming the Nation Checks Out Brainwashing Culture
San Francisco Chronicle 10.30.11

Gallery: Steampunk Workstation Is a Victorian Crapper for Keyboard Tappers
Trailer: Muppets Mock Paranormal, Twilight Sequels
New Poster Offers Brooding Vision of Jurassic Park
Joss Whedon Makes Shakespeare 10-23-11 thru-10-28-11

Oranges and Sunshine Revisits Christian Brothers Cghild Migrant Scandal PLUS Oka! Filmmaker Visits Congo For Pygmy Drama
San Francisco Chronicle 10.23.11

Gallery: Dark Lord Conquers Earth in Star Wars: The Complete Vader
Tweaking Fairy Tales to Suit Our Troubled Times
Sherlock Holmes Wears a Dress in New Game of Shadows Trailer 10-17-11 thru-10-21-11

Tresspass Director Joel Schumacher Explains Nicole Kidman and Nic Cage PLUS 20 Years Later: Back to the Garden Catches up With Washington State Hippies
San Francisco Chronicle 10.16.11

Gallery: Butcher Kings Slaughter Pop Icons
Video: Hugo Is Martin Scorsese's 3-D Dream Come True
Barking Seals, Death-Metal Singer Give The Thing a Horrifying Voice
Iron Sky Comic Explains How Nazis Got to Moon
Mayhem, Hulk and Iron Man's Wit Fuel First Avengers Trailer
Review: Arty American Horror Story Spikes Fright Formula With Kinky Sex
Win Obsessed With Star Trek Talking Trivia Book
Zombie Fans: Win a Gore-Packed Walking Dead Book 10-03-thru-10-14-11

Dirty Girl's Juno Temple Portray Teen Outcast PLUS Finding Jo Doc Explores Joseph Campbell and the 'Hero's Journey'
San Francisco Chronicle 10.09.11

Happy, Happy Punctuates Adult Angst With American Gospel Interludes PLUS Welsh Landscapes Captured on 16 Millimeter Film for Sleep Furiously Doc
San Francisco Chronicle 10.02.11

Marvel Lines Up 4 Post-Avengers Movies
Comin' At Ya! 3D Revival Dishes Out Spaghetti Western
Video: The Spooky Kids of Paranormal Activity 3
Zombie Fans: Win a Gore-Packed Walking Dead Book
International Festival Celebrates One-Minute Movies
The Adventures of Tintin Teaser Trailer Released
Terra Nova's Challenge: Make Humans as Extraordinary as Dinosaurs
Geek Goddess Zooey Deschanel Finds Smart Sitcom in New Girl 09-25-thru-09-30-11

3 Director Tom Tykwer Plots Bisexual Love Triangle PLUS Black Power Mix Tape Offers Swedish Take on Black Panthers
San Francisco Chronicle 09.25.11

Outcasts and Visionaries Populate Fall's Hottest New Books
In Drive, Deep Character Fuels Thrill of the Car Chase
Video: NSFW Movie Montage Tells You to 'Shut Up!' 100 Times
Geek Goddess Zooey Deschanel Finds Smart Sitcom in New Girl
Zombies Return in New Walking Dead Trailer 09-12-thru-09-23-11

266-Minute Mysteries of Lisbon Marks Final Film by Raul Ruiz PLUS Late New Yorker Critic Pauline Kael Gets Collected
San Francisco Chronicle 09.18.11

Russian Propoganda Films Take Center Stage at Pacific Film Archives PLUS High Ticket Prices Put Damper on Summer Movie Attendance
San Francisco Chronicle 09.11.11

6 Weird Places Star Trek Merch Has Boldly Gone
Gallery: Contagion Enters Virus-Cinema Hall of Fame | Underwire ...
Trailer: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Oozes Cold War Suspense
Video: Sherlock Holmes Joins Manic Thugs in Guy Ritchie Montage
Trailer: Spaniards Meet Flying Saucers In Extraterrestre 09-06-thru-09-09-11

Interrupters Chronicles Urban Violence Cease Fire Urban PLUS Photographer/exec Tim Palen Compiles Warrior Book as Marketing Hook
San Francisco Chronicle 08.28.11

