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Writer Ed Solomon Stitched Together HBO's Mosaic Thriller Piece by Piece
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Oscar Watch: Long Strange Trip Doc Groks Grateful Dead Mystique
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How The Commuter DP Replicated New York Train on UK Soundstage
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Electric Dreams Re-Imagined for Amazon Series
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Darkest Hour and LBJ Offer Timely Case Studies in Democracy
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How Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri Production Designer Fireproofed an Entire Location
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Oscar Watch: How The Post's Sound Designer Re-Created 1971 Newsroom Hustle & Bustle
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Shot List Pictured Lady Bird a Year in Advance
CREDITS 12.15.17

Visual Effects Excel in Apes Trilogy
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I, Tonya Screenwwriter Steven Roers on the Many Sides to one of the 90s Most Infamous Antiheroes
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"Three Billboards" Writer-Director Goes Americana
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Steve Carell Doubles Up in Sad Comedy and Funny Drama
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VFX Artist Thinks Small for Downsizing
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Cinematographer Dan Laustsen Shapes Water's Fluid Fable
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'Apes' director Matt Reeves: I wanted to push Caesar's story into the realm of the mythic'
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Boisterous spectacle to intimate close-up, 'Battle of the Sexes' sounds like the real deal
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The Presidential Makeover: How Woody Harrelson Became LBJ
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Richard Linklater on His Timely and Devastating Last Flag Flying
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Man Goes Ape in The Square
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Shooting David Fincher's Serial Killer Series Mindhunter
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Composer Carter Burwell Orchestrates Emotions in Music-Filled Wonderstruck
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How Wonderstruck DP Edward Lachman Channeled French Connection for Kids Adventure
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Director Brett Morgen Re-Tools Archival Nature Footage For "Jane" Doc
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Mr. Robot's Production Designer on Designing Disintegration in Season 3
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