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Linda Cardellini Stages Her Own Awards Campaign for War Vet Drama Return PLUS Co-Directing Brothers Document a Night on the Town in New Orleans
San Francisco Chronicle 12.30.12

Video: Everything Wrong With The Dark Knight Rises in Three Minutes 12-24-thru-12-28-12

My Worst Nightmare Casts Isabelle Huppert in Change of Pace French Romantic Comedy PLUS Screenwriters Road Map Author Features Who's Who
San Francisco Chronicle 12.23.12

Sherlock, Fringe Among 2012's Best TV Shows
Call of Duty Scores #1 YouTube Trailer of 2012, Beating Dark Knight Rises
Crowdsourced Cinema: Now You Can Pick What Plays at Your Local Theater
New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Booms With Doom 12-17-thru-12-21-12

Jack Reacher Star Rosamund Pike Talks about the Tom Cruise Experience PLUS Diane Warren Keeps Cranking the Movie Soundtrack Hits With Silver Lining
San Francisco Chronicle 12.16.12

Hollywood Script 'Black List' Opens Doors to Aspiring Screenwriters
Pop Culture Grab Bag: Wired's 2012 Entertainment Giveaway
Is Star Trek Into Darkness Baddie John Harrison Connected to Khan?
Review: The Hobbit Is Insanely Gorgeous at 48 Frames per Second 12-10-thru-12-14-12

The MatchmakerAdddesses Holocaust Themes Via Coming-of-Age Romance PLUS Peter Jackson Goes for Epic 48-Frames Per Second Look in The Hobbit
San Francisco Chronicle 12.09.12

Japanese Jack Reacher Trailer Puts Tom Cruise in Muscle Car Mode
Smaug Alert: New Hobbit Preview Gives a Glimpse of Dragon 12-03-thru-12-07-12

Kings Point Short Doc Makes Short List For Bay Area Filmmaker PLUS Hole in the Head Festival Highlights G-String Horror
San Francisco Chronicle 12.02.12

Incoming Jets Animate Atlanta Airport's Epic Data-Driven Sculpture
Wired Design 11.30.12

Video: Sci-Fi Teaser 2088 Criminalizes Robot Thugs 11-23-thru-11-30-12

The Collection Horror Team Uses Farm Threshers to Wreak Havoc PLUS Gathr CEO Pushes Crowd-Demand Cinema
San Francisco Chronicle 11.25.12

Iron Sky Team Crowdsources Alien Designs for Jeremiah Harm
Tarantino XX Blu-ray Box Bundles Film Geek's Greatest Hits - Wired
Hitchcock Shows 6 Ways Psycho Slashed Hollywood's Rule Book 11-12-thru-11-16-12

Hitchcock Director Sacha Gervasi Explores Making of Psycho PLUS Shmoikel's Twilight Parody Pictures Vampire as 'Nice Jewish Boy'
San Francisco Chronicle 11.18.12

Video: Oz The Great and Powerful Lands in Spectacular Emerald City
Meet PES, the Stop-Motion Genius Who Turns Grenades Into Fresh Guacamole 11-12-thru-11-16-12

Senior Cinema: Quartet Leads Pack of Aging-Themed Oscar Contenders
Los Angeles Times 11.15.12

Young Swiss Thief Pilfers Ski Resort in Sister PLUS Brooklyn Castle Documents Brilliant Ghetto Chess Team
San Francisco Chronicle 11.11.12

The Good Wife The Master, Lincoln Points Toward the Women Behind the Men
Los Angeles Times 11.08.12

Director Barry Levinson Goes Home to Maryland For Found Footage Eco-Horror Flick The Bay PLUS Couple Trek Mountains in Loneliest Planet
San Francisco Chronicle 11.04.12

Movie Studio as Brand Manager: Lucasfilm Bulks Up Disney's Bench
Review: Hot 'Geeks' Act Like Fools in 'Realitu' Soap Start-Ups: Silicon Valley 10-29-12-thru-11-02-12