Thelomeris Trailer: Mark Hamill’s Hungarian Steampunk Sci-Fi
Prehistoric Beasts Run Wild in Dinosaur Revolution
Maker TV: Entourage's Jeremy Piven Pitching Glassblower Reality Show
Gallery: Be Afraid of Guillermo Del Toro’s Dangerous Fairies 08-22-thru-08-26-11

Racing Doc Senna Plays Like Feature Film PLUS Film Profiles the Yiddish Author Who Inspired "Fiddler on the Roof"
San Francisco Chronicle 08.21.11

Haven Weaves Characters' Tweets Into Supernatural Story
Gallery: Day of the Dead Inspires Star Wars Art
New Immortals Trailer Teases Ancient Bloodlust
Video: Lucas Till Raises Havok in X-Men: First Class
Artists Imagine Alien Sex in Strange Attractors Project
Photo: Tom Cruise Gets Serious for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Billy Dee Williams Explains Why Lando Betrayed Han 08-01-thru-08-19-11

Rachel Weisz Plays U.N. Whistleblower PLUS The Arbor Lip-Syncs Tragic Playwright Life
San Francisco Chronicle 08.14.11

Senna Delivers Character-Driven Race Car Drama
The Dude Conquers All: The Big Lebowski Limited Edition
Jane Eyre and the Real Housewives of Old England
Morton Report 08-08-11-thru-08-12-11

Salvation Boulevard Casts Pierce Brosnan as Crooked Preacher PLUS Actor Learns the Method For Shark Night
San Francisco Chronicle 08.07.11

Trailer: HBO Documentary Profiles Self-Taught Superheroes
Giveaway: Win the Original Manuscript of Machine Man
Exclusive Flashback: Psychedelic Animation of Ken Kesey's First Magic Trip on LSD
When Making Apes Into Movie Stars, It's All in the Eyes
Exclusive: New Apollo 18 Trailer Teases Lunar Drama 08-01-thru-08-05-11

Planet of the Apes Prequel Delivers Powerful Chimp Portrayal
Point Blank Makes a Point: The French Shoot Better Thrillers Than Hollywood
Sexism + Racism + Cool Clothes = '60s Revival
Move Over Streisand: Lauren Ambrose Sings Funny Girl
Hillbilly Chic - Justified Leads a Parade of Hick-Themed Entertainments
Morton Report 08-01-11-thru-08-05-11

Twilight Filmmakers Play Hardball With Alleged Leaker
Trailer: HBO Documentary Profiles Self-Taught Superheroes 07-25-11-thru-07-29-11

Ken Kesey's Merry Prankster Get Close-Up in Magic Bus Documentary PLUS Poster Artist Pays Homage to Captain America
San Francisco Chronicle 07.31.11

Henry Waltz Short Conjures Ingenious Steampunk Vistas
Trailer: Drive Doesn't Look Like Your Typical Chase Film
Cowboys & Aliens Blasts Into New Era of Extraterrestrial Mashups
Eye Candy: Artist Concocts Sugar-Charged Monsters 07-25-11-thru-07-29-11

The Whistleblower Depicts UN Peacekeepers as Sex-Trafficking Pimps
The Last (Grumpy) Action Hero: Harrison Ford in Cowboys and Aliens
LSD Drives Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters on Their Magic Trip
Real Housewives Forget Pop Culture's Magic Number: 4
Captain America, Ex-Runt
Morton Report 07-18-11-thru-07-22-11

Winner of French Oscar Walks Naked Through Names of Love PLUS Writing Movies For Fun and Profit Authors Tom Lennon and Ben Branat De-Construct 'Completely Insane' Process of Creating Hollywood Blockbusters
San Francisco Chronicle 07.24.11

Walking Dead Teaser Hypes Zombie Drama's New Season
Trailer for Nonexistent Five Senses Movie Courts Comic-Con Buzz
UFO Spotted in Darkest Hour 'Ball Lightning' Clip
Captain America Primes the Pump for Avengers
Comic-Con Women Wonder, What's a Sexy Geek?
Hail Caesar: Motion-Capturing Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Lead Simian 07-18-11-thru-07-22-11

