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Terence Winter Writes a Flashy Con Man for Wolf of Wall Street PLUS Sony Home Enterainment Shakeup Follows Weak Summer Box Office
San Francisco Chronicle 12.29.13

Poet Elizabeth Bishop finds her voice and love in Brazil in Reaching for the Moon PLUS Her Production Designer Envisions Comfy Future World
San Francisco Chronicle 12.22.13

Designing A Future Of Comfort, Color, And Gorgeous Gadgets In "Her"
Fast Company / 12.18.13

See Wheelchairs Get Reimagined As Tricked-Out Steampunk Rides
Fast Company / 12.16.13

American Hustle Writer Describes Stranger-Than-Fiction ABSCAM Sting PLUS Blast of Silence Director, 86, Recalls His 1961 Film Noir Indie
San Francisco Chronicle 12.15.13 [subscription required for full story]

Collars, Curls And Comb-overs: Behind The Sensational 70s Style Of "American Hustle"
Fast Company / 12.13.13

New films like 'Gravity,' 'Her' connect the high-tech with the heart | alternate link
Los Angeles Times 12.12.13

Music documentaries look at the talent just beyond the spotlight AKA 20 Feet From Stardom and Muscle Shoals Celebrate Unsung Heroes
Los Angeles Times 12.12.13

Bettie Page Revealed Documents Life and Times of Iconic Pin-up Girl PLUS Nebraska Author Remembers Grueling Pixar Employment
San Francisco Chronicle 12.08.13 [subscription required for full story]

Santa's Satanic Sidekick, Krampus, Invades America
Fast Company / 12.05.13

The Punk Singer Follows Feminist Rocker Kathleen Hanna PLUS Authors Showcase Their Collection in Lavish Wizard of Oz Book
San Francisco Chronicle 12.01.13 [subscription required for full story]

How an Auteur's Team Channeled the Prairie Soul of Nebraska
Fast Company / 11.25.13

The Great Beauty Examines Rome in the Age of Frivolity PLUS Self-Taught Animator Swtiches From Blockbusters to YouTube Shorts
San Francisco Chronicle 11.24.13 [subscription required for full story]

Sarah Silverman On Finding The Flow In "We Are Miracles"
Fast Company / 11.22.13

Sci-Fi Thriller Almost Human is Almost Factual
New York Times 11.17.13

Broken Circle Breakdown Movie Looks at Bluegreass in Belgium PLUS Cabinet of Curiosities Book Sketches Out Guillermo del Toro's Image Factory
San Francisco Chronicle 11.17.13 [subscription required for full story]

The VFX Wiz Behind YouTube's Viral "Rubber Man" On The Beauty Of Horrible Mistakes
Fast Company / 11.12.13

Adam Silverman's Unearthly Pottery
Los Angeles Times 11.10.13

How I Live Now: Apocalyptic tale uses humanity, not special effects PLUS Charlie Countryman Follows Shia LaBeouf to Romania
San Francisco Chronicle 11.10.13 [subscription required for full story]

Alex Gibney On The Filmmaking Pivot Behind "The Armstrong Lie"
Fast Company / 11.08.13

George Lucas Breaks Down The Essence Of Star Wars In This Collection Of Images
Fast Company / 11.08.13

"Happy Mutant Baby Pills" Skewers Pharmaceutical Side Effects, Our Drug Culture
Fast Company / 11.05.13

Mariel Avoids Hemingway Curse in Running From Crazy PLUS In Spinning Plates Iowa Restaurant Serves Up Home-Spun Charm
San Francisco Chronicle 11.03.13 [subscription required for full story]

Ass Backwards Teams Producer, Director on Subversive Female Comedy
Brown University Magazine November/December 2013

Lessons In Creating Surprise From Pioneering Chef Grant Achatz
Fast Company / 10.30.13

See The Analog Creations Of The "Low Tech Print" Revival
Fast Company / 10.29.13

Guillermo Del Toro Shares 14 Creative Insights From His Spectacular Cabinet Of Curiosities Sketch Book
Fast Company / 10.29.13