Sign Painters Get Their Close-Ups as Masters of Hand-Brushed Design
Wired Design 10.29.12

Bar Code Graphics Meet Tribal Tradition in Blanket Art From Chile
Los Angeles Times 10.28.12

Jews Befriend Nazi in The Flat Documentary PLUS Black List Creator Expands into Screenplay Database
San Francisco Chronicle 10.28.12

Three-View Review: Cloud Atlas Swirls With Ambition
Creators of Shadow Cabal Pitch Game of Thrones-Style TV Fantasy
DIY Monster Maker Shares Haunting Secrets in The American - Wired 10-22-12-thru-10-27-12

Peter Jackson Paves the Way for Fast Frame Cinema
DGA Quarterly Fall 2012

Nobody Walks Features Sexy Sound Designer at Center of Romantic Meltdown PLUS San Francisco Laywer Gets to Nicholls Finals With Return of the Dipsticks Screenplay
San Francisco Chronicle 10.21.12

True Skin Sci-Fi Short Nails That Blade Runner Vibe
Taking a Cue From The X-Files, Spy Thriller Hunted Keeps Things Complex
Smell Me Artist Transforms Body Odor Into Olfactory Self-Portrait
Video Premiere: 50 Years On, Skyfall Trumpeter Still Blasting James Bond Theme 10-15-12-thru-10-20-12

Child Star Powers Swedish Nazi Drama Simon and the Oaks PLUS Excuse Me For Living Director Draws on Home Builder Experience
San Francisco Chronicle 10.14.12

Penny Marshall Details Life With A-Listers in My Mother is Nuts PLUS Decoding Deepak Describes Life With Guru Father
San Francisco Chronicle 10.07.12

Review: CIA Plays the Hero for a Change in White-Knuckle ThrillerArgo
Review: Tim Burton's Freaky Heart Beats in Frankenweenie
Seven Psychopaths Poster Giveaway: See Tom Waits as a Bunny 09-30-12-thru-10-12-12

Ti West Contributes Scares to V/H/S 'Found Footage' Horror Anthology PLUSL.A. Fadeaway Dissects Life In Hollywood Talent Agency
San Francisco Chronicle 09.30.12

Review: Fringe Sets up its Farewell - - From the Future
Review: Homeland Probes Post-Traumatic Spy Syndrome
Mars Attacks Giveaway: Bubble Gum Sci-Fi Art Spills Alien Gore
Hugh Jackman Flexes Claws in First Wolverine Movie Shot 09-23-12-thru-09-28-12

Liberal Arts Sets Book Lover Comedy PLUS 10 Years Gives Actors Platform in Reunion Comedy
San Francisco Chronicle 09.23.12

Bond 50 Giveaway: Snag Massive Blu-ray Box Set Celebrating Half-Century of 007
The Master Elegantly Dissects Cult Psychosis
Review: In Revolution, Post-Apocalypse Looks Like a Swashbuckle in the Park 09-17-12-thru-09-21-12

Building Stories Chris Ware Creates 14-Piece Graphic Novel
Fast Company / Fast Co-Create 09.20.12

Beauty is Embarassing director Neil Berkeley Talks Up Puppet Master Wayne White
San Francisco Chronicle 09.16.12

NASA Footage Feeds Robot Tale in Short Film Robbie
Noomi Rapace Burns Through Brian De Palma's Passion Trailer
Video: See Laser-Firing Machines 'Mate' in Jaqapparatus1 09-10-12-thru-09-14-12

After Pee Wee and Smashing Pumpkins, Artist Wayne White Is Reborn
Wired Design 09.14.12

British On-Screen Teens Finally Get Raunchy in Iain Morris' The Inbetweeners Movie PLUS Anime Shines in Studio Ghibli Retrospective
San Francisco Chronicle 09.09.12

Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk with Me Mines Somnoumblism For Comedy Gold PLUS Box Office in September: "Like Debtor's Prison for Movies"
San Francisco Chronicle 09.02.12

A Bionic Garden Grows in Brooklyn: Tracking Tomatoes Wirelessly at Feedback Farms
Wired Design 09.04.12

NASA Footage Feeds Robot Tale in Short Film Robbie
Noomi Rapace Burns Through Brian De Palma's Passion Trailer
Video: See Laser-Firing Machines 'Mate' in Jaqapparatus1 08-27-12-thru-09-09-12

French Comedy Little White Lies Channels Big Chill PLUS Ex-CNN Producer Makes Market Drama $upercapitalist
San Francisco Chronicle 08.26.12

Tesla's Revenge: Filmmakers Kickstart Electrifying Docudrama
Breaking Bad Art Project Cranks Up the Heat on Walter White
Noomi Rapace Burns Through Brian De Palma's Passion Trailer 08-20-12-thru-08-24-12

Julie Delpy Swaps Paris for Manhattan in 2 Days in New York PLUS Without a Net Documentary Follows Circus Performer in Brazil.
San Francisco Chronicle 08.19.12

'The End Is Nigh' Poster Hypes Fantastic Fest Horror Offerings
Video: Pistol Clicks Become Killer Drum Sounds in Looper 08-13-12-thru-16-10-12

Johnny Legend's Theater Series Revisits Weirdo TV Shows PLUS Guillermo Del Toro Promises 'Robot porn' in Pacific Rim.
San Francisco Chronicle 08.12.12

Bourne Legacy's Gene-Doped Superspies Aren’t as Far-Fetched as They Sound
Computer Viruses Can Kill in Ambitious Sci-Fi Web Series H+ 08-06-12-thru-08-10-12

Broken Lizard Director Films Sperm Bank Heist in The Babymakers PLUS Quentin Tarantino Shows off Film Scholar Side to Hype Django Revisited W
San Francisco Chronicle 08.05.12

Monstrous Animated GIFs Give Classic Creatures a Noir Look 07-28-12-thru-08-03-12

Designers Give Military Sites Extreme Makeover
Wired Design 08_01-12

How The Expendables 2 Director Simon West Squeezed 3 Superstars in One Frame PLUS Bill W Profiles AA Founder
San Francisco Chronicle 07.29.12

Revolution's Blacked-Out Future World Won't Be a Dystopia
Fringe's Sci-Fi Crime Fighters Head Toward 'Bittersweet' Closure 07-21-12-thru-07-27-12

Queen of Versaille Tells Riches-To-Rags Recession Story PLUS Student Road Trip Doc to Honor Pixar "Planet Pizza" Truck
San Francisco Chronicle 07.22.12

30 Beats Casts Justin Kirk in Steamy Ensemble Drama PLUS No Love Lost Between Crazy Eyes Director and His Producer
San Francisco Chronicle 07.15.12

Triumph Chronicles Steampunk Adventures of Bombastic Lord Cockswain
Tim Burton Unspools New Frankenweenie Footage, Riffs on Nightmare Childhood
Sam Raimi Pulls Back the Curtain on Oz the Great and Powerful
Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight Rises Get Mondo-ized
First Footage of Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium Shows Earth as Sci-Fi Landfill
Shotguns, Wormholes Perforate Philip K. Dick-Inspired Looper
Tarantino Spills Antebellum Gore in Nerve-Wracking Django Unchained ‘Sizzle Reel’
Man of Steel Starts Superman Story All Over Again
An Unexpected Pleasure: Peter Jackson Unveils 12 Lush Minutes of The Hobbit 07-09-12-thru-07-14-12

Crazy Wisdom Revisits Life of Eccentric Tibetan Master PLUS Documentary Looks at Baseball in Dominican Republic
San Francisco Chronicle 07.08.12