Real Housewives Forget Pop Culture's Magic Number: 4
Captain America, Ex-Runt
The Perfect Host - Indie Thriller Suggests David Hyde Pierce is Huge in Alaska
Ludivine Sagnier Evolves From French Sexpot to Serious Actress
TV's Sunday Night Ritual: Serious Drama
Morton Report 07-18-11-thru-07-22-11

Cryptic Movie Within a Movie Road to Nowhere Marks Monte Hellman's First Feature in 21 Years PLUS Bobby Fischer Against the World Documents Sad Decline of Paranoid Chess Master
San Francisco Chronicle 07.17.11

Posters and Paintings "Tribute" Sci-Fi Movies
Los Angeles Times 07.17.11

Alphas Heroes Score With Slightly Above-Average Skills
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Finale Is 3-D Done Right
4-D Cinema Explores Shake, Rattle and Sniff Options
Fantastic Fest Preps Slate of 'Weirdest Films on earth'Inside Is 'First Interactive Social Horror Film Experience'
Mondo's Cult Posters Hit Big Time in Oscars Archive 07-11-11-thru-07-15-11

Harry Potter Finale Kindles Fond Memories - If You Have a Good Memory
Southern Belle Handcuffs Mormon Ex-Boyfriend to Bed - Sex, Documentary Ensue
The Nutty Designer: TV's Flipping Out Scores High-Strung Laughs
Morton Report 07-11-11 thru-07-15_11

If a Tree Falls Dissects Earth Libration Front PLUS The Chameleon Revisits True Story of Bizarre French Imposter
San Francisco Chronicle 07.10.11

Win Cowboys & Aliens Slate Signed by Jon Favreau
Video: Luke Skywalker Turns Evil in Star Wars/Twilight Zone Mashup
Crazy4Cult Art Immortalizes Cult Movies 07-05-11-thru-07-08-11

Striking a Chord: Mondo Movie Posters PLUS Topanga Film Festival Brings on Neuroscientists
San Francisco Chronicle 07.03.11

LED Tree Sculpture Aurora Will Light Up Burning Man
History Adds Heft to Transformers: Dark of the Moon's Action Overkill
Tom Cruise Catapults Through New Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol Clip
Giveaway: Transformers Vault Raids Hasbro's Archive 06-27-11-thru-07-01-11

Shia LaBeouf
Morton Report 06.29.11

Fans Flock to Fantasy Movie Posters
Morton Report 06.27.11

Mr. Nice Tells True Story of UK Pothead Turned Spy PLUS Hick Author Lauds Chloe Moretz as Precocious Runaway
San Francisco Chronicle 06.26.11

Trailer: Captain America Trains to Bash Nazis
Trailer: Survival Is the Only Goal in Indie Sci-Fi Sol
Mutant Insects, Animated Sci-Fi Invade ShortFest
Immortals Posters Show Off Greek Gods, Weird Helmets 06-20-30-thru-06-24-11

The Man Behind Superman
Morton Report 06.25.11

Kerouac Keeps on Coming
Morton Report 06.24.11

Steampunk Chic
Morton Report 06.20.11

Con Man Movies
Morton Report 06.22.11

Viva Riva! Tells Tales From the Congo PLUS Making the Boys Recaps Groundbreaking Gay Drama
San Francisco Chronicle 06.19.11

Steampunk Culture: Full Speed Ahead
Los Angeles Times 06.19.11

Review: Falling Skies' Aliens Can't Scare Up TV Chills
Trailer: First Look at Life in a Day's Global Snapshot
Report: Ben Affleck To Treat Actors as 'Hostages' to Prep for Argo
Review: In Green Lantern, Exposition Is a Supervillain
Video: Tree of Life Visualizes the Cosmos Without CGI
Video: Shanghai Worker Hits Office Dressed as Iron Man
U.K. Mutant Sci-Fi Series Misfits Is Coming to Hulu
Rooks 'Float' in New Harry Potter Chess Set 06-13-30-thru-06-17-11

