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The Color Purple Editor Jon Poll Dan Cut to Highlight Fantasy and Reality
The Credits 01-03-24

Maestro Costume Designer Tracks Leonard Bernstein's Style Through the Decades
The Credits 01-02-24

Asteroid City, Barbie, Oppenheimer and Killer of the Flower Moon Champion America's Wide Open Spaces as Story Signifiers
Los Angles Times 12-30-23

Napoleon Production Designer Arthur Max a Master of Location Swapping
Los Angles Times 12-30-23

Oppenheimer Sound Designer Finds Sonic Boom Craft
Los Angles Times 12-25-23

The Color Purple Cinematographer Dan Laustsen Brought Musicals Down to Earth
The Credits 12-18-23

Oppenheimer Visual Effects Andrew Jackson Makes Big Boom without CGI
Los Angles Times 12-13-23

Napoleon Costume Designers David Crossman and Janty Yates
The Credits 12-06-23

Barbie Costume Designer Jacqueline Durran Makes the Most of Pink Palette
The Credits 12-05-23

Air Star Chris Messina Makes His Sports Agent Pop
Los Angles Times 12-04-23

All the Light We Cannot See Showrunners Shawn Levy and Steven Knight Break down World War II Epic
Los Angles Times 12-04-23

Saltburn Production Designer Suzie Davies Evokes Luxury
The Credits 11-30-23

Barbie Music Producers Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt Make Peppy Soundtrack
The Credits 11-29-23

Elemental Designers Craft Characters Who Emote Comes First for School of Cinematic Arts' New
Los Angles Times 11-15-23

Janet Yang Champions Diversity as Oscars
Brown University BAM Magazine 11.08.23

Virtual Production Skyrockets at School of Cinematic Arts
USC In Motion Magazine October/November 2023

School of Cinematic Arts alum Traces her Journey from Justin Bieber virtual concerts to Nike
USC In Motion Magazine October/November 2023

Physical Production Office Emphasizes Safety for Student Filmmakers at School of Cinematic Arts Students
USC In Motion Magazine 10.25.23

The Creator Production Designer James Clyne Fabricates the Future
The Credits 09.26.23

Dumb Money Director Craig Gillespie Dissects Wall Street Debacle
The Credits 09.21.23

Reservation Dogs Music Supervisor Tiffany Anders on picking DIY songs and Snagging the Rolling Stones
Los Angeles Times 09.21.23

British Couple Make Gruesome Ghoul Make The Last of Us
Los Angeles Times 08.21.23

Charismatic Trainwrecks: The Messy Women of Prime Time
Los Angeles Times 08.21.23

The Formidable Women of Succession
Los Angeles Times 08.14.23

Movie Producers Ponder the Anatomy of a Budget
Produced By Magazine 08.10.23

Jury Duty Casting Director Susie Farris Explains the Process
Los Angeles Times 07.31.23

Mission Impossible Editor Eddie Hamilton Cuts to the Quick
The Credits 07.31.23

Oppenheimer's Oscar-Winning Composer Ludwig Göransson Create a New Type of Atomic Scaleo
The Credits 07.27.23

Indiana Jones VFX on the Art of De-Aging
The Credits 07.10.23

The Perfect Find Director Numa Perrier Infuses Rom-Com Formula with Black Culture
The Credits 06.28.23

Movie Director Michael Showalter '92 Savors His Hollywood Hot Streak
Brown University BAM Magazine June-August 2023

How Guest Stars Adrien Brody, Shirley MacLaine and Taraji P. Henson Make an Impact
Los Angeles Times 06.21.23

Three New Faces Energize TV Season
Los Angeles Times 06.18.23

Bel Howley Portrays Friend to Anne Frank in A Small Light
Los Angeles Times 06.15.23

Guy Pearce and Damien Lewis Swap Views on Spy Among Friends
Los Angeles Times 06.16.23

TV Producers on the Art of the Last Hurrah
Produced By Magazine July/August 2023

Deconstructing the Many Worlds of Across the Spider-Verse
The Credits 06.14.23

Arnold DP Jordan Schneider on Shooting Schwarzennegger
The Credits 06.12.23

Forest Whitaker as Bumpy Johnson
Los Angeles Times 06.09.23

USC Students Snag National College Emmy Awards
USC Cinema News 06.02.23

Doomscape Television Pictures the End of the World as We Know It
Los Angeles Times 05.31.23

