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Shot List Pictured Lady Bird a Year in Advance
CREDITS 12.15.17

Hollywood Foreign Press Funds New Scholarships for International Students
USC / In Motion Magazine Fall 2017

Visual Effects Excel in Apes Trilogy
CREDITS 12.08.17

I, Tonya Screenwwriter Steven Roers on the Many Sides to one of the 90s Most Infamous Antiheroes
CREDITS 12.08.17

"Three Billboards" Writer-Director Goes Americana
Los Angeles Times 11.30.17

Steve Carell Doubles Up in Sad Comedy and Funny Drama
Los Angeles Times 11.30.17

VFX Artist Thinks Small for Downsizing
CREDITS 11.30.17

Cinematographer Dan Laustsen Shapes Water's Fluid Fable
CREDITS 11.28.17

'Apes' director Matt Reeves: I wanted to push Caesar's story into the realm of the mythic'
Los Angeles Times 11.21.17

Boisterous spectacle to intimate close-up, 'Battle of the Sexes' sounds like the real deal
Los Angeles Times 11.09.17

The Presidential Makeover: How Woody Harrelson Became LBJ
CREDITS 11.09.17

Richard Linklater on His Timely and Devastating Last Flag Flying
CREDITS 11.06.17

Man Goes Ape in The Square
CREDITS 11.03.17

Shooting David Fincher's Serial Killer Series Mindhunter
CREDITS 10.27.17

Composer Carter Burwell Orchestrates Emotions in Music-Filled Wonderstruck
CREDITS 10.25.17

How Wonderstruck DP Edward Lachman Channeled French Connection for Kids Adventure
CREDITS 10.20.17

Director Brett Morgen Re-Tools Archival Nature Footage For "Jane" Doc
CREDITS 10.17.17

Mr. Robot's Production Designer on Designing Disintegration in Season 3
CREDITS 10.12.17

Production Designer Serves History in Battle of the Sexes
CREDITS 10.05.17

Girl Power: Bruin Diana Skaar has created a solid place for herself in GoogleŐs high-tech arena. Now she wants to get girls of all ages to come along.
UCLA Magazine10.01.17 Fall 2017

David Leaf: Life Stories in Song
UCLA Magazine 10.01.17 FALL 2017

Florida Project Looks at Kids on the Fringe
CREDITS 09.28.17

The Last Movie: Character Actor Harry Dean Stanton, RIP, Finally Gets Lucky Title Role
CREDITS 09.25.17

Director Stephen Frears on Directing Dame Judi Dench in Victoria & Abdul
CREDITS 09.22.17

DP Captures Ugly Behavior in Sun-Dappled New Series Riviera
CREDITS 09.13.17

Steve Marmel: From Campus Comedian to King of Kids
University of Wisconsin Magazine 09.08.17 Fall 2017

Costume Designer Dresses Pimps and Working Girls in Deuce
CREDITS 09.08.17

Trophy Doc Takes Unflinching Look at Big Game Hunting
CREDITS 09.07.17

Emmy Watch: Stranger Things Casting Director Talks Kid Talent
CREDITS 08.11.17

Double Emmy Nominee Ann Dowd Talks The Handmaid's Tale and The Leftovers
CREDITS 08.11.17

Music Supervisors Hail New Emmy Category
Los Angeles Times 08.10.17

Emmy Watch: Crafting the Mile-a-Minute Jokes of Veep
CREDITS 08.09.17

The Handmaid's Tale DP on Using Old Lenses, Vermeer and Drones to Conjure Dystopia
CREDITS 08.02.17

Talking to Emmy-Nominated Ewan McGregor About Splitting Himself for his Fargo Dual Roles
CREDITS 08.01.17

How VFX Supervisor Conjured Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
CREDITS 07.19.17

Extreme Contrast: DP Shoots FX's Fargo and Legion
CREDITS 07.10.17

Funny-ish: Seven directors talk about the current state of TV comedy that ranges from blatantly slapstick to uncomfortably anxious
DGA Quarterly Cover Story Summer 2017

Dressing the The HandmaidŐs Tale From Covered Head to Booted Toe
CREDITS 07.06.17

Why Stranger Things Composers Dig Analog Synths
CREDITS 06.26.17

Pixels into Pig: Okja VFX Maestro Explains Digital DNA
CREDITS 06.22.17

DP Shoots Painterly Taboo
CREDITS 06.22.17

Brother Where Are Thou? Ewan McGregor Takes Two Roles in Fargo
Los Angeles Times 06.22.17

All Eyez on Me Writers SHow All Sides of Tupac Shakur
CREDITS 06.16.17

Production Designer Patti Podesta Conjurs "American Gods"
ArtCenter/DOT Magazine June 16, 2017

Black Mirror's Charlie Booker & Annabel Jones on TV's Most Twisted Show
CREDITS 05.26.17

Community Outreach Fuels "Teaching Artists" at CalArts
CalArts/The Pool 05.29.17

Smart Characters: Actor Peter Jacobson Moves From "House"
Brown University/Brown Alumni Magazine Spring 2017

How did 'The Godfather' and 'The Sopranos' inspire Netflix's royal family hit 'The Crown'?
Los Angeles Times 05.25.17

From Italian Disco to Tupac Shakur, Master of None Music Supervisor Explains Tonal Twists &Turns
CREDITS 05.01.17

Here's How VFX Artists Turned Neil Gaiman's American Gods Into a Visual Feast
CREDITS 04.27.17

John Ridley on His Post Rodney King Verdict Riots Doc "Let It Fall"
CREDITS 04.21.17

Soldier Tells His Tale in Iraq War Drama "Sand Castle"
CREDITS 04.19.17

Silhouettes Say It All in Dramatic "Feud" Title Sequence
CREDITS 04.19.17

Leftovers Mind-Bending Production Design
CREDITS 04.11.17

"Ghost in the Shell" Designers Get Geisha Robots Right
CREDITS 03.31.17

"Black Coats" Writer-Director Oz Perkins Makes Horror Elegant
CREDITS 03.30.17

Win It All Star Collaborates in the Moment With Director
CREDITS 03.29.17

ArtCenter Dot Magazine

How the Kong: Skull Island Cinematographer Channeled Apocalypse Now
CREDITS 03.09.17

Oscar Watch: Kubo Costume Designer Infuses Clothes with Ancient Japanese Tradition 02.22.17

Oscar Watch: Editor Joe Walker Masters Time and Space in Arrival 02.21.17

Oscar Watch: Why Ted Melfi Passed on Spider-Man: Homecoming to direct Hidden Figures 02.16.17

Oscar Watch: La La Land Sound Editors Make History 02.13.17

How John Wick: Chapter 2's Stunt Coordinator Challenged Keanu Like Never Before 02.08.17

Oscar Watch: Lion DP Captures 5-Year Old's POV 2.03.17

How Lion Director Guided a Child to Inspire Two Oscar-Nominated Adults 01.26.17

Oscar Watch: Short-Listed Docs Stretch Non-Fiction Format 01.23.17

Activist Hooligan Sparrow Gets Her Close-Up 01.16.17

Oscar Watch: Writer Taylor Sheridan Gets Personal in "Hell or High Water" 01.12.17

'Hooligan Sparrow' filmmaker recounts how her documentary opened her eyes to China's secret police
Los Angeles Times 01.10.17

Oscar Watch: Picking Three Actors for One Role in "Moonlight" 01.05.17

Oscar Watch: Editor Expertly Shreds Time in "Manchester by the Sea" 01.03.17

TFT Professor Myung Hee Cho reinvents classic Disney costumes for a whole new stage
UCLA Magazine January 2017