It Girl Blake Lively Lights Up Green Lantern
Morton Report 06.16.11

Craig Ferguson Al Fresco: TV's Most Original TV Comedian Hits Paris Sidewalks
Morton Report 06.13.11

Beautiful Boy Drama PLUS Los Angeles Film Festival Presents James Franco's Hart Crane Film
San Francisco Chronicle 06.12.11

J.J. Abrams Champions Sense of Mystery in Era of Information Overload
You Will Obey Shepard Fairey's They Live Poster
Trailer: Sane Woman Sees Ghosts in John Carpenter's The Ward (NSFW)
Thai Sculptor Transforms Scrap Parts Into Jumbo Autobots
Wands Have More Fun in New Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Posters
Sci-Fi TV Pilot 3% Hurls Brazilians Into Lord of the Flies Mode
Kevin Smith Casts Reality Show Set in Comic Book Store
Vintage Harry Potter Screen Tests Show Young Actors' Auditions
With Sci-Fi Thriller Super 8, J.J. Abrams Stays True to DIY Roots 06-06-30-thru-06-10-11

Screw Commencement Speeches: Gift Bags for Grads
Morton Report 06.09.11

J.J. Abrams Channels Spielberg in Super 8
Morton Report 06.08.11

Submarine Dives into Coming of Age Story PLUS Stanford Spawns 2 Oscar Student Finalists
San Francisco Chronicle 06.05.11

Game designers take a shot at apps creativity
Los Angeles Times 06.05.11

X-Men: First Class Shows 8 Ways to Beat the Reboot Jinx
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trailer: This Time It's Official
Like Clockwork: 40 Years of Ice-Cold Psychopaths
Flash Back to A Clockwork Orange's Eyeball-Torturing 'Aversion Therapy'
Leaked or Planted? Either Way, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trailer Nails Gloomy Vibe 05-30-thru-06-03-11

Janurary Jones Plays Frosty Mutant Bond Girl in X-Men Movie
Morton Report 06.03.11

Platinum Hit Versus The Voice: The Difference Between Dreck and Craft
Morton Report 06.02.11

The Victim, Shot in 12 Days, Features Grindhouse Sex and Violence from Michael Biehn PLUS Future Films Contest Pictures Accentuates the Positive
San Francisco Chronicle 05.29.11

Memorial Day Movie Showdown
Morton Report 05.28.11

10 Books That Will Fry Your Mind This Summer
Daniel Radcliffe: Goodbye Harry Potter, Hello Broadway
Is Alien Intrigue Really a Soviet-Era Psyop?
Deadmau5 Asks Fans: Send Me Your (Fake) Heads
Action-Figure 007s Bicker in 'Battle of the Bonds' 05-21-thru-05-27-11

Watching the (Female) Detectives
Morton Report 05.27.11

Tim Burton Unleashed
Morton Report 05.26.11

Fourth in the Series: Vitello's, the Future<
Studio City Patch 05.25.11

Billion Dollar Auteur Michael Bay Sneak Peeks Transformers 3
Morton Report 05-23-11

Pig Nation: Binge and Purge TV
Morton Report 05.24.11

See Raquel Meyers' Bizarre Chiptune Music Videos (If You Dare)
Time Travel Auteur Nacho Vigalondo Goes Extraterrestrial
J.J. Abrams Brings Time-Warp Twist to Alcatraz Crime Show
Bitter Claymation Film Nabs Student Oscar Nomination 05-16-thru-05-20-11

Third in the Series: Vitello's, the Music
Studio City Patch 05.18.11

Billion Dollar Auteur Michael Bay Sneak Peeks Transformers 3
Morton Report 05-23-11

L'amour Fou Examines Art and Life of Yve St. Laurent PLUS Bay Area Filmmakers Snag Student Oscar Nominations
San Francisco Chronicle 05.15.11

Arnold and Ashton: Closer Encounters With Hollywood Alpha Males
Morton Report 05-14-11