James Toback: 6 Harsh Truths About Hollywood 10.29.13

Informant Profiles Leftist Turned FBI Spy PLUS Hate Crime Facing Fear Makes Short Doc Short List
San Francisco Chronicle 10.27.13

Beyond Andre The Giant: A Look At Street Sticker Art From Around The World
Fast Company / 10.23.13

Torn Examines Aftermath of Shopping Mall Attack PLUS Prop Master Powers Through Thor and Captain America
San Francisco Chronicle 10.20.13 [subscription required for full story]

Director Kimberly Peirce On Creating Blood Bath 2.0 In "Carrie"
Fast Company / 10.18.13

See a Sofa Made From Brain Waves and 17 Other Designs
Fast Company / 10.16.13

Shooting Guerilla Style at Disney World For Escape From Tomorrow PLUS The Summit Doc Revisits Mountain-Climbing Tragedy
San Francisco Chronicle 10.13.13 [subscription required for full story]

Artist Turns Garden Hoses, Toilet Plungers, Rain Spouts Into "Suburban Angst" Sculptures
Fast Company / 10.11.13

Beat Box Collector Chronicles the Rise and Fall of Drum Machines
Fast Company / 10.10.13

New Faculty Add New Media Smarts to USC School of Cinematic Arts Program USC In Motion Magazine Fall 2013

How the Makers of "The Summit" Re-Enacted Mountain Tragedy
Fast Company / 10.08.13

8 Tips For Creating Great Stories From George R.R. Martin, Junot Diaz And Other Top Storytellers
Fast Company / 10.08.13

Muscle Shoals Director Gets Down in Soul Music Doc PLUS This Ain't No Mouse Music Profiles Roots-Loving Arhoolie Records Founder
San Francisco Chronicle 10.06.13 [subscription required for full story]

Parkland Revists Kennedy Assasination PLUS This Ain't No Mousse Music Profiles Roots-Loving Arhoolie Records Founder
San Francisco Chronicle 09.29.13

How Hardship Fueld Muscle Shoals' Soul Music Genius
Fast Company / 09.27.13

How The Makers Of "Escape From Tomorrow" Made A Twisted Disney World Horror Without Disney's OK
Fast Company / 09.23.13

French Wine Country Scores Starring Role in You Will Be My Son PLUS Chain Saw Confidential Recounts Horror Film Horrors
San Francisco Chronicle 09.22.13

Photoshopping the Future: Take a Look at the World That Awaits in 2050
Fast Company / 09.16.13

Leatherface From "Chainsaw Massacre" Takes Us Back To That Sweltering, Smelly House of Horrors
Fast Company / 09.16.13

Isaiah Washington Takes on D.C. Sniper in Blue Caprice PLUS Beatles Fan Club Boss Gets Her Own Doc in Good Ol' Freda
San Francisco Chronicle 09.15.13

Master Class Mad Props: Hands On with the Guy Who Made Thor's Hammer and Iron Man's Heart
Fast Company / 09.12.13

The Illustrated Man: Artist Tomi Ungerer Takes On Nazis, Nudes, And Children's Books-
Fast Company / 09.10.13

Peter Landesman Makes Movie About JFK Assasination
Brown University Magazine September/October 2013

Hive Lighting Offers Hollywood Filmmakers a Green Option
Brown University Magazine September/October 2013

Roman Polanski Book Focuses on the Work PLUS Dragons and Dungeons-Inspired Story Moves to Big Screen
San Francisco Chronicle 09.08.13

Lawyer Andrew Stoltmann Takes Wall Street to Court
University of Wisconsin Alumni Magazine Fall 2013

From Children's Books to Erotica, Tomi Ungerer Stays Edgy in Far Out Isn't Far Enough Documentary PLUS Despite Duds, Summer 2013 Box Office Set Record
San Francisco Chronicle 09.01.13

Cinematographer Brad Young Shoots Ain't Them Bodies Saints Sets Texas Crime Story in Celluloid Atmosphere PLUS Casting By Documentary Spurs New Oscar Category
San Francisco Chronicle 08.25.13