Under the Radar TV Shows
Los Angeles Times 05.30.23

Succession Costume Designer
The Credits 05.01.23

Last Kingdom Stunt Man Levente Lezsak Rocks Ancient Battle
The Credits 04.24.23

Little Richard Doc Sets Queer Record Straight
The Credits 04.17.23

Great Expectations DP Dan Atherton Goes Dark
The Credits 04.10.23

Beef Costume Designer Helen Huang Drills into Asian-American Sense of Style
The Credits 04.10.23

Former Military Doctor Turned Film Student Nisha Money Explores Filmmaking as Healing
USC Cinema News 03.30.23

Champions Cinematographer C. Kim Miles Finds Inspiration in Special Olympics Story
The Credits 03.15.23

Oscar Watch: Production Designer Rick Carter on the Houses of The Fabelmans
The Credits 03.08.23

Oscar Watch: Brendan Fraser Dives into The Whale
The Credits 03.01.23

Cocaine Bear VFX Supervisor Robin Hollander on Creating an Ursine Junkie
The Credits 02.28.23

Oscar Nominated Production Designers Master Cinematic Architecture
Los Angeles Times 02.27.23

Fight the Power Tracks 50 Years of Hip Hop
The Credits 02.21.23

First Time Oscar Nominees Over 50 Share Wit and Wisdom
Los Angeles Times 02.13.23

The Last of Us DP on Adapting Video Game as HBO Hit
The Credits 02.06.23

Everything Everywhere All at a Once Producer Justin Wang on 11-Nominee Oscar Juggernaut
The Credits 01.30.23

Babylon Composer De-Constructs Oscar Short-Listed Score
The Credits 01.16.23

Top Producers Talk Oscar Front Runners
Los Angeles Times 01.11.23

Diego Calva Explains Rise to Stardom in Babylon
Los Angeles Times 01.09.23

Babylon Production Designer Digs into Twenties Hollywood
The Credits 01.05.23

Rian Johnson on Glass Onion Ensemble
Los Angeles Times 12.26.22

Tar director Todd Field on Cate Blanchett's Brilliance
Los Angeles Times 12.21.22

The Bear Break-Through Star on Cooking, Comedy and High-Stress Drama
Los Angeles Times 11.22.22

Menu Movie Gets Boost From Production Designer Ethan Tobman and and 3-Star Michelin Chef Dominique Crenn
The Credits 11.21.22

Cabinet of Curiosities Production Designer Tamara Deverell on Spooky Spaces
The Credits 11.16.22

Causeway Composer Cues the Cellos for Jennifer Lawrence Drama
The Credits 11.04.22

How House of the Dragon Costume Designer Made Elegant Clothes for Dastardly Characters
The Credits 10.24.22

Reasonable Doubt DP on Earning His Stripes to Shoot TV Show
The Credits 10.26.22

Super/Natural Doc Producer Focuses on Nature;s Freakish Beauty
The Credits 09.27.22

Woman King Trainer on Turning Actress into Warriors
The Credits 09.19.22

Lucid Dreamer Olivia Peace Snags Student Oscar Nomination with Against Reality
USC Cinema News 09.08.22

Honk for Jesus Sister Filmmakers on Their Megachurch Scandal Comedy
The Credits 09.06.22

Josh Greene Explores Nazi Surfers in his Student Academy Award-nominated short film
USC Cinema News 08.31.22

Kay Zhang Shoots in Wuhan
USC Cinema News 08.02.22

Hedy Lamarr Award Winner Danielle Explores Bees and Kelp
USC Cinema News 08.28.22

Comedian Beth Lapides on her Audio Book Memoir
Brown University Magazine 08.24.22 September/October 2022

Spotlight Executive Editor Shapes Platform for Student Film Scholars
USC Cinema News 08.23.22

Insecure Star-Creator Issa Rae
Los Angeles Times 08.16.22

George Carlin's American Dream Judd Apatow on co-directing
Los Angeles Times 08.16.22