Warning: Iron Sky's Moon Nazis Do Not Come in Peace
Trailer: Real Steel Robots Throw a Mean Punch
Trailer: Visioneers Shows Zach Galifianakis as Exploding Nerd
David Bowie, Artist Tracks Musical Chameleon's Career 05-09-thru-05-13-11

New Fabulists Bring Painterly Eye to Twisted Fairytale Narratives
Morton Report 05-13-11

Five Bizarre Rob Lowe Moments
Morton Report 05-11-11

Vitello's Offers History Lesson in Resilience
Studio City Patch 05.11.11

Nostalgia For the Light Juxtaposes Astronomy and Widows in Chilean Desert PLUS Sloan Grant Boosts Science-Themed Giant Squid Film Roja
San Francisco Chronicle 05.08.11

Clayton Brothers Take Double-Headed Approach to Eye-Popping Exhibition
Los Angeles Times 05.08.11

Strange Parallels: 4 Ways Fringe Tops Lost
As 3-D Hits Tipping Point, Filmmakers Face Polarizing Decisions
Trailer: Priest Pits Monk Against Vampires, Bats
See Ape Men Attack Jesse Eisenberg in 30 Minutes or Less 05-02-thru-05-06-11

Vitello's Celebrates Meatballs and Music 10 Years After Robert Blake Scandal
Studio City Patch 05.04.11

Meek's Cutoff Production Designer Re-Creates Pioneer Vibe PLUS Visual Effects CEO Describes Phantom Menace in 3D
San Francisco Chronicle 05.01.11

A Clockwork Orange 40th Anniversary Clip Revisits 'Ultraviolence
Decepticons Ravage Chicago in New Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Super 8 Will Shake Up Some Moviegoers With 'Motion Effects
Science Scripts on Monster Squid, Marie Curie Get Funding Boost 04-25-thru-04-28-11

My Petroiska Doc Examins Soviet Generation Post Cold War PLUS Stake Land Tells Vampire Story, Western-Style
San Francisco Chronicle 04.24.11

Iron Man Gets Steampunk Makeover by Toy Modder 04-18-thru-04-23-11

Princess of Montpensier Director Bertrand Tavernier Savors the Muck in Medieval Wafare PLUS Special Effects CEO Explains Red White & Blue Star Noah Taylor Talks About Life After Hitler
San Francisco Chronicle 04.17.11

In Dark of the Moon Sneak Peek, 'Birdmen' Steal Transformers' Thunder
Game of Thrones Stays True to 'Brutal' Source Text
'Awesomest' Time-Suck Lands Spot on Webbys' Weird, Wonderful Nominees List 04-11-thru-04-15-11

Circo Follows Mexican Circus Family PLUS Djinn Brings Horror Director to United Arab Emirates
San Francisco Chronicle 04.10.11

Bourne Again: Rip-Roaring Hanna Refreshes Tired Thriller Formula ...
Win Hanna Prize Pack Inspired by Teen Assassin
Hacker Sitcom Breaking In Taps Espionage-Lite Trend 04-04-thru-04-08-11

Ceremony Looks to Balance Drama and Comedy in Vein of The Graduate PLUS Conan O'Brien Documentary to Open Simultaneously on Mobile Phones
San Francisco Chronicle 04.03.11

Rubber's Psycho Tire Rolls Into Pantheon of Road Rage Cinema
Koga's Email Comic Gives Firsthand Account of Japan's Deadly
Exclusive: Source Code Animation Illustrates 'Many Worlds' Theory
Tron or Tron: Legacy? Win Both on Blu-ray
Camille Rose Garcia Dooms Snow White to DayGlo Nightmares
March 29, 1941: Radio Stations Shuffle Frequencies on 'Moving Day' 03-28-thru-04-01-11

Desert Flower Fictionalizes Horrifc Story of Somali Refugee-Turned-Super Model PLUS Art Director Explains I Am Legend's Reverse Car Washing
San Francisco Chronicle 03.27.11

