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How Welcome to Marwen VFX Supervisor Transformed Steve Carrell into a Plastic Action Figure
The Credits 12.21.18

If Beale Street Could Talk Costume Designer on Color and Silhouette
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Michael Douglas on "The Kominsky Method"
Los Angeles Times 12.20.18

VFX Supervisor Brings Mary Poppins Down to Earth
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Opioid Cinema Encompasses Beautiful Boy and Ben is Back
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Forward Thinker: Filmmaker Gina Kim Explores Virtual Reality
UCLA Magazine 12.14.18

Mary of Scots Q and A with Josie Rourke and Beau Willimon
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If Beale Street Could Talk Q and A with Barry Jenkins and Kiki Layne
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How "22 July" Director Paul Greengrass Recreated Norway's Worst Tragedy
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First Man Production Designer Savors "In Camera" Visuals
Los Angeles Times 12.13.18

Exclusive: Anime Auteur Talks Child Stars of Miria
The Credits 12.06.18

USC Summer Program Preps Filmmakers of Tomorrow
InMotion Magazine October, 2018

Corita King Celebrates 100th Birthday
CalArts / Pool Magazine Winter 2018

Sustainability Includes No Straws
CalArts / Pool Magazine Winter 2018

Sublevel Magazine Prods Stereotypes
CalArts / Pool Magazine Winter 2018

Provost Seeks Values-Centric Cirrculum
CalArts / Pool Magazine Winter 2018

Lucas Hedges Channels Trauma for Boy Erased
Los Angeles Times 12.06.18

Favourite DP Gets Royal Treatment
The Credits 11.21.18

Green Book Costume Designer
The Credits 11.22.18

John C. Reilly in Sister Brothers
Los Angeles Times 11.15.18

Ballad of Buster Scruggs Production Designer on How the West Was Built
The Credits 11.15.18

Good to Be Queen in Favourite and Mary, Queen of Scots
Los Angeles Times 11.15.18

Hereditary Star Alex Wolff Talks Psycho-Horror
Los Angeles Times 11.08.18

Carey Mulligan Goes Deep for Wildlife
Los Angeles Times 11.08.18

The Genius Series: Ken Biller '86 Tells the Stories of Famous Masterminds
Brown Alumni Magazine11.07.18

Malek Moves Like Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody
The Credits 11.01.18

How The Hate U Give's Cinematographer Captured an American Tragedy
The Credits 10.18.18

Bad Times at the El Royale's Art Director on Building the Lunatic Lodge
The Credits 10.12.18

First Man Writer Tackles Mountain of NASA Details
The Credits 10.11.18

VFX Artists Explain How They Made Venom Marvel's Freakiest Character
The Credits 10.05.18

Fierce Females in Fall Films
CREDITS 09.06.18

John Krasinski IS Jack Ryan
Brown University Alumni Magazine September 2018

August Will Be a Very Strong Month for Women Directors
CREDITS 07.31.18

Emmy Watch: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's Marvelous Costume Designer
Los Angeles Times 08.16.18

Emmy Watch: Bill Hader Plays Hit Man as Straight Man in "Barry"
Los Angeles Times 08.16.18

Pink Panther Concert at Hollywood Bowl Uses Original Mancini Score
UCLA Magazine Online 08.08.18

August Will Be a Very Strong Month for Women Directors
CREDITS 07.31.18

Skyscraper Production Designer Elevates Mythic Subtext to Insane Heights
CREDITS 07.13.18

Peaky Blinders Creator Steven Knight on his BAFTA-winning Crime Epic
CREDITS 07.11.18

Succession Creator Dissects Family Squabbles of the Mega Rich
CREDITS 07.09.18

Ant-Man and The Wasp Costume Designer Explains Insectoid Couture
CREDITS 07.06.18

How Director Kevin Macdonald Uncovered Bombshell Allegations in Whitney Houston Documentary
CREDITS 07.05.18

Jimi Hendrix Style Cello Hybrid Defines Sicario Day of the Soldado's Brooding Score
CREDITS 07.05.18

True Believer: After years of working as a newspaper reporter, X-Files executive producer Frank Spotnitz found his true calling in television.
UCLA Magazine 07.01.18

Jurassic Sound Designers Go Chihuahua
CREDITS 06.27.18

Grandma Drives Preacher Crazy in Season 3
CREDITS 06.22.18

Emmy Watch: Merritt Wever Breaks Type for Godless Western
CREDITS 06.21.18

Jessica Biel Turns Dark in Sinner
Los Angeles Times 06.21.18

Scott Frank Interview: Sure, there are guns and horses and even a train robbery, but 'Godless' is no ordinary western
Los Angeles Times 06.21.18