I Give It a Year Turns Rom-Com Cliches on Their Heads PLUS New Approach to Box Office Analysis
San Francisco Chronicle 08.18.13

The Artist and the Model Inspired by Picasso PLUS Europa Report Takes Sci-Fi Flight to Jupiter
San Francisco Chronicle 08.11.13

Neill Blomkamp on Designing Dystopia in "Elysium"
Fast Company / 08.09.13

The Art of the Cliffhanger: "Broadchurch" Creator Breaks Down Britain's Most Tweeted Thriller
Fast Company / 08.07.13

Stories That Jump Off The Page: See Stunning Art Made From Book
Fast Company / 08.05.13

Ancient Mythology Gets Refreshed in Percy Jackson PLUS The Act of Killing Restages Executions in Indonesia
San Francisco Chronicle 08.04.13

Computer Chess Pits Man Versus Machine PLUS Joe Papp in Five Acts Profiles Contentious Shakespeare in the Park producer
San Francisco Chronicle 07.28.13 [subscription required for full story]

Blackfish Splashes Cold Water on SeaWorld's Killer Whale Spectacle PLUS The Hunt Examines Price of False Child Abuse Accusations
San Francisco Chronicle 07.21.13 [subscription required for full story]

With "Computer Chess," A Loving Look Back at 1980's Nerd Culture
Fast Company / 07.18.13

How to Make Money Selling Drugs Documentary Takes Satiric Approach to Black Market PLUS Michael Mann Takes on Cyber Terrorism in Untitled Project
San Francisco Chronicle 07.14.13 [subscription required for full story]

Going Big: Guillermo del Toro Creates Bot Vs Monster Spectacle For “Pacific Rim”
Fast Company / 07.12.13

Twenty Feet From Stardom Spotlights Unsung Heroines of Soul PLUS Legendary Pictures Boss Moves Forward from Man of Steel
San Francisco Chronicle 07.07.13 [subscription required for full story]

Plymouth Rock Shards, FDR's Mic, And Hanging Chads: See The History Of America Through Small Objects
Fast Company / 07.01.13

Detroit Trio's Punk Sound Make Comeback in A Band Called Death Doc PLUS Spielberg Takes on Video Games in Movies and TV
San Francisco Chronicle 06.30.13 [subscription required for full story]

Dash Shaw Tells Surreal Theme Park Story In Color-Drunk “New School” Graphic Novel
Fast Company / 06.28.13

Paul Feig: 'The Heat' success may bring more female comedies PLUS Film Editor Sam Pollard Talks Craft of Cutting
San Francisco Chronicle 06.23.13

World War Z Director Tackles Zombie Swarms, Tricky Third Act
Fast Company / 06.21.13

Movie Meltdown, $100 Tickets, And Dream Control: Lucas And Spielberg Forecast The Future Of Entertainment
Fast Company / 06.17.13

Marshall Brickman Survives Woody Allen to Craft Jersey Boys Musical
University of Wisconsin Alumni Magazine Summer 2013

Magic Camp : More Magical Movies This Year PLUS Designer 3D Prints the Planet Krypton for Man of Steel
San Francisco Chronicle 06.16.13 [subscription required for full story]

Pussy Riot Doc Looks at the Punk-Rocking Women Behind the Masks
Fast Company / 06.10.13

Quarterly mystery boxes try to make snail mail hip again
Los Angeles Times 06.09.13

Opera Documentary Goes Modern in Becoming Traviata PLUS Wish You Were Here Filmmaking Couple Survive Dysentery in Cambodia to Explore "Heart of Darkness"
San Francisco Chronicle 06.09.13

Director, actress hop a freight for The East PLUS Fill the Void Sets Melodrama Against Orthodox Jewish Setting
San Francisco Chronicle 06.02.13

'Justified's' psychopaths are never at a loss for words
Los Angeles Times 05.30.13

Ben Wheatley's Sightseers Takes Bloody Road Trip Through Bucoclic British Countryside PLUS Elysium Pictures Future Divide Between Rich and Poor
San Francisco Chronicle 05.26.13