Sucker Punch Star Jena Malone Strikes a Blow for Sexy Female Fighters
Kinect Hack Drives Echo Park's Viral Music Video
Win Sucker Punch Book Crammed With Sex 'n' Violence Concept Art
Video: Soldier-Bots Star in Sucker Punch-Inspired Animation
Video: Captain America Transforms From Punk to Hunk
Techie Chef Builds Weird, Beautiful Food in Quantum Kitchen
Trailer: Ra.One Teases Badass Bollywood Sci-Fi
From the Yellow Kid to Zippy, The Comics Salutes Historic Strips 03-21-thru-03-25-11

Tri-Lingual Certified Copy Casts Opera Singer opposite Juliette Bincohe PLUS Writers Guild Hosts Writing Workshop for War Vets
San Francisco Chronicle 03.20.11

Video: Soldier-Bots Star in Sucker Punch-Inspired Animation
'Art Jockey' Gary Baseman Brings Zombie Girls, Unicorn Cats to SXSW
In Foo Fighters Movie, Rockers Revert to All-Analog Garage Band
Win Manga Impact! Encyclopedia of Wild Comic Book Art 03-14-thru-03-18-11

Surrogate Valentine Features Geek Hearththrob PLUS Music Never Stopped Follows Strange Case of Brain-Dmagaed Hippie Saved by Rock Music
San Francisco Chronicle 03.13.11

Alien War Story Battle: Los Angeles Can't Compete With Real Thing
Nerd-Fi, Spooky Art Flicks, Eccentric Docs: SXSW Film Fest's Great Unknowns
Source Code Director Duncan Jones Talks Life After Moon
Plumb Mysteries of Apollo 18 Document, Win a Wii
Museum-Goer as Caveman: Blink! Video Art Evokes Mystic Lure ofFire 03-07-thru-03-11-11

Clint Eastwood Biographer Explains Minimalist Ethic PLUS Machotaildrop Doc Explores Skateboarding Subculture
San Francisco Chronicle 03.06.11

Adjustment Bureau's New Crew of Fate-Shapers Play Ancient Game
New Photos Reveal Captain America Villain Red SKull
Parallel Universes and Corpse Brains: Source Code Takes Science on a Trip
Win Adjustment Bureau Prize Pack That Flashes Back to Matt Damon's ...
Trailer: Surrogate Valentine Transforms Geek Into Heartthrob 02-28-thru-03-04-11

Oscar-Nominated Editor Says "No False Moments" For The Fighter PLUS Audrey Hepburn's Neck Triggered by Fan Fetish in Japan
San Francisco Chronicle 02.27.11

New Battle: Los Angeles Clip Points Shaky Cam at Soldiers, Dogs and Unseen Aliens
Rainn Wilson Faces Evil in New Super Poster
Release the Giant Cobra Robot: Bollywood's Big, New Global Bet on Sci-Fi
Trailer: Blair Witch Meets Moon in Apollo 18
Jake Gyllenhaal Gets His Orders in New Source Code Trailer 02-21-thru-02-25-11

Director Brad Anderson Picks Detroit as Setting for Post-Apocalyptic Vanishing on 7th Street PLUS Green Film Festival Celebrates Eco-Friendly Movie Making
San Francisco Chronicle 02.20.11

Superheroes, Robots and a Psychotic Tire: 2011’s Most Intriguing Movies
Trailer: Homeless Thor Meets Mortals, Faces Monsters
Fringe Sleuths Bust Ghosts on Cursed Friday Night
Filmmaker Discovers Nazi 3-D Movies From the 1930s
Video: Animated Let's Pollute Draws on Grease Pencil Instead of CGI
Shirt Scraps, Beeswax Sweeten Cake's Handmade Lyric Book
Fantasy Casting Posters Reimagine Classic Sci-Fi Films 02-14-thru-02-21-11

Oscar-nominated Let's Pollute Showcases Bay Area's Hand-Crafted Animation PLUS King's Speech Sparks Uptick in Stuttering Foundation's Popularity
San Francisco Chronicle 02.13.11

Win Battling Aquaman, Mer-Man Action Figures
Mutants Tackle Cuban Missile Crisis in New X-Men: First Class ...
In Bar Karma, Will Wright Orders 12 Shots of Crowdsourced Sci-Fi/a>
Spider-Man Joins Marvel's New 'Future Foundation' 02-07-thru-02-11-11