First Robot & Frank Trailer Sketches Man-Bot Bond
Review: Bloody Serious Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Isn't as Fun as It Sounds
Review: How Andrew Garfield Spins Amazing Spider-Man Forward
Amazing Spider-Man's Lizard Fuses Ostrich, Alligator, Dragon
Win Dark Knight Book 06-22-12-thru-07-06-12

That's a Wrap! Composer Knits Scarves That Power a Piano
Wired/Design 07.02.12

Marilyn Monroe Inspires French Thriller PLUS Locations Show Pulls Ingenuity For Film Commission With No Tax Rebates
San Francisco Chronicle 07.01.12

MakerBot 3D Printer Streamlines Life for Broadway Scenic Designer Katie Hultgren
Wired/Design 06.25.12

Pink Ribbon Inc. Looks at Cancer Charity Marketing PLUS Oslo, August 31st Follows Doctor/Actor Through Final Suicidal Day
San Francisco Chronicle 06.24.12

Review: UFO Can't Save Screwball Comedy Extraterrestrial 06-15-12-thru-06-22-12

Film Editor Talks Dramatic Tension PLUS Invisible War Doc Takes on Rape in the Military
San Francisco Chronicle 06.17.12

Origin of the Creepy Species, Prometheus-Style
Video: Amazing Spider-Man Dunks on a Jock
Why Breaking Bad and Walking Dead Might Go Black on Dish Network 06-08-12-thru-06-15-12

Anjelica Huston Takes Smash Role and Runs With It
Los Angeles Times 06.15.12

Awake Plays Head Games in TV's Risky Mythology Tradition
Los Angeles Times 06.14.12

Missing Goes International With Ashley Judd
Los Angeles Times 06.14.12

Aliens Attack: Fake Facebook Messages Hype TNT'S Falling Skies
Fast Company Co-Create 06-11-12

L.A. Film Festival Salutes Female Producers PLUS The Scribbler Celebrates Fast Turn Around Style
San Francisco Chronicle 06.10.12

Review: Majestic Visuals Power Prometheus Through Big, Murky Ideas
With Prometheus, Ridley Scott Makes Sci-Fi Horrifyingly Believable Again
Hunger Games' 'District 12' Village Hits Auction Block 06-04-12-thru-06-08-12

Animation Woman

Tonight You're Mine Actress Digs Muddy Rock Festival Setting PLUS Hunger Games Village Hits Auction Block
San Francisco Chronicle 06.03.12

UW Grad Joins ABC and Goes On the Road With Romney
University of Wisconsin Magazine Summer 2012)

Game Designer Tom Hall Survives Stroke, Keeps Gaming
University of Wisconsin Magazine Summer 2012)

Modern Cartoonist Daniel Clowes Prefers Paper to iPad
James Bond Toughs It Out in First Skyfall Trailer
7 Most Intriguing TV Shows Coming This Fall 05-06-12-thru-05-28-12

Dog Trainer Gets Hitchcock Lapdogs in Shape PLUS Cats In Paris Takes Offbeat Foreign Langugage Tack
San Francisco Chronicle 05.27.12

Corpus Christie Explores Vet Trauma PLUS Box Office Booms in 2012
San Francisco Chronicle 05.20.12

Lebanese Director Nadine Labaki Does it All in Funny-Sad Where Do We Go Now? PLUS Vietnamese-American Republican Gets Doc Close-up
San Francisco Chronicle 05.13.12

Kathleen Turner Plays Catholic Mom in The Perfect Family PLUS Bay Area's Alternative Scene Inspires Drama
San Francisco Chronicle 05.06.12

New Spider-Man Trailer Spotlights Skyscraper Acrobatics, Lizard Villainy
The Avengers: Assemble Pays Tribute to Marvel’s Superteam
Gamma Ray Catharsis: Why Hulk Rips Up Audiences in The Avengers
Review: Sharp Wit Lifts Avengers Above Formulaic Action 04-30-12-thru-05-03-12

The Fairy Trio Channels Charming Silent Movie-Style Clowning PLUS Painter Richter Gets His Closeup
San Francisco Chronicle 04.29.12