Lest We Forget: Retro Styled Posters Personalize Fallen Soldiers
Fast Company / 05.24.13

"Inside Out" Showcases The Eye-Popping Street Art That Aims to Change the World, One Face at a Time
Fast Company / 05.20.13

Frances Ha Puts French New Wave Spin on Brooklyn-Based Comedy PLUS Elemental Tracks Activists' Noble Journey
San Francisco Chronicle 05.19.13

Ice Man Puts Michael Shannon Through Paces as New Jersey Hit Man PLUS Xan Cassavetes' Kiss of the Damned Finds Inspiration in Connecticut Country Home
San Francisco Chronicle 05.12.13

It's a Stick Up Book Features Los Angeles Wheat Paste Street Artists
Los Angeles Times 05.12.13

Building the Future, One Crazy idea at a Time
New Yorker/Elements technology blog 05.10.13

Pakistani's American Dream Goes Haywire in Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist PLUS Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin Share Expertise in Their ScriptNotes Podcast
San Francisco Chronicle 05.05.13

Redemption For Shane Black Comes in Iron Man 3 05.03.13

Kon-Tiki Producer Goes Deep to Revisit Thor Heyerdale Voyage PLUS Oscar-winning Production Designer Robert Stromberg Gets His Directing Shot
San Francisco Chronicle 04.28.13

The Bilingual Adventure Of Making "Kon-Tiki"
Fast Company / 04.26.13

Simon Killer Explores Dark Side of Paris PLUS Angel's Share Finds Humor in Whiskey Heist Story
San Francisco Chronicle 04.21.13 [subscription required for full stsory]

Marilyn Monroe, Vodka And Lolita: The Images Of "Original Mad Man" Bert Stern
Fast Company / 04.16.13

It's "Elementary": Your Guide To The Many Pop Culture Faces Of Sherlock Holmes
Fast Company / 04.15.13

CinemaCon Offers Summer Peeks PLUS Sound Designers Use Surprising Blends for Big Impact in GI Joe
San Francisco Chronicle 04.14.13 [subscription required for full story]

"American Idol" For Screenwriters: Hit Movie Scribes Podcast Weekly From The Belly Of The Hollywood Beast
Fast Company / 04.07.13

Disconnect Explores the Dark Side of Social Media PLUS CBS Films Goes Big Time With New Coen Brothers Movie
San Francisco Chronicle 04.07.13 [subscription required for full story]

Reality Serves as Fact-Based Metaphor for Italian Fantasy World PLUS Dennis Hopper Biographer Explores Bay Area's Easy Rider Connection
San Francisco Chronicle 03.31.13 [subscription required for full story]

Stanley Kubrick Faked The Moon Landing And Other "Room 237" Secrets From The Shining
Fast Company / 03.28.13

Mental Tells Remarkable True Story of P.J. Hogan's Hitchiking Nanny PLUS PLUS Elle Fanning Goes Brit For Ginger and Rosa 1960's Drama
San Francisco Chronicle 03.24.13 [subscription required for full story]

Upside Down Surrounds Kirsten Dunst With Topsy Turby Sci-Fi Worlds PLUS Math Films Gone Wild
San Francisco Chronicle 03.17.13

Organizers, Prepare To Swoon: "The Art of Clean Up" Puts Messy Reality In Extreme Order
Fast Company / 03.14.13

Oscar-Winning Anna Karenina Costume Designer Moves Onto Doppleganger Farce PLUS Citizen Hearst Doc Tells Press Mogul's True 'Kane' Saga
San Francisco Chronicle 03.10.13

Beyond the Hills Dissects Real-Life Romanian Exorcism Gone Bad
Los Angeles Times 03.09.13

Design Wizard Behind Oz The Great and Powerful Makes It Pop
Fast Company / 03.08.13

When Innovation Goes Wrong Genius On Hold and the Tragic Inventor Archetype
Fast Company / 03.05.13

Barbara Looks at East Germany Secret Police Abuses PLUS "Pre-Code" Movie Series Examines Uncensored "Bawdy Golden Age"
San Francisco Chronicle 03.03.13