True Grit Costume Designer Spills Secrets PLUS Shrinking Windows Cause Friction Between Studios and Theaters
San Francisco Chronicle 02.06.11

Getty's Tree Photography Exhibition Showcases High Art Take on Familiar Subject ARTnews February, 2011

Video: YouTube Sneak Peeks Cowboys & Aliens Super Bowl Trailer
Amazon Studios' 'Test Film' American Anthem Heads Toward Completion
Sci-Fi-London Challenges Filmmakers: Make a Movie in 48 Hours
'Singularities Effect' Drives Josh Harris' Dream for MIT Media Lab
Peer Inside Music Box, the Ultimate Tim Burton / Danny Elfman Box 01-31-thru-02-04-11

Get Low Production Designer Jokes He's 'Jack of All Trades, Master of the Superficial' PLUS African Film Festival Showcases Personal Stories
San Francisco Chronicle 01.30.11

Video: Natalie Portman Takes Flight Through Black Swan Visual Effects
Sundance Doc Connected Says Internet Can Save the Planet
Trailer: Hanna Paints Portrait of Lethal Teen
New Hellboy Art Poster Honors Del Toro
Sundance Sci-Fi Entry Another Earth Snags Studio Deal
Oscars Go Mental With Social Network, Inception
Studio Dismisses Matrix Sequels Rumor as 'Bunk' 01-24-thru-01-28-11

Winter's Bone Star John Hawkes Gets Virtuoso Award at Santa Barbara Film Festival PLUS Five Sundance Films Released Simultaneously for Video On Deman
San Francisco Chronicle 01.23.11

Stan Lee Superheroes Coming to Save Pro Hockey
Slamdance Doc Offers Group Portrait of Self-Appointed Superheroes
DIY Filmmakers Dig High-Def, Low-Cost DSLR Cameras
Trailer: The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu Enters 'Nerd Black Hole
See Fringe's Faux Vinyl Artifact, Seven Suns By Violet Sedan Chair
Video: Park Chan-wook Shoots New Thriller Paranmanjang on iPhone
Fringe Video Underscores Sci-Fi Soap Opera
Best Sci-Fi Effects of All Time, as Voted by You
Ricky Gervais Takes an 'Idiot Abroad' in New Travel Show
Trailer: Battle: Los Angeles Gets Gritty for Alien Invasion 01-17-thru-01-21-11

When We Leave Explores Honor Killings in GermanyPLUS Connected Sundance Documentary Examines Technology and Culture in 21st Century
San Francisco Chronicle 01.16.11

DIY Filmmakers Dig High-Def, Low-Cost DSLR Cameras
See Fringe's Faux Vinyl Artifact, Seven Suns By Violet Sedan Chair
Vintage Videogames Inspire Multiplayer Posters
Spider-Man Unveiled: First Photo of Andrew Garfield in Spidey Suit
Video: Born to Be Wild Nature Doc Captures Elephants, Orangutans ...
Review: Green Hornet Leans On Superheroes' Latest Weapon: Comedy ...
Video: Exhuming Buried's Claustrophobic Coffin Scene 01-10-thru-01-14-11

Country Strong Music Supervisor Fits Songs to Characters PLUS Budrus Filmmaker Did Detective Work to Find Footage for 2004 Protests
San Francisco Chronicle 01.09.11

The Cape Teams Wannabe Superhero With Circus Freaks
26 Co-Directors Bring Crowd-Sourced Doc Life in a Day to Sundance
League of Imaginary Scientists Drills 'Wormhole' Into Museum
Vote for Your Favorite Sexy Geeks of 2010
Video: Politically Charged Sci-Fi Short Floats UFOs Over Israel
Video: Graphic Violence Morphs From Live Action to Comic Book Mode
Vote for Your Favorite Sexy Geeks of 2010 01-03-thru-01-07-11

Punk Goddess Chronicles Life and Times of Rock Vocalist Marian Anderson PLUS African Cinema Showcased at Palm Springs International Film Festival
San Francisco Chronicle 01.02.11