Brad Bird and Holly Hunter Talk Incredibles 2
CREDITS 06.15.18

Superfly Costume Designer Curates the Hip Looks
CREDITS 06.15.18

Emmy Watch: Godless Sound Designers Track the Sounds of Silence
CREDITS 06.13.18

Emmy Watch: Mindhunter's Cameron Britton Nails Psyho-Killer Calm
CREDITS 06.13.18

Be it 'Ray Donovan,' 'Billions' or 'Trust,' TV's fixers crank up the tension
Los Angeles Times 06.07.18

Actress-Turned-Composer Amelia Warner Helps Re-Imagine Frankenstein Origin Story in Mary Shelley
CREDITS 06.07.18

Emmy Watch: First-Time Show Runner Breaks Down Dark Hit The Sinner
CREDITS 06.05.18

Truth or fiction? Maybe both as the U.S.-Russia dynamic plays out on television and in the news
Los Angeles Times 05.24.18

Deadpool 2 Screenwriters on Living With Wade Wilson's Voice in Their Heads
CREDITS 05.23.18

Sharon Stone drops the weight of pre-conceived expectations and tackles 'Mosaic'
Los Angeles Times 05.23.18

Ron Howard & Cast Speak Out About Solo: A Star Wars Story
CREDITS 05.23.18

How Deadpool 2 Makeup Designer Crafted Anti-Hero's Hideous Face
CREDITS 05.21.18

How Avengers Infinity Wars Head of Digital Humans Created the Purple Face of Doom
CREDITS 05.17.18

How Animation Director Shaped Thanos' Facial Expressions
CREDITS 05.09.18

Nailing the Regular People Look for "Tully"
CREDITS 05.07.18

How Avengers: Infinity War's VFX Supervisor Created Thanos, Marvel's Biggest, Baddest Villain Ever
CREDITS 05.07.18

The Trials and Tribulations of True Crime TV
DGA Quarterly Spring, 2018

Super Troopers 2 Star Kevin Heffernan Discusses The Gleefully Insane Sequel
CREDITS 04.20.18

Ben Kingsley as War Criminal in "Ordinary Man"
CREDITS 04.13.18

Jessica Jones Costume Designer, Denim and Leather
CREDITS 04.10.18

Isle of Dogs Graphic Designer
CREDITS 04.02.18

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Designer
CREDITS 03.29.18

Pacific Rim VFX on Creating 300-Foot Monsters
CREDITS 03.23.18

Billions Production Designer
CREDITS 03.21.18

Bruins Who Score: Film composing students gain a solid grounding in varied musical styles while learning to score for the screen
UCLA Magazine 03.14.18

Oprah, Reese Talk A Wrinkle in Time
CREDITS 03.09.18

Detective Turned Producer On Revisiting Murders Of Tupac Shakur And Biggie Smalls In Unsolved
CREDITS 03.05.18

How Jackie Chan, Ancient Sparta And Zulu Spear-Fighting Inspired Black Panther's Stunt Coordinator
CREDITS 03.01.18

Documentary shorts give voice to quiet citizens whose travails illuminate
Los Angeles Times 02.22.18

Many of this year's Oscar nominees spotlight struggling working-class heroes
Los Angeles Times 02.20.18

How Writer-Director James Mangold Snagged Historic Oscar Nom for R-Rated Logan Script
CREDITS 02.21.18

Oscar-Nominated Doc Maker Steve James on his Gripping Immigrant's Story Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
CREDITS 02.19.18

The Breadwinner's Oscar-Nominated Director On Her Animated Film About A Girl Who Outsmarts The Taliban
CREDITS 02.13.18

Accents, "Balding" And Independent Women: Black Panther Talent Speaks Out
CREDITS 02.12.18

Cinematographer Neville Kidd On Visualizing Netflix's Epic New Sci-Fi Series Altered Carbon
CREDITS 02.02.18

Costume Designer Outfits Iconic Designer in "Assassination of Gianni Versace"
CREDITS 01.30.18

Writer Ed Solomon Puts Pieces Together for HBO Thriller Mosaic
CREDITS 01.26.18

Oscar Watch: Long Strange Trip Doc Groks Grateful Dead Mystique
CREDITS 01.22.18

Oscar Watch: Sound Team Makes Loud Toast and Creaking Floorboards for Phantom Thread
CREDITS 01.22.18

How The Commuter DP Replicated New York Train on UK Soundstage
CREDITS 01.19.18

Electric Dreams Re-Imagined for Amazon Series
CREDITS 01.17.18

Darkest Hour and LBJ Offer Timely Case Studies in Democracy
Los Angeles Times 01.16.18

How Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri Production Designer Fireproofed an Entire Location
CREDITS 01.15.18

Oscar Watch: How The Post's Sound Designer Re-Created 1971 Newsroom Hustle & Bustle
CREDITS 01.10.18

Karina Silva Takes a Deep Dive into Films
UCLA Magazine 01.01.18