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Midnight Sky production designer on Teaming with George Clooney on Baton-Shaped Spaceship
The Credits 12.24.20

Music Director Branford Marsalis Gets the Blues for Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
The Credits 12.22.20

Black Beauty's L.A. composer ran virtual sessions with London Philharmonic during Pandemic
The Credits 10.27.20

Chicago 7 Production Designer on Swapping New Jersey Church for Chicago Courtroom
The Credits 10.24.20

Good Lord Bird Costume Designer: The Hat's the Thing
The Credits 10.22.20

Emmy Watch: Stranger Things Action Man Hiro Koda
The Credits 09.01.20

Emmy Watch: Dime Davis on Directing Black Lady Sketch Show
The Credits 08.31.20

Larry "Ratso" Sloman Gets His Due
University of Wisconsin Alumni Magazine 08.17.20

Emmy Watch: Production Designer Tackles Morning Show and Big Little Lies
The Credits 08.21.20

Emmy Watch: Watchmen Production Designer on the Show's Signature Look
The Credits 08.17.20

Emmy Watch: Mark Duplass Digs into Morning Show Character
Los Angeles Times 08.13.20

Dear White People Creator Talks Black Voices Matter
The Credits 08.03.20

How Fight Trainers Whipped Old Guard Stars into Shape
The Credits 07.28.20

Self Made DP Kira Kelly Says Black Voices Matter
The Credits 07.24.20

Mimi Leder on Directing The Morning Show
The Credits 07.22.20

Gymnast-Turned-Stuntwoman Sadiqua Bynam Tumbles into TV
UCLA Magazine 6.22.20

Welcome to Chechnya Producer and Editor on the Making of Riveting Documentary
The Credits 06.30.20

Zoe Kravitz on Channeling her Inner Music Nerd on "High Fidelity"
Los Angeles Times 06.18.20

Oscar Winner on Co-Writing Spike Lee's Timely Da 5 Bloods Film
The Credits 06.12.20

USC Games Director Danny Bilson Co-Writes Timely Spike Lee Movie Da 5 Bloods
USC School of Cinematic Arts News 06.07.20

Judy & Punch Writer-Director Talks Twisted History
The Credits 06.03.20

Devs Production Designer Conjures Fantastica Big Tech Campus
Credits 05.18.20

Snowpiercer Costume Designer Dresses Passengers From Dystopian Train
Credits 05.15.20

Asian Americans" Composer Takes Subtle Approach
Credits 05.10.20

Hollywood" Costume Designer Sets Tone for Late 40s Drama
Credits 05.10.20

Costumers Make 16,000 Masks
Credits 04.30.20

How Mrs. America Designers Revived a 70s Feminist Showdown
Fortune Magazine 04.14.20

Run Cinematographer
Credits 04.13.20

Pay Up Hollywood Assists Assistants
Fortune Magazine 04.04.20

Modest Gains in Hollywood Diversity Report
UCLA Magazine April, 2020

Swallow Production Designer on the Gorgeous Hero House
Credits 03.12.20

Alex Garland's new sci-fi series Devs aims to mix quantum mechanics with elegance
Fortune Magazine 03.05.20

They Gotta Have Us Surveys 80 Years of Black Cinema
Credits 02.25.20

Oscar Watch: Irishman DP Rodrigo Prieto on mastering Martin Scorsese's cinematic language
Fortune Magazine 02.05.20

Costume Designer Breaks Down Felonious Finery of The Gentlemen
Credits 02.03.20

HBO McMillion$ Documents Cheaters Who Scammed McDonald's Monopoly Game
Fortune Magazine 02.03.20

Oscar Watch: "Joker" Makeup Designer Had Joaquin Phoenix Edgy on Screen and Off
Los Angeles Times 01.30.20

Oscar Watch: How Oscar Nominee Designed 1917 Guts and Gore
Credits 01.27.20

Oscar Watch: Irishman Editor Thelma Schoonmaker on Her 53-year Collaboration With Martin Scorsese
Credits 01.22.20

Oscar Watch: Parasite Director Bong Joon Ho Dissects Tale of Two Families
Fortune Magazine 01.21.20

Oscar Watch: Just Mercy Editor Cuts to the Truth
Credits 01.07.20

Oscar Watch: Song Kang Ho's Dad Character in Parasite Beaten Down by Class Divide
Los Angeles Times 01.06.20

Oscar Watch: Irishman VFX on De-Aging DeNiro
Los Angeles Times 01.04.20

Oscar Watch: Inside 1917: Designing a World War I Battlefield
Fortune Magazine 01.02.20

Oscar Watch: Parasite Editor Shaped Thrilling Tone
Credits 01.03.20

Oscar Watch: Ford v Ferrari Editors Cut to the Race
Los Angeles Times 01.02.20

Injustice Dramatized
DGA Quarterly Winter 2020