Beastie Boy Mike D. Drives Mercedes-Benz Transmission Art Show
Fast Company/ 04.24.12

Sperm Donor + Road Trip Equals Natural Selection Dramedy PLUS StarCast Shines Spotlight on Unknown Actors
San Francisco Chronicle 04.22.12

Fast-Frame Hobbit Dangles Prospect of Superior Cinema, But Will Theaters Bite? 04-17-12-thru-04-22-12

We Have a Pope Finds Comedy in Vatican Drama PLUS Big Foot Sparks American Letters from the Big Man
San Francisco Chronicle 04.15.12

Video: Beats Take Shape in Beeple's Candy-Colored Animation IV.10
Looper Trailer Lays Groundwork for Time-Traveling Hitmen Flick
Animated GIFs Paint Breaking Bad Characters in DayGlo Pixels
The Avengers Talk Candy, Booze and Hulk's Childlike Fury 04-09-12-thru-04-13-12

Applause Casts Intense Paprika Steen as Drunken Actress PLUS Stand up comedian takes on serious role as substitute teacher in Oscar-nominated foreign language film Monsier Lazhar
San Francisco Chronicle 04.08.12

Vintage Photos Enter Spooky Afterlife as Animated GIFs 04-02-12-thru-04-06-12

Author Describes Lightbulb Moment That Sparked Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Movie PLUS Star Wars Concept Artist Gets Into Anime
San Francisco Chronicle 04.01.12

Music Video: 8-Bit Rockers Jam Through Side-Scrolling Adventures in 'Dreamorama'
Hunger Games Star Shoots to Top of Action Heroine Hot List
Gallery: Sci-Fi Concept Artists Conjure Alien Eye Candy in Art of Control-Z 03-26-12-thru-03-30-12

Zappa Documentry Chronicles Mad Method PLUS Juicy Couture Co-Founder Launches High Brow Film Company
San Francisco Chronicle 03.25.12

Hunger Games Star Shoots to Top of Action Heroine Hot List
New Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer Portrays Presidential Axe Slinger
Video: Manic Dubstep Mashup Puts Music to 50000 Sci-Fi and Horror
Terminator, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters Collide in Animated Short Film 03-19-27-thru-03-23-12

7 Pieces Of 'Damn Good' Creative Advice From '60s Ad Man George Lois
Fast Company / 03.23.12

Footnote Director Dramatizes Talmudic Scholar Tussle PLUS For Kid With a Bike French Filmmaking Brothers Find Energetic Lead
San Francisco Chronicle 03.18.12

Crowdsourced Movie Studio Creates a Bold New Kind of Sci-Fi
Ridley Scott Spills Sensational Prometheus Trailer, Teases Sequel
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Channels Bruce Willis in Time-Travel Thriller 03-12-27-thru-03-16-12

Delicacy Filmmaking Brothers Mix Humor and Drama in Audrey Tatou Romantic Comedy PLUS Apart Uses Social Media to Maximize Micro Budget
San Francisco Chronicle 03.11.12

Alamo Drafthouse's Summer of 82 Screens Vintage Sci-Fi, Action 03-05-12-thru-03-09-12

The Forgiveness of Blood Dramatizes Albanian Feuds PLUS Publicist Recounts Boorish Star Behavior in Wilde Thymes Memoir
San Francisco Chronicle 03.04.12

Hand-Cranked Camera Transports Londoners Back in Time
Alamo Drafthouse's Summer of 82 Screens Vintage Sci-Fi, Action
Trailer: Zombies Attack Havana in Gory Juan of the Dead
See a Bit of Brad Pitt's Fave Sci-Fi Flick, War of the Gargantuas 02-27-thru-03-02-12

Nina Jacobson Describes Life as Hollywood Producer
Brown Alumni Magazine March/April 2012