Original Shock And Awe: Vikings Invade Game of Thrones' Turf
Fast Company / 03.01.13

Mark Johnson and Walmart Heiress Produce Chicano Coming of Age Film UltimaPLUS Autodesk Dominates Oscar Visual Effects
San Francisco Chronicle 02.24.13

When Good Enough Isn't: How The Tiniest Details Can Make A Project (And Get You An Oscar Nom)
Fast Company / 02.22.13

Heart Of Zero Dark Thirty: How An Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter Wove The Year's Most Fraught Story
Fast Company / 02.21.13

How Zero Dark Thirty's Mark Boal Became Producer PLUS Filmmakers Raise Money to Fly Afghan Boy to Hollywood For Oscars
San Francisco Chronicle 02.17.13

Computer Chess Takes Droll Look at Nerd Culture 02-11-thru-02-15-13

Chile's Foreign Language Oscar-Nominated No Revisits Ad Campaign That Got Rid of a Dictator
Fast Company / 02.12.13

Inside Comedy: David Steinberg Parses 7 Rules For How to Be Funny
Fast Company / 02.12.13

Computer Chess Takes Droll Look at Nerd Culture 02-04-thru-02-08-13

Denmark's Foreign Language Oscar Nominee Royal Affair Recounts Danish Democracy Origin Story as Costume Drama Meets History Lesson Meets Soap Opera
Los Angeles Times 02.07.13

Director Chris Butler Takes on Bullying in Oscar Animation Nominee ParaNorman PLUS and Hollywood Takes On Duelling John McAfee Bio-Pics
San Francisco Chronicle 02.03.13

Video: What If Homeland Were a 16-Bit JRPG?
Oz The Great and Powerful: See the Superbowl Preview Teaser
Exclusive Look: Amazing Movie Posters From Mondo’s New Gallery Show 01-28-thru-02-01-13

Superbowl TV Commercial Director Bryan Buckley Snags Oscar Nomination for Somalian Refugee Asad Short PLUS and ILM Visuael Effects Supervisor Builds The Avengers' Manhattan in a Computer
San Francisco Chronicle 01.27.13

Steve Wozniak Respond to Their Depictions in jOBS Trailer
3D-Printed Iron Throne Smartphone Dock Rings True for Game of Thrones Fans
Infographics: Charting Hollywood's Odd Obsession With Orange and Teal 01-21-thru-01-25-13

New Series Cult and The Following Show the Dark Side of Social Media
Fast Company / FastCo-create 01.22.13

Argo Title Designer Kyle Cooper Explains the Art of the Prologue PLUS YouTube Critiques Skewer Prometheus and The Avengers
San Francisco Chronicle 01.20.13

Create Your Own Star Wars Alter Ego at 'Identities' Show
See a Real-Life Mario Kart Race Complete With RFID Bananas, Power-Ups
Watch the Entirety of Toy Story as a Live-Action Remake 01-14-thru-01-18-13

San Francisco Film Society Grant Winner Writer-Director Explores Immigration in The Brave Ones Script PLUS Clash Song Inspires Let Fury Have the Hour Doc
San Francisco Chronicle 01.13.13

How ILM Built the Best Hulk Ever for The Avengers (And Earned an Oscar Nom)
Portal: No Escape Director Snags Y: The Last Man Movie
Fringe Art Show Celebrates Finale With Fan Masterpieces
Netflix Takes a Gamble on 8 Warner Bros. TV Shows 01-05-thru-01-10-13

2012 Hitchcock Renaissance Continues With 28-Film Screening Series and Silent Movie Program PLUS Doc Maker Eugene Jarecki Keeps The House I Live In Message Going With Customized Cuts
San Francisco Chronicle 01.06.13

Snowpiercer Concept Art Hints at Breakout Sci-Fi Spectacle
Exclusive Video: Everything Wrong with Prometheus 12-24-thru-01-04-13

Chasing Ice -- And Audience Action: How Top Docs Galvanize Causes Online
Fast Company / Fast Cocreate 01.04.13