Guillermo Del Toro to Produce Animated Day of the Dead
Wired's Oscar Picks, Where Math Nerds, Hackers and 3-D Spectacles Win
Exclusive: Animators Drop Stop-Motion Creatures Into Jungle Scenes 02-20-thru-02-24-12

Oscar-nominated Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Editor Dissects David Fincher Aesthetic PLUS Crazy Horse Parisian Club Gets Documentary Treatment
San Francisco Chronicle 02.26.12

Guillermo Del Toro to Produce Animated Day of the Dead
Wired’s Oscar Picks, Where Math Nerds, Hackers and 3-D Spectacles Win
Exclusive: Animators Drop Stop-Motion Creatures Into Jungle Scenes 02-20-thru-02-24-12

Jack Gill Lobbies for Stunt Oscar PLUS Dancing in the Street Doc Girl Walk Captures New York City's Hip Hop Vitality
San Francisco Chronicle 02.19.12

Trailer: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Slays in Slo-Mo
Dirt-Cheap iPhone Trick Captures Great Ape Close-Ups
In Life's Too Short, Famous Dwarf Tangles With Ricky Gervais 02-13-thru-02-17-12

Mark Bridges Digs Into Silent Movie Passion to Design Costumes for The Artist PLUS Oscar-nominated short film La Luna Channels Pixar Artiust's Italian Childhood Production Designer Fit Home Decor to Character
San Francisco Chronicle 02.12.12

Action Abounds in Amazing Spider-Man Sneak Preview
Sarah Palin Look-Alike Fends off Moon Nazis in New Iron Sky Trailer 02-06-thru-02-10-12

Douglas Trumbull Pioneers Fast Frame Rate PLUS The Help Production Designer Fit Home Decor to Character
San Francisco Chronicle 02.05.12

Giveaway: Win a Massive Transformers Blu-ray Bundle
Filmmakers Launch Campaign for Zombie Apocalypse Comedy 01-30-thru-02-03-12

Construct Your Own Country Music With Cheating Song Generator
Wired Magazine February, 2012

Billion Dollar Movie Showcases Tim and Eric's High Prpfile Co=Stars PLUS Man on a Ledge Producer Took 13-Year Leap of Faith
San Francisco Chronicle 01.29.12

Giveaway: Win a Massive Transformers Blu-ray Bundle 01-23-thru-01-27-12

Warren Ellis Documentary Examines Camera-Shy Graphic Novelist PLUS Blair Witch Project Star - Turned Memoirist Chronicles Life in the Slow Lane
San Francisco Chronicle 01.22.12

Convicts Escape Quantum Physics in Alcatraz, J.J. Abrams' Latest Wormhole Ride
Tim and Eric Unleash Filthy Billion Dollar Movie at Sundance 01-16-thru-01-20-12

Norwegian Wood Sets Suicidal Love Story Amid Gorgeous Landscape PLUS Anti-Cigarette Crusader Stars in Addiction Incorporated Documentary
San Francisco Chronicle 01.15.12

Gas-Masked Warriors Fight Howlers in Sci-Fi Short Sons of Chaos
Steampunk GPS App Evokes Jules Verne Era 01-09-thru-01-13-12

Hipsters Makes Musical Out of Mid-Century Russian Misfits PLUS Time Lapse Filmmaker Brings Nature Doc to Fruition
San Francisco Chronicle 01.08.12

c-299792-kilometers-per-second Sci-Fi Short
Geek Gives New England Home an Extreme Steampunk Makeover
2012's Most Tantalizing Movies 01-02-thru-01-06-12

Women on the Verge of Nervous Breakdowns Curry Oscar Love
Los Angeles Times 01.05.12

TimeScapes' Tom Lowe Ventures Into the Wild
Fast Company 01.03.12

Fishbone Documentary Tells Bittersweet Music Story PLUS Silent Movies Make Their Comeback
San Francisco Chronicle 01.01.12

James Cameron, Hobbit Converge at 60 Frames Per Second
Wired Magazine January, 2012